They got what they deserved

LOL. So I’m here again. Just me, Movies on demand and my procrastination. For whatever reason after I finished watching School Daze I decided to tune into Indecent Proposal. I haven’t seen this movie since High school I’m sure. I remembered why I liked it so much when Demi Moore started undressing for the third time but I never realized how crazy her and Woody Harrelson’s characters are. SO anyway, everyone knows the premise of this movie is that the guy propositions the woman for a million dollars. But what fell by the wayside for me before was that the reason the proposition was so tempting was because the two of them began the movie in financial trouble because of a failing business. So Woody Harrelson’s character borrows 5,000 dollars from his dad, not to save his business, but so they can hit Vegas and try to gamble their way to prosperity. They go to Vegas and in the first day they quintuple their money. By this point I was still only halfway watching the movie and half trying to remember if there are anymore scenes in here with naked Demi Moore. Here’s the fun part. So they cut to Woody and Demi sitting in their hotel room counting money and Woody has a calculator working out how many more hours tomorrow he has to gamble in order for them to get however much money will save the business. Then it all comes back to me. The looks of disappointment when they learn the meaning behind “The house always wins.” I’m giddy now waiting for all of it to crumble. And it was like my first time all over again, but this time less diluted. This time through grown up eyes that could find humor in someone thinking he was just going to gamble his way out of financial troubles. Sitting here now all the other classic moments are coming back to me. Like when she leaves his dumb ass and how much of a slut she is running off with this dude for his money. So now I hate the end of the movie with a passion. When they’re sitting there on the pier and she’s like if you love something let it go, if it comes back blah blah blah. If yall muhfuckers love something don’t pimp or prostitute yourselves for money.


4 responses to “They got what they deserved

  1. This is my first time to your blog and thought I would take a minute to show you some love. I’m diggin’ your site…your posts, your thoughts, your insight. I’ll be back…definitely.

  2. LOL @ Gian’s last line of your post. That about sums it up brah. I don’t think I ever realized how much of a slut she was for leaving her husband for Robert Redford. But then again, dude just refused to let it go! -lol

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