I hate me

So I’m very angry right now. Football has just gone off and forced to find other means of entertainment, I watched the tail end of “She Hate Me.”

Now of course for the most part I like this movie. I like almost all Spike Lee movies, if not for the content, than at least for the mood and subject matter. This one had the same Style we’ve come to love from Spike, and for the most part the story itself was worthy of my favor. But then at the end it just goes absolutely crazy. If you haven’t seen the movie by now I don’t know what to tell you because it’s been out awhile but there are spoilers here. For those who need refreshing, by the end of the movie the main character has fathered 13 children for money including the 2 children of a lesbian couple that includes a former lover. He walks into the livingroom of the couple fresh out of jail and pronounces to the two of them that he is still in love with his ex and could she still love him? She releases the hand of her life-partner and takes his then gives him a hug without so much as looking her girlfriend in the eyes. Then he reaches out to the girlfriend and she takes the hand of other two and they all hug each other. The two women embrace then kiss each other passionately. Then the first woman turns away from her girlfriend and kisses her old and now new boyfriend very passionately. She lays her head on his chest. Then he and the girlfriend look at each other and decide that the only thing that makes any sense is for them to kiss now. Then it shows the three of them at the beach with their two kids.

So basically, this confused lesbian chooses a man in spite of her ongoing relationship with a woman. The woman who since she insisted she was bound to for life is left aside while she takes her place alongside the man. Welcomed in by the two of them seeing that her only option is to welcome another lover the other woman does so without negotiation or fuss. The man of course takes the two for one. This whole situation is absurd and I can’t believe Spike would write something so completely unbelievable but without purpose. There is no political message in this ridiculous situation coming to fruition. It’s just there for it’s own sake.

That being said, I fundamentally agree with everything that happened at the end. While the circumstances that bring about this Menege et trois, which include the embracing of a heterosexual lifestyle by a lifelong lesbian, and the easy transition of a husband into a lesbian relationship, are silly and contrived, they somehow make perfect sense. So I guess when it comes down to it the person I’m really mad at is myself for not finding the right lesbian couple.


2 responses to “I hate me

  1. man that movie was a trip and it wasn’t his best. it was absurded, but hey, it would’ve made more sense if she wouldn’ve stopped her lesbian relationship and went back to him since she really seemed confused. i don’t know.

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