For Colored Girls

So to appease my friends who say I don’t blog enough now that my personal life is no longer a matter of public record, and to appeal to the Twitter generation I’m going to do real time movie logs (mostly just my inner monologue) while I watch selected movies. Watch along with me for better understanding or if you’ve seen it enough times simply recall your own experiences. Clearly this will involve major spoilers as I will be reacting to scenes throughout so probably best not to read if you haven’t already seen the movie.

I’ll preface this by saying I’m about 13 years removed from “reading” this book in my dad’s Af-Am Lit class so I don’t have as much background going in. I was looking forward to seeing this in theatres and didn’t make it, but I heard relatively good things.


1:14 I didn’t realize Thandie was in this!

1:25 Anika Noni Rose…? Why is that name familiar? (checks IMDB) Oh yeah. Princess and the Frog girl.

2:55 “Somebody…Anybody…sing a black girls song.” Jamylah and Shaneika make it hard to concentrate while I’m watching this.

3:20 Why does Kimberly Elise always play the victim?

4:33 there goes Tyler Perry again, parading naked men around.

5:39 He wouldn’t really call her a bitch if he had just hit. He’d just be like “Holla”

6:22 I’m not buying Kerry Washington’s acting right now

8:00 I like the idea of starting to water a plant from the time you meet someone. But if a woman came to me and handed me the plant she had been watering so as to break up with me I might be a little offended. What makes you think I want to take over your plant, plant lady?

10:50 I wonder if Michael Ealy gained that weight for this role?

14:48 Look at Marvin from Love Jones getting work “I’m going get some Motherf****** toasted oats…you trippin” That was for Kibwe

17:00 do all women speak so poetically when they talk about letting some dude hit? Hope so.

18:50 Did she just bump into Hill Harper who got into a car with Rosario Dawson? This movie is like Crash for black women plus poetry.

21:00 Yep… Kim Elise just walked into Janet Jackson’s office. It’s Crash. Oh and in case I forget to mention

Bitch….! In Kibwe and Gian voice @Janet Jackson

24:08 ooops.

Hill Harper: Why you mad at me cause you had a STD and didn’t tell me?

25:40 LOL…that boy said he was eating donuts.

Why didn’t they get Mykelti Williamson to play this role? What does he have better to do than be in For Colored Girls?

29:12 I’m convinced Kim Elise should get more work. She’s got to be good at other stuff too. By the way…my bad Kim. Everybody in this movie is the victim.

What kind of proposal is that? Nigga you just bust her good glass.

32:00 Why did Lisa Bonet just call Ceelie momma?

34:00 “Dance is my thank you for music” I like that… but Marvin is probably like why she keep talking bout all these latin people I never heard of?

35:47 ooops. “What kinda woman, picks a man up at a bar and takes him home?” What kinda dude stops a woman from taking his pants off to tell her how much money he has cause he figures he has to pay her? I feel the most sorry for his wife for marrying a man with such low self esteem.

Claire Huxtable keep meddling in everybody business… go to sleep lady.

43: I’m not sure who I’d choose to be if I had to be the dude with the STD who banged the pyramid and then gave the rose one put on my pillow to the other one, or Hill Harper standing there listening to his ol’ lady telling him bout how she used to be some man’s pet and that’s why we can’t have kids. If my future wife is reading this I really don’t need to know how you felt about the dude that gave you the STD. Just disclose the basics to me.

44: Frank doesn’t seem so bad. He seems like he likes Loretta Devine. I’m gonna say it wasn’t his fault.

47:10 oops. That’s why she mad. Her ol’ man like other dudes.

Janet Jackson looks like Dorcas in this scene.

48:09 “He wants to fuck you.” Thank you Captain Obvious.

Why Thandie thought she was paying for a college application at the dance studio? That ain’t college crazy.

50:23 “You don’t have no name girl.” This is my favorite Macy Gray role since Training Day.

55: I’m not condoning rape of course but I was pretty sure Anika was trying to let Marvin stick.

1:01 I changed my mind I like Phylicia Rashad now for telling these kids that story while they daddy beat on they momma.

Never mind…I hate her again. Why she screaming “help her” to everybody else? What you want them to do that you couldn’t?

1:04:37 Lawd is this nigga holding the kids out the window asking if she gonna marry him? This proposal is worse than the last one…

Laaawd this dude dropped both the kids! Didn’t he see The Good Son? You got to make a choice Mike…

1:08: Here I am again suspending disbelief that someone would start reciting poetry in a cathartic moment. I blame Tyler Perry for this one. I know he wanted to be true to the play, but there has got to be a less awkward way to get across the poetry. I think his greatest downfall as a director is that he puts too much responsibility on the actors when quite frequently his writing isn’t strong enough to convey the emotions they’re trying to portray like that movie he did with Lynn Whitfield where her two daughters are fussing at her about being raped. In this case the writing doesn’t suffer, neither the acting. Anika is quite good at making me feel like she just got raped. But if she’s going to be in this lucid state he probably should have taken a page out of another Lynn Whitfield movie, Eve’s Bayou. There was a scene when the aunt was talking about all of her husbands who had died and the men momentarily came back to life. If you want me to suspend disbelief make me think I’m not in a hospital and that I am actually inside of her head. The impact of her talking about being raped by a friend is definitely lost on me because the moment wasn’t captured well.

1:12: hmmm…. Watching this poem I guess it’s not necessary universally. This one goes over well without the montage. Maybe it’s the character.

1:19: that one worked for me… maybe it was the music or juxtaposing Whoopi and Thandie speaking at once.

Thandie is yelling again. I believe her….. “I said open this motherf***** door!”

1:23: I like Claire Huxtable’s poem the best yet. In spite of her self-righteous tone.

1:25: see….I knew Frank wasn’t so bad.

1:25:30 Janet’s house husband was playing “basketball” with the fellas.

I know she’s not feeling sorry for herself about her secretary’s kids dying?

1:28: Nyla: Don’t nobody feel like praying to yo punk ass God, Ceelie.

1:31:15 Kim Elise: Is a dry towel gonna wipe my kids off that sidewalk?
1:32:09 “Can she come join us?” Nice! But why Thandie gotta block…talking ‘bout she 16 knowing her sister is 18 and just graduated from High School?

1:34: Kim Elise: Uhmmm…excuse me…. My children just got dropped out of the window. Do you mind taking your heart to heart across the hall to your own apartment?

1:37 I’ve come full circle… I like the poetry in this movie now. This one with Anika dancing is cool.

But why are they calling her down to identify the body as if she couldn’t just give them a name in the first place? They should have arrested him before he could get stabbed by another rape victim.

1:40 Damn Loretta… Frank played me too.

1:44:40 Don’t do it Loretta! Don’t let him take yo stuff again!

1:47:02 Who does she think she is…just opening up people house like she paying the rent in this sommbitch.

Kim Elise: Ain’t nobody thinking bout no plan

Kim Elise: So you broke into my apartment to tell me I killed my kids? Oh hell no!

1:50:52 oops

1:52:28 lol…. I was just about to type “So you doing the bending?” and Janet said it.

1:56: see…this monologue goes over well because it doesn’t actually sound like a poem. I don’t have a problem with him leaving the camera on Janet in this case because she delivers very well in this scene.

2:00 When did this turn into the Birthday scene in Waiting to Exhale. Speaking of which…how pissed off is Angela Bassett Tyler Perry asked Janet Jackson to play the role of Jo? And WTF is Kerry Washington fussing about. You got you a good man now…get over the college dude already.

2:07….look at that…they made themselves into a little rainbow.

2:08 Never heard this Nina Simone song before…but I like it.

So yeah… I like For Colored Girls. I’m glad they made this movie. I suppose this is Tyler Perry’s best contribution to black people yet. I liked Precious ok but this is a better adaptation overall, even though a few scenes didn’t work for me.

Writing – 8.7 The story was pretty well written to say the play came out in the 70’s. Tyler’s adaptation of it is sufficient.

Acting – 9.6 Especially for an ensemble cast this was very well acted. Everyone seemed to have their place and even though it was probably difficult to carry so much emotion into these roles that probably didn’t really fit with the screen they all did very well. Probably the best thing about this movie.

Directing – 7.5 Again…there are things I would have done differently. This might have been a better project for Tyler to take on in some years when he had a few more tricks up his sleeve behind the camera, but then again it’s not a bad effort.

Cinematography – 5.9 Nothing special here. The only thing to really work with was the colors and although they looked kind of cool I would have liked to have seen them even more pronounced. I mean you’re already going over the top trying to convince me all these women are whispering poems to themselves. Why not indulge? Make Yasmine’s yellow stand out even more.

Miscellaneous – 8.4 It gets most of these points on style just because it’s so much more interesting seeing movies about black people that require me to listen. Music was ok…but didn’t always move me.

Grade- 40.1/50 = B-


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