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It’s harder to repeat. It means all the fire you had inside that made you work harder and earn those extra yards has to still be there in spite of already savoring the fruits of victory. You have to defend from the complacency, the target on your back from teams that give you their best efforts, and the bad luck you managed to avoid the first time around. I’ll save the storyline of the games preceding championship night. The frat championship was not a difficult game. Although we made it harder then it should have been. Sam came up big scoring both of our touchdowns and tallying several sacks and hurries defensively. But Bryan was named player of the game for his momentum swinging 3rd down catch and his key interception late in the second half that led to our second touchdown.

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So Championship night began just as we expected…Very cold. We began the night with two teams in the final four. By benefit of winning the frat league we advanced to the winning side of that bracket and played a law school team. Then our undefeated Men’s team would later that night meet the other undefeated, and unchallenged men’s team, the lethal Doom Squad. Since we had teams represented on either side of the bracket by winning one of two games we would insure ourselves at least a spot in the final, and by winning both we would render a final irrelevant because our frat team and men’s team would face each other. The first team we met was pretty good, but our biggest challenge would be not to look past them to the second game against the only team with more speed than us. And we probably were looking past them as they tied the score right before halftime at 13 with a Hail Mary touchdown. Only two teams had scored twice on us all year and they scored twice in the first half. Our first drive of the next half ended in an interception. So they began their drive but it ended after one first down when I intercepted the quarterback and took it the distance for the lead changing touchdown. We then converted putting the pressure back on them. But they responded and drove the length of the field for a touchdown proving a worthy opponent. They decided to go for two to try to take the lead but Trep broke up the pass in the end zone and we took over up one converting two first downs, which took up enough time to run out the clock. With a spot secured in the final we were set to face our toughest game of the year by far. Doom squad was a team made up of former champs themselves. And with us having played this close game already we wouldn’t have the speed we would want to head into the game. We had been beating teams all year with speed on both sides of the ball. Offense we would often just run past defenders and throw over them. Defensively me and Sam would put down a heavy rush and our defensive backfield were quick ball hawks often forcing turnovers. But this team had players who could stay with us so it was going to take our best game to come out victorious. No team had come within 30 points of them during the regular season. This and also having to play our 9th game in 5 days in the coldest of New Orleans winds was no small task. We got off to a bad start being intercepted on the first drive and they promptly went down and scored. We answered them just before the half with a long drive of our own, but missed on the conversion leaving us down 1. Then with only 9 seconds remaining Roy intercepted a pass and took it almost the length of the field down to the 1 yard line as time expired. It would have been nice to have the score and change the lead but the momentum swing proved important as well. We exchanged touchdowns (Craig and Bryan scoring) over the next few possessions managing to stay within 1 point of them. But they had possession with 4 minutes left and were driving. Until we came up with a defensive stop and turned over the ball on downs after a missed 4th down conversion. We took over possession and drove the field in only 3 plays. Joe, filling in for an injured Sean at QB completed passes to Diddy, Roy and then Joe for the touchdown in three successive plays. We converted the point making it a 6 point game with a little under 2 min left. Plenty of time for the speedy Doom Squad team to take it the length of the field. It would be up to our defense, the strength of our team to stop them. And stop them we did when Moses stepped in front of a pass from their dangerous quarterback and made the game saving pick to seal our repeat men’s league championship.

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top left: Quinton, Joe (Rook), Sean (Trep), Bryan, Joe, Roy
Bottom Left: Sam, Craig, Moses, Patrick (Diddy), Gian


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