I think we all learned 2 valuable lessons from the Superbowl.

1. Tom Brady is not better than Peyton Manning. His only claim to be better than him to this point is his misconstrued success in the Superbowl. But against a legitimate pass rush and a team with the nerve to be more physical than his was Brady folded under the pressure.


2. God don’t like ugly. All the shit the Pats talked did not fall on deaf ears. God has an ego and wants us to submit and be humble. You tell the world you can’t be stopped and God will stop you to spite your mouth. You cheat to gain an advantage, your advantage will be used against you because you will be weakened when you don’t have that crutch. You run up the score on other professionals, somebody bigger and badder than you will step on your face and make you run from it with a second still remaining on the clock. And the whole world will know you are cowards who don’t have the sportsmanship of my 8th grade basketball players that at least have the decency to line up and shake hands win or lose.

Here’s a valuable lesson only a couple of us learned. When your friends ask you to come in town because they haven’t seen you in months you should probably just come in town, otherwise you might have to sit and watch your favorite team get their ass whipped and not even have a shoulder to cry on. In the immortal words of the Hockey Coach on Billy Madison “Better luck next year.”

I honestly haven’t been that excited about a professional sports win since…well, last year when the Pats got it handed to them by Peyton, Addai, Marlin Jackson, and the rest of the Colts.



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