Lusher just Rocks way Harder than Everyone Else

As a coach you alway want your players to perform well. But performance depends on talent level, so the only thing you can ever demand is maximum effort. Most of the time you know you won’t get it, but with good preparedness and talent if you can get what you can out of them you’ve done your job well. My basketball team made me proud because when they had to, their effort matched their talent level, and they gave their best effort in the championship round. But never have I seen a team try harder for themselves and their teamates as I did today.Now it’s not just the fact that we whipped up on everybody we faced. My boys had 2 first and 2 second place finishes, and my girls had one second place finish and 5 first place finishes!!! But even more important than that was that EVERY SINGLE ONE of my runners ran as hard as they could. And I’m not exaggerating. We had 30 different people out there between the events and everyone ran hard. We had some very gutsy performances. Track is about conditioning plus talent plus will power. Our will power was maxed out. We were dozens of meters in front of the competition and still running our hardest on the girls side. Conversely on the boys side we would be step to step with the opponent and pushing ourselves to the next leg in the relay or to the tape. We had two come from behind finishes where we won by just a step because every leg of the relay did what they had to do and all they could do. I’m just going on and on about this but I have never been so proud as I was today. This is easily my favorite day of 2007 and will be hard to top. All I could think of on the bus ride home was the pain in my kids faces as they strained their way to the finish line, or the grace in which they dusted the competition. And I couldn’t stop smiling. Ear to ear grinning as I thought about each of them individualy. The smile widening as I took turns in my head with them. One after the other, and most importantly every single one. Lusher just rocks way harder than everyone else!


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