Where Deshaun Stevenson opening his big mouth happens

And then a picture of Lebron swinging from the rim with his nuts there. I must say it’s been a while since I’ve been so excited about the NBA playoffs. In spite of my loyalty for the Suns the past few years I’ve had little else to cheer for and always the draining notion that I would be seeing 22 games worth of Spurs basketball. But this year looks to be something special.

The first round series I’m most excited about is the Wizards/Cavs. Deshaun Stevenson is young but you wouldn’t think he’d be stupid enough to say Lebron is overrated considering that they’re about the same age and Lebron will be bustin his ass for another 12 years if Deshaun can hang around that long. Imagine if some mediocre shooting gaurd said what he said about Michael Jordan when he was in his 5th and most explosive year in the NBA. And then imagine that the rest of the mediocre shooting guard’s mediocre basketball team said they wanted to play Michael Jordan and the Bulls. What do you think Jordan would do to them? 40 a game? 50? Is there a cap to the punishment he would dispense? The thing is I’m picking against Lebron here. Not that I agree he’s overrated, or that he won’t absolutely light Deshaun Stevenson’s ass up from now on. But I can cosign with a team that has lost in the playoffs in consecutive years calling out the team that’s beaten them. And the Wizards are a better team even though they are mediocre, cause the Cavs are one Lebron away from being the worst team in basketball over the last 4 years. I’m imagining 42, 11, and 8.5 out of Lebron over the 6 game series, but it won’t be enough.

As far as the rest of the East I don’t think I’ll be too interested until the conference finals. If Lebron can make it past the Wizards by himself I think he’s good enough to will 2 big performances against the Celtics and that should be worth watching but other than that there won’t be much in a pretty boring East until the 7 game series for eventual NBA champ Boston and Detroit.
The West however has 3 great first round matchups. The most gratifying will be when the Suns beat the Spurs in the first round. Not just because I love the Suns, but more so because I hate the Spurs and the less Spurs playoff basketball the better. The only thing better than seeing them lose in the first round, would be seeing them in the lottery.

I don’t think the Nuggets will be able to beat the Lakers even though I don’t think the Lakers are as good as people think they are. But I will enjoy watching them try. A.I has been consistently in my top 3 for a decade now, and I like Carmelo. I finally figured out how to sum up Kobe’s legacy in relation to Jordan. Imagine you took all the basketball skills and athleticism from the bar Jordan has set. Added 2 inches to and 15 pounds of muscle. Then add all the learned basketball knowledge from watching and studying the Jordan game and from conception groom this man for basketball. What you have should be superior to Jordan, correct? Well, now imagine instead of having him get beat up on in basketball by an older brother, this guy is always the first pick at lunch. Imagine if instead of sticking him in a middle class home in North Carolina he grows up in Italy as the son of a former NBA player. Imagine if instead of getting cut from his high school team he has high schools recruiting him from the time he’s a 6th grader. Imagine if instead of being saddled with a sub par team for the first 5 years of his NBA career and getting beaten down by one of the most physical, championship teams in history he gets placed on a Lakers team with Shaquille Oneal and before he even knows what struggle is wins 3 championships. And that is why Kobe will never be Jordan. So…yeah, Lakers in 5.
Then my beloved Hornets. It would have been nice to see them get that first seed because then we would get a much better matchup against the Nuggets who are the kind of team that the Hornets would need to play early to get acclimated to the playoffs, and then meet up with a Jazz team that would be less difficult in the second round then the Suns or Spurs. The mavs, who I’ve never liked are not that great but they have experience and I think the Hornets lack of will be a problem for them this year, although it will serve them better in the future. I do believe in Chris Paul but he is not yet the best player ever under 6 feet as some would like to claim. He has to prove he can rise to the next level in the playoffs which was Isaiah’s specialty. I’m not saying that he can’t or won’t do it. I’m just saying it might take longer than some expected. But I’m still taking the Hornets in this round because I still don’t believe in, and am not afraid, nor ever will be, of Dirk.

But whatever happens it should provide for good basketball.


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