T-Pain is a genius…

“Let me buy you a DRANK….
oh oh woooooo
I’ma take you home with me
It’s like money in the BANK
shorty blah blah blah
Tell me what you THANK bout that.”

How would one buy someone the past tense of a drink. But then to continue the rhyme scheme by asking her a question with a word that is not even the past tense of think, but in fact…a completely different word is pure brilliance. He could have just bought her a drink and asked her what she thinks about that…but that’s too easy.

I actually think he’s got some gris gris or something because I still like that song even though I never have been able to understand why. I assumed I would hate it after hearing it once. Then even after I liked it I was like I’ll hear it so much I’m bound to hate it. But somehow I still dig that “Oooowoooowooowooo snap your fingers, do your step, you can do it all by yourself”

So then to take it a step further after hearing it several times by being around my kids I started liking two step. Then I heard the remix with T-Pain. And that song rocks so hard to me now. I’ve spent at least one evening with it on repeat on my Itunes. Anyway, thank you T-Pain for all you’ve done musically.


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