Challenging tradition

It’s summertime and for New Orleans this marks the return of something special and dear to us all…

PhotobucketThe Snowball

A frozen New Orleans treat to reward us for being in the deep south. But yesterday I came to a revelation. My love for the snowball will never be the same again because of…

The Sonic Lemon Berry Slush. Now on the surface these two seem like the same thing; flavored, shaved ice. But after yesterday, I realized just how superior the Slush is for me.

1. Snowballs are shaved ice with syrup. This often means they are very sweet. While I do like sweet, I can only handle so much of it. My personal preference is tart or sour. So more often than not I get a half sour apple/ half pink lemonade snowball, or an AKA. But even the Sour Apple fails to live up to it’s name at some stands so there’s no telling if you’re not just going to get something really sweet. On the other hand the Lemon-Berry Slush is made with real fruit and fruit juices and includes a whole lemon, gauranteeing you a sour undertone to your frozen drink. I know this particular attribute doesn’t suit everyone. But for me I will take the sour over the sweet any day.

2. Snowballs are not cost effective. At Sonic I can get a Route 44 Slush which is 44 ounces of tasty, sour, frozen beverage for the low price of 2.09. For 44 ounces of snowball it would be about twice that price. Although the 20 ounce slush is only 50 cents less than the route 44, at 1.49 it would still be less than a 20 ounce snowball which costs about 2 dollars at most snowball stands.

3. Slushes are year round. Snowballs are seasonal, and although, due to our warm climate, the snowball season is pretty long around here, there are still some warm December days where I need shaved ice, beverages at my disposal.

4. Apparently, snowball stands don’t open until 2 in the afternoon on Sundays. And this may be true of everyday, I’m not sure. Last Sunday I went to two different snowball stands and they were both closed, the latter of which I arrived at close to 2 pm and people were beginning to line up waiting for it to open. I could only assume the rest of the world knew that it didn’t open til 2. Well SLushes are available when Sonic opens at 9am til it closes at 11 pm. The sun don’t start shining at 2 pm. Advantage Slush.

The only advantage left the Snowball has is its’ tradition and class. Snowballs have a mystique that Slushes don’t. I could very well invite a woman to get snowballs with me and label that a date, which I’m afraid I can’t say about Slushes. But that’s all it really has in its’ favor is public perception. I’m a fan of traditional values, so I will continue to support the Snowball from time to time, always searching for that elusive extra sour, green apple. But my heart truly is not there anymore like a Republican turned Obamacrat.

In other news I want to make a plea to Byron Scott, George Shinn, or someone with a sniper rifle: please help rid the Hornets of Bonzi Wells. I’m not sure what’s going on in Byron Scott’s head, but for whatever reason he is still giving Bonzi extensive minutes in the playoffs. Maybe he truly believes that we can’t win the Championship without him and he’s waiting for him to wake up. But he is killing me. Bonzi is in a contract year so I can only assume he just doesn’t care about the game of basketball anymore. He really hasn’t done anything since he absolutely slaughtered Kobe that one series like 5 years ago. But he’s doing so much less now it’s not even funny. He utterly refuses to play defense. Every one of Finley’s three pointers last night was because of a late rotation by Bonzi. He’s not the scoring threat he needs to be to make up for his lack of defensive awareness. He’s just sucking up minutes that Julian Wright could be using to gain playoff experience or Mike James could be contributing to. Maybe the Hornets aren’t ready to win a championship yet. They were not completely dead last night when they gave up hope in the game. There’s a big difference between the way they played in the last 5 minutes of the game and the way the Chicago Bulls, or for that matter, the San Antonio Spurs of the last few years would play. Perhaps they’re not hungry enough and they need to see what a grind it is to have to start over from scratch to try to win a championship so they can see that they shouldn’t be wasting a single opportunity while it’s right here in front of them. But that don’t take Bonzi off the hook. He’s terrible and I wish he would just be granted the leave of absence he so desparately desires.


One response to “Challenging tradition

  1. I’ve been afraid to speak on this issue for so long. Thank you Lepe for bringing the greatness that is the year-round, damn near available 24 hours, Lemon Berry Slush from Sonic into the mainstream! Maaaan, pair that with some cheesesticks and it’s a wrap.jam

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