Who dat say dey gon’ beat Barack

I must admit I have election fever. This is an exciting time for me as we work our way down the wire just two months from Super Tuesday. This is totally new ground for me, all this election buzz and the attention I give to it. I’m still a cynic mind you. I still believe it’s mostly a bunch of bullshit. I still believe America will be invested in having an underclass. But I do believe that Barack is as good as they (politicians) come. Barack being elected president I think would only be rivaled by the Saints winning the Super Bowl. They are in fact akin to one another. This is the first time ever that my team has a legitimate chance to win. Much like with my love for the Saints, which have caused me to spend many a disinterested year ignoring football, My love for Barack is the first time I get to cheer for an underdog turned favorite. Of course like the Saints winning a couple of divisions, a playoff game here or there we’ve had some black mayors in New Orleans. A black governor or two sprinkled in History. But never have we stood at the top of the mountain. All the years I watched someone else’s team win superbowls, or for that matter didn’t watch like when the Steelers won in 05-06, for the most part left me disinterested. But if the Saints were to make it to the Superbowl, in that 60 minutes I’m sure I’ll be bartering limbs and appendages to the devil himself in exchange for first downs or defensive stops. When Clinton was in office it was kind of like the Colts finally winning. Certainly better than what had been reigning supreme the previous years, but still not quite close to home. Barack winning would be the first time I ever felt like I could identify patriotically outside of the Olympics. A feeling I’ve never had before, a feeling kind of like the Saints winning the Superbowl. That being said if Barrack lost I might have to renounce my citizenship. I don’t deal with racist white folks. I usually let them do their thing and I do mine. But this is different. Even the most ass ignorant motherfucker should be able to get over their hatred of black people to not want their country to suck so bad. Some people just have the most misguided of convictions though. They would rather us go down fighting with a white man at the helm than to make a better world and have a black man get the credit. I mean it’s remarkable how outclassed John McCain is by Obama. McCain has no clue. Sarah Palin might be the single most irresponsible decision a candidate for public office has ever made. And Sarah Palin should be ashamed of her own lack of integrity. I would never want someone so selfish making decisions for me. Now I’m not about to be anyone’s judge as far as her family situation is concerned. If her 17 year old is pregnant so be it. I am smart enough to know that has little effect on her ability to govern. It’s probably easier running a country than keeping a 17 year old’s legs shut. But I’m also smart enough to know that the rest of the world chooses to live in denial and take the holier than thou approach to things like that. I’m not agreeing with the masses, but if you know how the masses are going to react you should know better than to put yourself, your family, and for that matter your political party at stake, for the sake of making history in such a fashion you reduce the likelihood of that history ever repeating itself. If she had credentials, if she had experience, if she had know-how it would still be bad business to get her involved just to shake things up. But it just speaks to the general unpreparedness and total lack of understanding the Bush administration and its sequel has. It’s like if your star witness in a murder trial is blind in one eye and deaf both in ears, and you put them on the stand without even prepping them for court. And McCain wants to say she’s ready to be president (which sounds like a concession by him he might keel over at any minute.) This isn’t to say Obama’s selection of Biden doesn’t have a hint of shrewdness to it. But it’s not like Biden is a bad choice as Vice President. There’s no reason that this woman, who thinks it’s more important to have at risk pregnancies in her 40’s than to use birth control, or at least good judgement, can lead a country, especially leading one OUT of trouble. I truly can’t wait for the debates. It will be like if the Patriots and the Saints played and the Pats hadn’t practiced in weeks. Obama and Biden will pick them apart and I will enjoy every minute of the blowout, even when the third stringers get in the game and score a meaningless touchdown because the holes the line creates are too big not to run through. Obama wielding his words like a weapon and slicing through what’s left of McCain’s old ass
is just the set up I need to get me primed for a January where I watch an inauguration and a Superbowl I feel like I have a piece of.


One response to “Who dat say dey gon’ beat Barack

  1. It’s time for a change in the politics and face of America. I honestly believe that Barack and Michelle Obama both represent that change. It’s time…McCain is lost. hahahaha.

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