The House

I have a dream woman in mind. She has a face like Lark Voorhies and she’s shaped like Lois Griffin. She watches Squidbillies and Boondocks. She wears dresses 3 times a week and twice on Sundays and loves to dance to 80’s r&b and Marvin Gaye’s “Gotta Give it Up” And she likes to cook for me and never misses one of my basketball games even though I never ask her to do either.

On another note I’ve done some serious work to my Poetry page on Myspace. For those who haven’t seen it.

So anyway, I was adding a Slideshow to my Myspace page and I was looking through my pictures. I came to the folder with Cook’s wedding pictures. It really hit home at that moment that he is married. When you look at moments captured in time like that and you just step away from where your place was in the event you can see them through other’s eyes. Looking at those photos then was like looking at my parents or grandparents wedding photos. There’s something beautiful about that. Sometimes when you look at stuff like that, if you weren’t there it seems like still scenes from a movie, something that didn’t really exist. I know my grandparents got married but when I look at their wedding photo I never see the occasion that surrounded it. All I see is that one frame, my grandparents looking into each other’s eyes. And it’s like a painting, an artwork, but definitely something fictional. Same goes for when I look at my parents wedding photo. It’s hard to see them as those people in that picture. Their relationship, for what I’ve known it, was never at a stage when it was just a courtship, or an engagement. So it’s hard to imagine that this day this life altering event occurred is not just the handiwork of some painter’s impression of the beginning instead of a place in time that actually exists in the minds of those who were there. One day Rayne and the rest of Raymond’s children will look at that photo the way I was able to look at it for that split second and won’t be able to see it any other way.

So the picture with the most sentiment attached to it for me is the one with me Raymond and Lee. For me that picture is not at all about the wedding. It’s a reminder of how things have changed. How things sadly will never be the same, but simultaneously someday we will have more indelible memories that we create. The Summer of 2004 is forever incarcerated to our memories where only there it can exist and never be lived again. We have all become new people for better or for worse (pun intended,) That summer was probably the single best summer I have ever had. It started with Lee moving in to what we would affectionately refer to as The House, which was one of the best blessings I ever received. He and Cook quickly became friends through our love of cards, sports, and of course Chapelle show season 1. We would throw card parties 5 nights out of every week, the guest list ranging from anywhere between 3 and 10 people. And of course we were the three constants. The three of us spent about half the time being broke, playing games of pluck or poker for 1 dollar at a time. Eating twice daily from Mcdonald’s dollar menu. Me and Lee surviving off my sometimes meager poker earnings from home games at Drysdale’s and the occasional poker room tourney victory. But we had what we needed damnit. Cable, Hi speed internet, enough food not to starve, and a deck of cards. Then there were sometimes when the bank had money. When I first started playing higher stakes no limit and the cupboard was no longer bare We’d stock the refrigerator full of Shmirnoff Ice and invite the young fellas over for marathon Monopoly and chicken box while watching Eddie Murphy’s Raw. This period also marked the end of my backsliding days so I was still at the tail end of taking a woman to bed every so often. Which even though I don’t practice now, I admire the proficiency and tact with which I did it then. I promise there is nothing that would satisfy me more right now than to have me, Cook, Cherry, and Lee play hearts with Kibwe or Jenn with winners until Mcdonald’s open for some McGriddles combos. Or coming back from Cook’s mom’s house playing spades with Shuwan and Tommy. Going to the open Mic at True Brew on Friday. Playing cards all night on Saturday and waking up on time to be at the boot for Happy football Sunday then taking it back to the house for the evening game and more cards. God bless those days.

But they’re just that, those days. We’ve lost siblings, gained wives, lost houses, moved back in with parents, started businesses, Things that will forever mark the way we are in the future. But being broke or nigga rich everyday was a new experience in living the life I wanted to live. I look back on these times very fondly. And look longingly forward to the day when I can tell Cook’s kids about how things were before they were around. About what it was like before those photos existed.


5 responses to “The House

  1. awwww…see, that’s why i love pictures and taking pictures…cool post…i’ll check out ya myspace spot since i’m on there too.

  2. Ayyyooo Gee! Whattup brotha? Stopping in to holla at you man. Hope all is well. Welcome back to the blogosphere too. By the way, tight post and I’m feeling the way you closed it out. Nicely done…

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