F’n Saints

I had been planning for weeks on writing my blog about how much I hate Les Miles. I was too lazy to get around to it, that is until they lost to Arkansas. But then I decided against writing it because I thought it would be too popular a sentiment and I was too lazy to get around to it, so instead I hated him in the privacy of my own mind. Well, of course earlier today when it appeared LSU has backdoored its’ way into the national championship game I was re-enthused about writing for my hatred of Les Miles when Sean Payton made it all to clear that I need a perspective check, cause no matter how stupid I think a coach is, there’s always someone out there who will trump him with something even stupider.

Now don’t misunderstand me. I’m by no means thankful for having an idiot as LSU’s coach. luckily all I have to do is avoid going blind or commiting negligent homicide in the next five weeks and I get what I wanted anyway, but with the burden of knowing Les will be there (and beyond) too. Les Miles is like if George Bush, Steve Martin and Forrest Gump had a baby. He’s clueless and while he has the charisma of a leader he clearly lacks the understanding, or the temprament of one. And I question whether he has the football intelligence to be a coach. He’s managed to turn the most talented team in the country into the most exciting team.

That’s not a good thing!

LSU should be pounding people the way champions of the past like ’95 Nebraska or ’96 Florida champions did. They should have a New England Patriot like command over the College Football world. Instead every game is a new adventure. Consistently down in the 4th quarter of games with the formidable opponents, the Tigers have been called upon to make clutch play after clutch play with 0 margin for error. They’ve been in panic situations in 6 of their games this year. This is largely due to Miles’ bad personell decisions, poor clock management, questionable play-calling, and most of all, I believe, his happy-go-lucky, cavalier attitude towards the game of football, which has to trickle down to his team just by the poor example he sets if nothing else. How many times have they shown premature celebrations of Les’ which turned out not to merit discussion only because his team has cop? Let’s break down the season’s pivotal games.

Vs #9 Virginia Tech and
Vs #12 South Carolina convincing wins. Kudos.
Vs #9 Florida trailed much of the game and needed 4 different 4th down conversions to ensure victory. Some might call that clutch performance. I call it lacking a sense of urgency. no need for them to be in 4 down terrirtory if they convert more third downs. That’s a play calling and management issue
Vs #17 Kentucky allowed Kentucky back in the game in one of those letdowns that happen after really big wins that coaches are supposed to not let happen. Called for a run play on 4th down in 3rd ot which was tripped up well short. Probably arrogance just believing no matter what play they threw out there it was bound to work.
Vs #19 Auburn Horrendous clock management on the game winning drive. Took way to long and no sense of urgency meant they found themselves in 4 down terrirtory again. Converted that crucial 4th, then moved into field goal range. Instead of kicking a long field goal to take the lead he lets Flynn underthrow to a man in the end zone. fortunately Flynn is not sacked allowing the clock to run out nor is he intercepted cause the corner doesn’t turn around. But before the pass is even completed Les Miles can be seen beating his team out on the field in celebration. Not a good example. In letting his emotions get the best of him he doesn’t send his team in to go for two. With 2 seconds left in the game the next time Auburn touches the ball they have to score. if they score a touchdown they win…unless the 2 points is successful. Is it improbable they would score a touchdown? Yes. Did Millsaps throw 15 laterals to win a game just a few weeks after this? Yes! Coaches are supposed to be able to hold it together so they can think clearly through things like this because their players don’t have the clarity to do so. But of course the improbable didn’t happen so that idiocy just fell by the wayside for everyone but me.
Vs #17 Alabama An overrated Alabama team forced LSU into a massive ammount of penalties and turnovers and once again late game heroics to the tune of 2td’s in the last 3 minutes of the game were the only thing keeping them alive.
Vs Arkansas I honestly can’t even remember the management issues I had with the way LSU conducted their last scoring drive in regulation. I just know that they went about closing the game out with a drive that would make or break them. Being a fan you have to always feel like there’s a limit to how many times your team can overcome obstacles in these pressure filled situations. But the Arrogance of Les Miles just assuming that the job will get done with little regard for the possibility that sometimes it doesn’t get done once again amazed me. Of course LSU managed to force overtime and then the defense just couldn’t get a stop to save their lives but I don’t necessairily blame that on Miles. It’s what got them to OT in the first place I have my issues with.

This stuff ate away at me all season cause there was nothing worse to me than the possibility of having to watch a national championship game without LSU, and just as importantly with two teams I have no interest in, kind of like when USC played Oklahoma a few years back and I don’t think I watched any two consecutive plays in that game. A January not being able to cheer for my team is not a January I want to embrace. which sadly brings me to the reason this blog actually came to fruition in the first place.

I guess since it’s ’07 now and the Saints aren’t the darling of the NFL anymore cause no one cares too much what goes on here, unless it’s fantasy football related, there’s a chance this won’t go down for the media as the STUPIDEST thing EVER to happen in a football game. But for those of us Saints fans who had punched our ticket to Arizona this Winter this might be one of those things flashing before us on a deathbed. Let’s just say the Dolphins were leading 23-20 against the hapless Jets today and they did this play. It would still probably be the play that defined a winless season, and would still rank as the STUPIDEST thing EVER done in an NFL game. But the Saints weren’t 0-11, they were 5-6. They weren’t playing the other team lurking at the bottom of the division…nay, the NFL. They were playing the Division leader. They weren’t playing for respect. They were playing for respect and for the reason any of us watch football in the first place; a shot at divison championship i.e. a Superbowl. I mean, undoubtedly they’re not a superbowl team. That’s pretty obvious when you see stuff like that happen. But at least fool me. Give me the rest of December and maybe some of January til you let me down. I like to think I’m poetic, but watching that play I was only left with the cliche “You gotta be kidding me.” That’s like the next thing to being speechless. It seemed like it could only be a joke that Jon Gruden was in on. “Jon we’re going to run an end around lateral play ten yards behind the line of scrimmage with a skiddish, fumble prone, Reggie Bush throwing a poor lateral. But I’m just playing. We’re gonna need the ball right back ok?”

Honestly, it’s my own fault. I should have already been prepared for this, and known I hated Sean Payton after last year in the Dome when instead of just giving the ball to an effective Deuce McCallister to run out the clock against Philly, they ran a pitch play to shaky, unreliable, ass Reggie Bush that he promptly layed on the ground. After a terrible weekend fantasy football wise, and LSU wise last week I thought sometimes it’s just not your weekend. Then with LSU getting in I thought maybe life would give me some retribution and there was a weekend out there for me. Then for no particular reason Sean Payton told Reggie Bush to toss my glorious weekend to the Bucs. Who knows, maybe the Saints will backdoor their way into something special too. And I’ll flip back to the love side of this relationship. Or maybe Les Miles saw something he liked about that Sean Payton playcalling and will go to him seeking advice for the Championship game.


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