The Great Hair Caper

I live a damn good life. I’ve been blessed with so many things and luckily one of them was enough bad things happening to make me appreciate I’m not promised anything and only something divine could make me this blessed. So every morning now I wake up with a smile on my face and give thanks. The least of which I give thanks for is that I was born a man. A couple of weeks ago I had a lot of responsibility, for me anyway, in terms of getting ready for Zulu ball.

I had to get a haircut – 20 min
I had to rent a tux – 30 min
I had to clear out my Friday night schedule – 0 min. luckily it was a Friday night and the schedule happens to always be clear

That’s three activities and 50 minutes out of my week. Well, the haircut doesn’t really count cause I would have gotten that anyway, but still. It’s certainly one more thing than I have to do on a regular week. Apparently women see a man catching/stunting on other women opportunity, like Zulu ball as something a little different. I was summoned by Jenn Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
early on in the week to make myself available to bring her to a hair appointment on Friday for 1. Since I don’t get out the bed til 2 this was kind of a big deal, but then again a what’s more of a big deal than a woman’s hair appointment? I’ll tell you…a woman missing her hair appointment. We got to the destination where the hair appointment was supposed to be and let Jenn out. Then Kibwe and I went to kill time at Baskin Robbins. About 3 minutes after getting there we got a very frantic call from Jenn. Post Katrina New Orleans had struck again because the shop had moved and was not within a reachable distance in reasonable time. Kibwe, Jenn, and I sat GRUELINGLY (Jenn sat gruelingly, Kibwe and I sat giddily) over Daiquiri Ice and Ice cream RACKING (by racking I mean Jenn was and me and Kibwe made fun of her) our brains to try and get Jenn a last minute hair appointment. You see, she had a backless dress, which OBVIOUSLY (by obviously I mean not at all obvious) meant she needed an up-do. She raced through her phone log trying to see what place could take her last minute. I realized Jenn had listings of hair places the way I have listings of Chinese food restaurants, or girls whose number I put in my phone and can’t remember who they are. All seemed lost when God smiled on us and a miracle call came through from Mysheka that Aveda spa had an opening at 2. I was all for it because Mysheka’s friend Erica worked there and she happens to have a face like an angel and the body of a devil. But we were up against the clock. It was already 20 til 2 and although the spa was located uptown where we already were for some reason around Mardi Gras people like to drive more than normally so there would be obstacles between BR and Aveda. We set off on our quest and our first test was this stupid ambulance that came roaring behind us. This obnoxious bastard had his lights going and his siren sounding and all this hoopla probably over a silly heart attack or gun shot wound. I guess he didn’t know we had a serious emergency in our car. But being the good Christian I am I selflessly let him pass first. Back on the road we encountered a little congestion at an intersection on Prytania. I’m not sure if it was a 4 way stop sign or what because time wouldn’t permit me to investigate but I had to jump a few cars in position. One passerby happened to have his window open so I explained that the young lady in the back needed and up-do, to which he nodded UNDERSTANDINGLY (he probably didn’t hear a word I was saying) Finally, against all odds we reached Aveda. I must admit Kibwe and I did learn a lot from the experience. It seems, among other things, it is appropriate to put aluminum foil, magnets, mirrors, and various toxins into a woman’s hair to get it to do what it’s supposed to. Kibwe and I stood ANXIOUSLY (indifferently) awaiting our princess and her grand exit with her new, glorious up-do. When she stepped from the back she was magnificent and her UP-DO WAS SOMETHING TO BE CHERISHED (It seemed like the kind of thing she could have done with a few bobby pins and some pink oil moisturizer) I think we all learned a little something that day about things like fate, destiny and of course blessings. But all we could do was be thankful our queen was ready for her ball.

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3 responses to “The Great Hair Caper

  1. That shows what little you know about hair. Of course she needed an updo. It would have ruined the dramtic back of the dress if her hair was down. More importantly, you NEVER use pink oil hair moisturizer. You might as well save a dollar and just put water in it if all you want to do is slick it down and end up with broken ends in the process.

  2. LOL @ bobby pins and pink oil moisturizer!You’re a good man Gian…a woman’s hair is nothing to be played with :)You both looked stunning!Oh…and BTW…I’m BAAAAAAACK! Holla!

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