Two in a weekend

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I know how he feels.
Last year when I lifted my own peronal monkey off my back by winning the basketball championship for intramuras and then following it up with the football championship two days later, I got another two for weekend as my 8th graders ran away with the championship and now my Colts finally are vindicated. And once again I’m vindicated. Never again will I have to entertain people’s cries of Tom Brady being a better quarterback, as their only argument for him being better was that “Peyton can’t win the big game.” The legacy of Tom Brady can now be put in it’s proper place which is NOT the best quarterback of his era. I remember when as an 8th grader after watching Jordan beat the Lakers in the finals I felt as if all the cheering and dedication to Jordan and the Bulls had finally paid off. Well the three years watching Jordan lose to the Pistons were not nearly as frustrating as watching Peyton and the Colts go down in the playoffs so many times, so many ways. Meanwhile, Tom Brady held up trophies that were rightfully Peyton’s. There was rarely a doubt in my mind this playoffs. I invested a lot of money fantasy-football wise in a Colts Saints superbowl that didn’t come to fruition, but came close enough to make me the money. Even after the kickoff and the interception when Saia called talking that mess about me feeling sick there was no doubt that the Colts could pick it up. And after Reggie’s house, Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
with his Josephine Johnny to follow, I knew we were good. Now it’s time for Peyton to put a Jordan like stamp on the league by dominating the championship round for the rest of his career (save a Jordan like, two year hiatus, where the Saints step in and handle up) and forever putting to rest any comparrison talk of him and any other football player ever. If only I can get Steve Smith on his team or on the Saints so my man can get himself a ring in there too. In the meantime Dungy rocks (and his wife rocks harder), black people are cool, and Peyton is on top.

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