Go Lusher Lions

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Our tournament started yesterday evening when we met Trinity in the first round of the playoffs. We quickly put them away getting out early with Andrew leading the way. The game was well out of hand for most of the way so we advanced to the semi-finals Saturday morning where we would meet Kehoe France in the first round. Again Lusher jumped out to a huge advantage as we opened the quarter 14-0. A desperation three pointer proved to be the only points Kehoe would score. Kehoe slowly ground their way back in as our starters rested preparing for the game to come. But they didn’t have enough to over come the lead we built and we held on to find ourselves in the championship game where we would play Christian Brithers, our bitter rival. Our sixth grade team had already lost in the championship game to CBS earlier in the week. And we would be facing the same players who had defeated us last time we were on a basketball court playing for the championship two years ago. The test proved enough to focus the group as we jumped out to a big 17-0 advantage. Deja Vu struck as again the only score we allowed in the first quarter was a hail mary three that drained in. But that was basically as close as Christian Brothers would get. Alex Soraparu,
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the game’s MVP, led the way with 17 points 14 rebounds and 4 blocked shots. The team captains,
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Adrian Womack and Andrew Lagarde’s, stifling defense overwhelmed the undersized Christian Borthers back court. Kyle Keller controlled the pace of the game and hit timely big shots to stretch the lead. Every player contributed in the championship as Lusher charged to a victory that left no doubt about the Lusher Lions.

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(left to right) top: Coach/Athletic director Louis Landrum, Coach Gian Balsimo, Alex, Aaron, Adrian, Connor, Coach Gian Smith
middle: Blake, Brandon Addison, Justin, Michael, Jesse, Andrew, Steven, Brandon Scott, Kyle, Alfred
bottom: Jon, Louis Landrum jr.


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