G.I. Jared

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Jared Williams is my hero. This is not nearly the first time I’ve remarked that sentiment. Usually, I’m referring to some dastardly deed he’s done with a chick, or something about his great attitude and it’s merely reverence for the sake of expressing how cool that is. Usually, this statement would be followed by chagrin from Shaneika or Jamylah. But this time I mean it. He’s a fighter pilot in the Navy, which still never really sinks in the way it does when you meet someone and the way you think of them is by their job title. I’ve known Jared since first grade and nothing about him between age six and 21 said pilot or Navy. Kibwe also happens to be in the Navy and although nothing about him says Navy I’ve kind of accepted that a little bit. Kibwe and Jared get to talking about protocol and IA and all kinds of Navy talk that means nothing to me, until they move to discussion of people being shipped out. Apparently there was threat of Jared being called back into duty on the frontlines again.

***** Vote Obama*****

I’m not sure how the transition happened. We were talking about his missile evasion tactics, and I asked him if he ever almost got hit.

“Let me tell you about the worst day of my life.”

I thought back to the worst day of my life. And never, not once was there a threat of death. Basically the story goes, he was a crew leader for this group of pilots that were set to take off and do whatever pilots do. So some “intel” (notice my knowledge of military jargon) came in that whoever the bad guys were in this scenario had some kind of super, heat seeking missile something or other. And there is a name for it, which involves a sequence of numbers and letters, which I don’t know the order of, but are code for INSTANT DEATH. This relates to him because the “intel” said that they (bad guys, i.e. not Americans) were going to shoot down the next plane that took off, which of course with Jared being the crew leader, was our hero. On the spot Jared was forced into some tough decisions. Among them was “should I tell the rest of my crew?” “Is there any way to avoid this?” “How many Hail Mary’s is adequate for repentance?” None of the questions was “where is the nearest hole I can hide in?” He continued his story with “…but we had to take off…” Which at the time all I could think was “Why the fuck do you HAVE to do anything but stay black and avoid dying?” And I thought for a second well I guess if the bad guys know that sending scary “intel” will turn us into cowards they can just flood the intelligence community with it and win the war by default. And there are probably 50 other reasons I can’t think of why on the “Big picture” scale he should just fly. Apparently there was no choice to be made about that and all that was left was to accept that he was about to die.

*****Vote Obama*****

First off, I am a coward. There is an area of this city I won’t drive through without looking over my shoulder…Outside. I’m scared to death of death. I can’t handle 26 consecutive hours of jail without finding my God. But there’s no way on earth I’m dying for nothing. Maybe George Bush is smarter than me. Maybe there are things that I just don’t need to know. Maybe if I knew just how close we were to being on the brink of terror at our front door and war was the only way to keep it contained, I would appreciate him sending all these black people to die for me. But from my perspective, I’ve lived a long fruitful life of non-aggression, which has kept me out of plenty physical confrontations, but plenty of good spirits. Some people would rather be feared than loved I guess. But if I’m Jared Williams I’m not taking it for the squad so George can role play being Scarface. If I’m about to die I better know there will be a damn good explanation coming through that radio on the way down. They would get a boldfaced no from me. Well, after making his peace with God he decides he’s going to try some different kind of takeoff maneuver than the one they typically do. Needless to say he survived and told me this story earlier this week. Sorry if that was anti-climactic for any of you without personal ties to Jared. Apparently, it has revolutionized the way pilots takeoff now, and Jared feels, and I agree, the maneuver should be named after him. He doesn’t know if that actually saved his life or not, and I’m sure he doesn’t so much care. I can honestly say that Jared’s a better man than me, and I’m proud of him for it. I’ve become a hero myself in recent days. I saved my friend Miles from going to Jail the other day when he was about to get into a verbal altercation with one of those typical New Orleans policemen with the chip on their shoulder and a judicious nightstick. I stopped two friends of mine who were about to get into a bar fight with each other one day. One of them clearly wanted no part of it but didn’t have a way to get out of it without seeming like the biggest pussy in the world. The other friend had a bottle concealed in his hand, a bad temper, plenty of angst, and a strong distaste for the other guy. I’ve been playing a lot of big brother lately for heartbroken girl friends of mine. I could go on listing all the great, hero-like, things I do every day, and don’t worry, we’ll get back to that in a future blog, but I damn sure ain’t bout to die for none of that bullshit. Jared Williams is a man who would and will die for his cause. And you know, I guess people do this on a daily basis God bless em. I happen not to be friends with any of them so sorry if you’re slighted by not being included in this blog. But I guess what I’m really trying to say is…Fuck George Bush. Had to get that out before that bill passes outlawing political rants on blogs.

*****Vote Obama*****

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