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I was watching Menace II Society the other night and I thought it would be fitting to pay a tribute to one of my favorite actors. He is certainly one of the most underrated actors around. But he’s a young guy so hopefully he’ll later on have the impact of a Denzel or a Samuel L. Jackson. But even on his body of work as it stands right now he is a proven winner. I’ve appreciated him in every role so far. Dead Presidents, Crash, What’s Love Got to do with it etc. Are among my more frequently watched movies mostly because of Larenz. And then of course he gave two of my favorite performances of all times. The kind of performances that have shaped the person I am today. In my Freshman year in High School I was introduced to America’s nightmare. Then at the end of my High School career I was introduced to a new, completely different character with an even more profound impact on me; Darius Lovehall. The one constant in these was of course the man himself, Larenz. What ability to deliver with such smoothness or such aggression. He personifies the duality of being the renaissance black man as well as America’s other worst nightmare. Larenz’s performances will live on through the ages.

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Déjà blue

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***If you have not seen Deja Vu don’t read any further. There are major spoilers here***

In typical Tony Scott fashion he does not fail to disappoint. I long for the day where greedy people with more money than they will spend in several lifetimes will appreciate art over bullshit. Crimson Tide ended well. Other than that these action blockbusters just piss me off more and more every time. And this may have been the last straw (of course it wasn’t. I just said that for effect.) The thing is “Déjà vu” was about 6 minutes away from being my favorite movie EVER. That’s no small statement. 2 hours and 22 minutes of film brilliance up in smoke in no time. I have not enjoyed a car chase in a movie since Commando or Red Cobra and the movies of that era, until this one. This movie was pretty smart, action packed, but the good kind, witty, and just plain old edge of your seat fascinating. I was so pleased when what I thought was a combination of all of my favorite movies coming to fruition. A lil Arlington road, mixed in with some Usual Suspects, a dash of Memento and just a little bit of Sixth Sense sprinkled in for good measure. All this topped off with the bitterness of life. Here’s me about 7 minutes left in the movie. I’m sitting there, smile agape, because there’s no way anything can happen but what I hope and believe. The terrorist dude is really a government operative. This thing won’t go to trial because they’re going to Waste him soon as the interview is over. He tells Denzel among other things that he is a true patriot. He is willing to sacrafice anything for his country. I’m sitting there thinking this is a test exercise for the government performing an act of terrorism on their own people who are the casualties of a new cold war. And With every thing Denzel does he brings the present which cannot be changed ever truer. In the end he will find out that all the events that led to the bombing, much like his partner’s death, are actually now his doing. And we’ll all learn a valuable lesson about life. “The Milk’s spilt, get over it” As Ulysses Handy would say, although his use was less tactful and compassionate. We were so close to being dealt the cruel harsh hand of reality and Tony Scott sold out to the cash. How incredibly unfulfilling. I’m not sure if there’s going to be a director’s cut somewhere around that shows the actual ending (or at least what I hope is the actual one) but if not I fear I may not be able to watch this movie more than two more times. With the ending standing the way it is everybody’s happy except of course The terrorist, who now we have no explanation of what his intentions were behind the ferry bombing, and more importantly me, who feels like he was almost finished giving Stacey Dash the best 3 minutes of her life and 15 seconds before I got my reward she decided it would make everyone happier if we just stopped and cuddled. Damnit Tony! If it weren’t for the last ten minutes of movies you’d be my favorite filmmaker.


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  1. Although the ending was not what I expected, I really enjoyed Deja Vu. I can’t help liking a movie with a cool, sexy, chocolate man like Thaddaeus Prosper (my husband)in it. Oh yeah…Denzel is alright too. 😉

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