Funny how Time Sorts Things

I recently came in contact with an old acquaintance from high school and college. We only exchanged passing congenialities in college because we were at a college where black people were at a premium. We didn’t necessarily have deeper roots in High School, but they were slightly more involved, only because she dated a close friend of mine. And when I say dated I use the term very loosely. Which brings me almost fully back to this day and incident, which is the height of humor for me now. The incident took place over a two day period. As I sit back and reflect it makes me think of my basketball teams and how soon these kind of insignificant trials will shape their lives because as we know with teenagers the world ends 10 times daily. What happened was this guy, Kodi Roberts, apparently was spittin some tough talk at the girl Tonya. I’m not sure who, and even more laughably I have no idea why, but someone came back and reported this to our group of friends, most notably my very good friend, since 1st grade, Brenton. Now here’s a little backstory.

1. I have only ever hated two individuals in my non-adult life. One of them was Kibwe Franklin, and the other was Kodi Roberts, or boy Kodi since there was a girl CotyPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting who happens to be a great friend of mine, in the same class. I was not alone in this as both of these obnoxious individuals drew the Ire of most of those around them.

2. Tonya wasn’t someone very close to any circle of friends, the people who this incident was reported to belonged. I guess that’s just how high school works though. Things are made an issue of more for effect than actual relevance. I can’t remember what Kodi might have said but I’m sure on a universal scale it wasn’t anything that Tonya’s delicate sensibilities couldn’t handle.

3. Kodi Roberts was not really a big guy at the time. Fairly average I would say. But Brenton was probably the smallest guy in our class not named Michael Schlefstein. What exactly they expected Brenton to do I cannot tell you. But the drama was worth the investigation. )Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (Far right, yellow shirt)
At any rate, Brenton went to the front of the school with all the confidence of a dragonslayer and gave Kodi a very stern talking to about not talking any kind of way to Tonya. I can’t exactly remember Kodi’s response but it was probably along the lines of laughing it off, because even though he probably could have pounded Brenton he didn’t actually want to get in a fight. But the gesture alone was enough to win the heart of the young princess. And Brenton the hero had achieved everything teen movies and “The Wonder Years” had taught us in the eighties. The second day is the one that sticks out the most for me though. It was this next day when we had returned to school and Brenton and Tonya were now boyfriend and girlfriend due to his heroics. Apparently this had taken place that evening on the phone and was in full swing when 4th period arrived. So me and Brenton are walking down the hall and he stops to talk to his woman. We only have about a 4 minute interval between classes so we have to make it quick to get back on our way. So the meeting doesn’t take long. But it ends with Brenton, in all his Darius Lovehall, smootness, two finger grabs Tonya by the chin and plants the sexiest kiss a 10th grader can give right there on her cheek. All this with the sly eye cutting of a true player who had been here before and this was common place, and the candor of a suave gentleman who knows just what the ladies like. Both of these being things that Brenton was NOT. I was proud and happy for my friend and it outweighed the overwhelming initial feeling which could be denied no longer when Tonya’s good friend Jennifer Basin, who was also standing alongside watching this, burst into laughter at the whole sight. It was the crowning moment of my friend’s life long dream to be a hero so I was able to hold back the laughter. But sitting here now I am tickled pink every time I think of Jennifer’s timely outburst. And just the pure silliness of it all that this event, that I’m sure no one but me can even remember to this day, was such an important part of our lives a decade ago.

As an interesting post script which is kind of the point of this blog’s title anyway, Brenton and Tonya’s whirlwind love affair came to an end a week or so later. I ended up being very good friends with Kibwe Franklin. I can’t necessarily say I’m friends with Kodi but we have a very close friend, Ayo,Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting in common who ironically is also someone I did not too much like during my high school years, but have since become very close with (nohomo) Ayo as well as other friends and acquaintances in common, and of course time and indifference have forged an acquaintanceship between Kodi and I, which is at the very least friendly with the potential of an actual friendship if we were ever geographically close enough for it to become relevant. Brenton and Tonya probably went a solid decade without thinking about each other, and I’m pretty sure that Tonya and Kodi dated each other just a year or so later, but only for a year or so, which means they probably, too have not thought of each other in quite some time. And to think the world was just short of ending over all this.


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