Black Love

Last night at Les Bon Temps I stood at the bar while the Soul Rebels bounced the room around me. On my right stood my friend Rome and to my left was this really pretty, tall, light skinned girl dancing with this mediocre looking dude. I’m not hating on the dude or anything, I didn’t want the man’s girl. He just was a pretty average looking dude. That’s how I know it was love. Anyway, he stood at the bar just like me, but with a girl before him serenading him with her dance. She moved her hips salsa like, to the trumpets, spun and pirouetted, moved closer, then far away, then closer again until there lips touched. All the while her eyes never left lock of his, and she kept a shifty, subtle, very sexy smile on her face, which was meant just for him, but I snuck into. Meanwhile he stood there stone grilled. Not in the “Nigga what!” grill but the “That’s right, you know it belongs to daddy” grill. Then I looked across the room. There were two more people on the dance floor. A tall, good looking, older-thirties man and his date. The woman was shorter than him but still pretty tall, brown skinned, seemingly also older thirties, but with one of those young faces that they have, very attractive, and very fit. She danced and bounced in front of him while he two stepped behind her hands around her mid-section. Then I turned back to my left and MY couple was still embraced. This time with her arms around his neck and his at her waist, whispering sweet nothings to each other’s noses. I was so moved I couldn’t stop beaming. I mean ear to ear grin, it was beautiful. I don’t know if it was the alcohol consumption or the Christmas spirit, but I was able to bask in their love and not even think about the probable lying, the cheating, the scandalous behavior and all the ways their relationship doesn’t work. Just two people, alone in a bar with the sounds of brass horns echoing. I wanted to hug them but resisted the urge. White people (my friends excluded) in love are usually pretty boring to me. There’s nothing to overcome for white people to find love. Just kind of happens. Black people are so fucked up with their misguided approach to relationships and self-serving intentions that to see two black people let go of all the bullshit and concentrate on each other is the most beautiful of things.

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