Damn you M!!

So Shyamalan has one more free pass with me. But if his next movie sucks I’m off the bandwagon…at least til the movie after that. I am desparately trying to find reasons to like Lady in the Water but this damn integrity keeps eating away at me. I’ve tried telling myself that I need to see it again, or the reason the script sucked so hard was because it was a fairy tale and it was supposed to be somewhat simplistic of a storyline. But nothing’s sinking in. After the Village I felt cheated. I might have voted for him for president before going to see that. When I walked out of the Village I thought it sucked. But then after a few more viewings I told myself it was my fault that I didn’t like it. I went in expecting a movie with thrills and suspense and an ending that turned me inside out. And while there were some chilling moments just because of his camera and mood mastery all in all I didn not get what I expected. But I told myself it was me who was wrong not him. I wasn’t giving him the freedom to make the love story he wanted to make. So I watched it a few more times and just like the retarded child I grew to love it anyway. Lady in the Water however…I just don’t know what to say. I mean someof the stuff in this movie was just plain stupid. And I definitely think he had a chip on his shoulder because there were some things that really just weren’t going to work, but instead of making a good movie he wanted to prove to anyone watching that he could do it all by himself. Mission failed! I can’t say it’s the most disappointed I’ve ever been. I mean there are some things I liked about it. M’s movies have a certain familiar feel and that right there is good enough to keep meinterested the whole way through and then earn it a repeated viewing. For the sake of not spoiling the movie for would-be viewers I wont say anything about it, except that it’s by far his poorest writing job and looks more like if the writers of USA network movies were told to write an M. Knight script. There were a lot of events that just would not happen. I mean fairytale yeah, but a contemporary one nontheless dealing with people in 2006, Just couldn’t happen. The acting (except for Knight) was pretty good, but I couldn’t get too emotional about it just cause I didn’t believe in anything they were trying to convince me of. Maybe it is my fault. Maybe I’m too much of an adult to enjoy this. I know what is true though. I def had a lot of fun reading the critics shredding this movie. Anyway The new Pharell and The new Roots rock pretty hard. As for me…I’m off. Vegas, Vegas!!!!!


4 responses to “Damn you M!!

  1. This is like the 3rd blog I’ve read that gave negative feeback on that film. I wanted to see it, but now after reading your review and a few others, I’m not so sure I wanna go to the movies to view it.

  2. Mannn, M.Knight Shyamalan is a one-trick pony. I tried to tell folks that after the Sixth Sense, he’s made trash after trash after trash. The Village was like a twilight zone episode (a 2-hour long one), Unbreakable was like a comicbook and Signs which was 1/2 good, up until you saw the aliens went downhill fast. Aliens landing on a planet with a substance that covers nearly 70% of the globe and didn’t know this substance was harmful to their existence! Give me a break! Geeez…

  3. I think I liked it after a couple of days of reflection. I probably need to see it again to be sure, but it was ok for me (despite not knowing whether I liked it at first or not). The one review on rottentomatoes.com about the critic wanting some of that stuff that M. Knight is smoking pretty much summed it up for me. No one else could make the movie and expect people to go see it, it’s certainly a movie for his fans. I didn’t see the Village, couldn’t deal with this utopian idea of a “perfect” village that didn’t have Black people (or any other minorities from all the previews had to offer). I’m not sure which part M. Knight played in that movie, but he didn’t appear to be one of the towns folk, so that only left the red-hooded folk that sparked fear in almost everyone from utopian town. Maybe I’ll rent the Village this weekend. I like love stories.Everyone should give M. Knight at least one more chance. The next movie is bound to great…….right?

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