Shame on you

Anyone who knows me well knows I HATE The Patriots. I hate the organization, I hate Tom Brady and I hate Bill Belichick. The organization itself makes a practice of hardballing players and giving them cutrate salaries. For years they’ve shown no loyalty to their players, devaluing them because they know Belichick, who is a good coach, could make do with more affordable ones. Belichick is a smarmy little bastard who reminds me of all the people from Franklin that I didn’t like, like Michael Schlefstein and that dude named Matt who wasn’t Matt Wessel. And Tom Brady…well, it’s not even his fault I hate him. It’s these assholes in the media who try to suggest that he’s somehow better than Peyton Manning because Peyton chose Football, a team game, over Tennis, a game he actually can win all by himself. I’ll get back to that later.

So nothing in week one gave me greater pleasure than to hear that Eric Mangini, who was most likely pissed at Bill for trying to run up the score on him, ratted his dog ass out. A violation so serious it begs into question the legitimacy of any and every win the Pats ever had. At least for me it does. Back to Brady again. Sometimes this guy has like 10 seconds in the pocket. Sometimes he actually is pretty good about getting the ball to the only place that it can go successfully. Certainly the kind of attributes that could be accentuated if say HE KNEW EXACTLY WHAT THE DEFENSE WOULD BE DOING AT THE TIME. Granted they’ve only gotten caught one time. But I NEVER got caught cheating on a girlfriend so that one time might as well be a million. I don’t know nor do I care to what extent he used cheating in the past. What’s done is done. I would love to see them srtipped clean of all three Superbowls and AFC Championship games won under Belichick. But the Tarnish on their so called Dynasty is enough to satiate me for now. If I could do something about these assholes insisting USC has a dynasty I could die happy, but I suspect LSU will have something to say about that in January. As far as I’m concerned the only Modern Dynastys are the 49er’s and Lakers of the 80’s, Cowboys of the 90’s, and of course the most important the Bulls of the 90’s which is the most impressive of all because in a league not diluted with expansion like The so called Spurs Dynasty era is, nor minimalized by only 8 teams like the Celtics of the 60’s The Bulls competed at the top of the top sport and could not be stopped by athelete, time nore complacency. Anyway, I’m getting off task

Fuck the Patriots. For More on why I hate Tom Brady here’s an Email I sent to Bill Simmons in reference to one of his articles on

Let me start by saying I dig your column. You’re a
helluva funny guy. Even though I hate the patriots I
can appreciate your loyalty. I usually check your
articles on the way to my fantasy page so I’ve never
felt an impulse to respond but you absolutely incensed
me with the statement “How many Superbowls would Brady
have won if he had Manning’s supporting cast?”

Are you kidding?!?

I’m not a bandwagon Patriot hater. I’ve hated them
since the first time they beat the Colts (my perennial
favorite team since Manning got there) But nothing
chaps me more than talk of Tom Brady being a superior
QB to Manning because of his 3 Superbowl rings.
Nothing can be more misleading. If for whatever reason
we were to switch Manning and Brady’s uniforms I think
he would have probably won, oh…3 or 4 Superbowls.

1. Brady’s contribution to those Superbowls were not
that impressive. He led them on two different 40 yard
drives in sub 2 minute drives against some ok
defenses. Other than that what? He did basically
nothing but manage the game against the Rams and then
marched them on a dink and dunk drive to Vinatieri
range which was somewhere near Bourbon street that
year since he was making game tying and winning
fieldgoals of 40+ in the snow. I don’t doubt Drew
Bledsoe could have won them that Superbowl with the
defense stepping up against the potent Rams offense
like that. The Rams Defense was a big play defense
with a bend but don’t break philosophy. Kind of
perfect for driving circa the 30 yard line if you just
want to throw 6 yard passes to Troy Brown. Brady
played well against the Panthers for the second half
of the game and the end of the second quarter, but I
don’t necessairily feel like he outplayed Jake
Delhomme in that game. Jake’s game was magical in some
Brett Favre legacy kind of fashion against the Pats D
that Wore out the Colts super offense. And then once
again was saved by the foot of the most clutch kicker
in NFL history after the Panthers kicker botched it
big time leaving them to only drive 40 yards to
paydirt. He played pretty good against the Eagles too
but couldn’t even beat out Deion Branch for player of
the game. There’s not one single doubt in my mind that
tells me Peyton couldn’t have done as well or better
in any of these positions.

2. Manning’s supporting cast was inferior every year
up until 2006. I suppose you would like to suggest
that Edgerrin James is far superior to Antowain Smth
and Kevin Faulk as a combination. And that Marvin
Harrison, Reggie Wayne combo is better than Branch,
Patten, Brown/ reciever by commitee. And I won’t argue
that skillwise there’s an obvious advantage to the
Colts. HOWEVER, that advantage is rendered fairly
insgnificant to the Pats Advantage defensively. Marvin
is a precise route runner with great hands. But he’s
not Terrel Owens, Jerry Rice, Randy Moss etc. in terms
of big play ability. He’s not gonna take a 5 yard pass
nearly get tackled and will himself vertical Like
Steve Smith last week. So to be perfectly honest his
and Wayne’s contribution aren’t too dissimilar to Troy
Brown’s steady hole in the zone finding. Same for
Edge. He defenitely could get you those 7 or 8 yard
runs Emmit SMith style but there was no Barry Sanders
60 yard explosionslike he would do before the knee
injury. And with the Pats line which I feel was
superior to the Colts and their play action run
philosophy the running game contributed nearly as
efficiently as Edge. Now here’s the thing. When you
matchup these weapons, Harrison, Wayne, Edge, against
the Pats defense all of a sudden I’m laying odds with
Brady everytime. Marvin either fumbled away, couldn’t
catch or just plain couldn’t even get off the line
against the physical (often defensive holding) play
from the Pats D. What is Peyton supposed to do then?
Become Michale Vick? I mean seriously, I love Marvin
and I appreciate he won’t need Gene Upshaw’s help when
his career is done, but have you ever seen a non Rams
reciever take more dives after a catch to avoid
getting tackled in any given year? The guy’s soft,
especially come playoff time. I would take Troy Brown
over Marvin ten times out of ten in a championship
game. I gaurantee you this…if Brady had to face his
own defense without the benefit of his line, which
sometimes gave him betwen 6-8 seconds to look
downfield, and not Indy’s marginal/poor defense in
those years they beat the Colts in the playoffs we
would certainly have a different opinion about Tom’s
status as a QB in this era.

I got Moss in the 6th round of two fantasy leagues so
this is the first year I have been abe to see a Brady
touchdown pass without utter disgust in many moons.
But I think what takes the sting off his success this
season the most is that I don’t have to hear any more
illogical mularkey about how he can win the big game
and Manning can’t. When Peyton is done he will be
called the best quarterback to ever play the game
similar to when Jordan was able to beat the Pistons
finally he ascended to the rank of undisputed best
basketball player ever. Tom Brady is good, top 2 or 3
in NFL right now (I still like Carson talentwise) but
in an “all things being equal” playing field, Peyton
would be the one sporting the hardware


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