You reap what you sow: a narrative in 24 hours

I have 4 midterms awaiting me in the morning. I haven’t studied and don’t plan to. Mostly because I haven’t studied yet this year and I haven’t gotten a grade lower than a C. The one exam I did do poorly on ended up being graded on a curve which brought me up a full letter grade. SUNO does not offer the most difficult of curriculum. I need to make sure I finish from here in a timely fashion before they discredit this university. I don’t know whether to worry about that because SUNO probably puts more reachers into Orleans Parish Public Schools than any other college. That, of course, is not necessairily a good thing. I’m not worried about my English or Geography exam. English cause it’s English and Geography because he gave us a 45 page study guide. With that much information there’s no way he’s giving us difficult questions. I’m sure 3 of the 4 multiple choice answers for each question will be Daffy Duck. Music and Information Systems I have no idea about but like I said no exam this year has been difficult. I opt to keep watching season 3 of “The Office” because Dwight Schrute is one of my new heroes and I’m thinking of changing my Myspace name to “Assistant to the Regional Manager.”

5:30 AM
my sister needs to be dropped off at her friend’s house cause they’re going to New York. I’m not as concerned that I’m only going to get 2 hours of sleep as far as my test is concerned. However, I know to expect a long day because I have work after, then dinner plans, then I’m going to Les Bon Temps, because Ayo’s birthday week Thursday is probably as good as any night to see the Soul Rebels. I will be reaping what I sow by the time the day is done.

9:20 AM
My mom wakes me up and I don’t know whether to be thankful she helped me not miss my first exam or upset that now I have to deal with the guilt of not going which will disrupt my sleep. The first exam is about as difficult as I expect. I finish in 25 minutes which allows me time to go finish the paper also due today before testing is done, and keeps me awake so I don’t fall asleep in my car and miss my next exam. I open the Geography exam and to my dismay the first 20 questions are nothing I’ve ever seen, and this is the class I’ve only missed once because Amiri Baraka was speaking that day. It appears that I will reap what I sow sooner than I thought. I deductive reason my way through the test, which I’m sure will be curved because everyone did poorly, and shake it off to head for my next two exams wich I surf through. My music professor actually read directly from the test on Tuesday which I realize when I knock off the first half of the test without even reading all of my multiple choices. English is made up of all the quizzes we’ve taken this year and a few things he talked about ad nauseum for the past two weeks.

5:00 PM
I’ve found renewed energy from my kids. We’re preparing for our first track meet of the year tomorrow and they’re focusing in on our coaching. I can see they’re excited. We’re a young school and most of our athletic talent is concentrated in the Freshman class. We’ll probably get stomped on tomorrow running against the strongest competition in the city. But I don’t mind us taking a loss as long as they don’t get discouraged, cause in the long run I’m sure the oats they sow today will be reaped at great harvest in the future.

Since my English exam was so easy I found time to make it to the barber between class and work and now I’ve gone home to clean the rest of it up, before my dinner engagement.Photobucket The young lady taking me to dinner made the mistake of betting me that she would keep a consistent workout which I knew she wouldn’t do. We’re supposed to be going to a movie too but I think I will cancel that portion because a dark theatre usually promotes sleep for me even when I’m not working on 2 hours of sleep. The only thing better than going out to eat is going out to eat and only eating half your food and then knowing you get “Out to eat” food for lunch the next day. I depart my dinner guest cause she has a workday ahead and some people take that seriously. Shortly before our time ends I get a text from another friend of mine. I proceed to her house where I find a short nap and a BJ. Probably the best after steak combination a man can know.

1:00 am
And in the 24th hour is when things take a turn. We’re in between sets at Les Bon Temps. I haven’t been here in at least a month and the music is even better than I remember. The three drinks at dinner and one drink here have me in good spirits. I head outside to socialize and run into my cousin’s cousin on the way out. I hug her and my cousin’s friend as their group passes. I ask my cousin’s cousin if she’s not cool with my cousin or something because they are usually together here. But I’ve definitely seen this group of 4 travelling closely together and my cousin far away from them at all times. She shuns the question with some version of it’s a long story, which confirms that there is turmoil. I’m so glad I was born a male because I would hate to have to be mad at my cousin/friend over something I have no doubt is not as long a story as she would like to believe. I head outside and begin talking to one of my Les Bon Temps friends on the bench where she is sitting alone. My cousin’s (ex)friend comes and sits next to me and I turn my attention to her. She too declines to comment on the happenings that brought about the standoff. She only offers some prophetic words

“You reap what you sow.”

Not ten seconds after the words come out of her mouth she stands and walks over to where my cousin’s cousin is now standing opposite another girl with only a guy in between. They exchange verbally for all of three seconds before a push is exchanged. It’s the only push. The rest are fists; connecting fists. Their fight begins approximately ten feet from me. 60 seconds later the fight is literaly in my lap. I’m trying not to get hit by one of these wild swinging fists. 30 seconds after that the fight has passed like a Tornado blowing through and my cousin’s cousin is all punched out while the other girl is still swinging and connecting with the top of her head. They are finally separated and my cousin’s cousin reaches underneath the bench I’m sitting on to retrieve her hair. Apparently the two of them are fighting because the man between them, my cousin’s cousin is dating and is also dating a friend of the other girl. Why that means they have to fight is beyond me. But then again why anyone would fight over a married man besides his wife, who is at home sleeping and is not either of the girls dating him who the fight now taking place conerns, is beyond me. The bouncer comes and tells all parties involved it’s time for them to leave. Apparently my cousin’s cousin and my cousin’s ex-friend interpret leave as “Stand in the middle of New Orleans’ historically known Magazine street with weave in hand.” While standing there my cousin’s cousin takes humbrage with the proximity of the cousin of the girl she just fought. They exchange verbally for all of three seconds before the girl she just fought’s cousin punches my cousin’s cousin in the face and floors her, or Magazine Street’s her. So now my cousin’s cousin is on the ground getting beaten in the face by the girl she just fought’s cousin for all of 30 seconds before someone is able to separate them. My cousin’s cousin, not having enough for whatever reason attacks and punches at several times the married guy who has been in between all of these fights. He ducks her punches as long as he can until it’s obvious she’s out of control at which time he grabs her by the neck and pins her to a car until the bouncer can come over and break things up again. She is given the ultimatum go home or go to jail. So my cousin’s cousin and my cousin’s ex-friends all walk to their car but don’t manage to leave before the police can arrive. I don’t know whether or not she ends up in jail for the evening, but I know the other two fighters didn’t since they have long departed and I know the married guy has gone home to go to bed with his wife which I’m sure the thought of makes the cold floor of OPP that much more bitter. Now i’m not picking sides and I’m certainly not making judgements, but it seems that if her loyalties had stayed with her (and my) cousin she would not have found herself getting beat down on historic Magazine street while my cousin’s ex-friends watched. I’m not saying my cousin would have jumped in, nor should the ex-friends have. And I’m not saying that a woman shouldn’t mess with a married man who’s already taken on someone as the other woman. All I’m saying is you reap what you sow.


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