If I could get some face time with Barack I’d go

So I decided I would not skip class this morning to go watch Barack. I know we aren’t going to do shit in any of my classes as usual. I’ve had assignments so far, nothing I couldn’t have completed in my sleep, but we really haven’t accomplished much in any of my classes. It’s not that I wouldn’t be interested in hearing what he has to say, but it doesn’t really matter. To me everything that comes out of a Politician’s mouth when they’re running for office is bullshit anyway. It’s all scripted and has its agenda. They study and disect the speeches of their opponent and then structure theirs’ to counterdebate what the last guy just talked about. It’s a big show and tell. I’d much rather have heard Obama speak before running or if he loses. Most of what he’ll say if he is voted President will also be bullshit. Not to demean the guy or my support of him but to me it just seems that becoming President will mean he’ll have to answer to the same guys as Bush, so there’s only so much lattitude he can get anyway. Of course it’s not the same thing. I remember last time when Bush was re-elected I was positive the world would be over before we saw another president. But the truth is that America’s domestic problems are its own creation. I’ll spare the conspiracy theories here, but I do believe that America is smart enough to solve it’s problems. There are reforms in place in other countries that America could be modeling to deal with issues with crime, education etc. But the fact is America is invested in having an underclass. Sadly we don’t get to vote on who’s rich, so those people can maintain their power, which they aren’t shy about using to keep poor people poor. Poor people, can farm our lands, do our labor and fight our wars. If everyone were rich we’d be left with only the few thousand patriots to act as our defense, and America’s way too paranoid to limit ourselves like that. So it really doesn’t matter who’s president when it comes down to just the most basic of problems. To be honest right now I would settle for Barack or Clinton just because I believe it’s in both of their best interests to get us out of the war. But I don’t like playing games or getting all riled up and spirited with rhetoric just to see New Orleans continue to thrive in poverty, crime and poor education.

Here’s the part where you ask me why do I even bother voting if I’m so anti-political.

Because I’m a spiteful bastard and I know those same rich, white people, who would rather see me in fatigues, don’t want me to vote.

So I guess I’ll go do the memory of Medgar Evers some justice and practice my suffrage. But I think I’ll skip the pep rally cause it’s more important to maintain the little momentum I have as far as getting to class so someday I can run for for black President

That being said…Obama in 08!


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