Read it and weep

Me and Goapele. Needless to say she would have invited me backstage but the tourbus left right after the show. That and she probably respects me too much to try to get with me the first time we meet. But we’ll meet again.

I am getting in touch with my inner negro for all you African-Americans out there. I have resisted the urge to desecrate the signs of a local businessman who tried to fuck over me at a very vulnerable point for Deuce. I have chosen to be the bigger person in a cold war with a young lady who I shall not mention any further in spite of the fact that she has no respect for me or what liberties I have extended her punk ass. I have resisted the temptation of deviant sexual activities with certain girls. But I’m just about fed up with being nice. Today was a much needed break.


So I met this girl on BP many months ago. Maybe even last year. Can’t quite remember. We exchanged IM information. Our very first IM conversation she told me that she was tired from drill which she had at home in Baton Rouge. In our second conversation she said she was tired again. Assuming it was drill I asked if that was why. She responded no. She commuted from New Orleans to Home every weekend. I asked her if she lived in New Orleans during the week and she said yes, which struck me as slightly odd. I inquired next about what school she went to at which point our conversation came to an abrupt end when I was told to mind my business. I was taken aback by this. I don’t see how that information could be so top secret. But I digressed. It was not the last time I received a mind your business to one of my questions. Being the God fearing Christian I am I just decided not to make a big deal out of it. I deleted her from my friends list and forgot she existed. Except every now and then when she would IM me inexplicably. I couldn’t figure why she would be trying to talk to me considering you can’t have much of a conversation if the person won’t even tell you what school they go to which is something that only thousands of other people know. But at any rate I would always respond pleasantly if I was online at the time. No big deal. Until today, when she had the nerve to oppose me. I was going to leave it alone as usual but I just felt the urge to take her down. And damn this stupid Mac because it wont let me cut and paste from the IM I saved because I have a stupid outdated version of windows. Blast. But if anyone wants to know I will be happy to read word for word the text of our conversation and how I buried her ass.


6 responses to “Read it and weep

  1. yes. VERY jealous. She’s been up here in the MD/DC region twice, is coming a THIRD time, and STILL won’t get to see her….

  2. lol @ your lack of a copy and paste feature? how outdated is your windows??? LOL!!!ah. anyway. blasted women. i’ll be using the word “blast” from now on. thanx gian.

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