Ok. Time for me to get back to writing. I’ve been a bit on the lazy side as far as that’s concerned lately. I’ve ventured off into other endeavors which I’ll get into later so I haven’t been on my grind lately. It seems as though I will be double posting my blogs from now on. The original intent of my Myspace blog was to have a forum for things I didn’t want certain eyes to see but it seems as though that’s been compromised now because all the eyes I was hiding from have since acquired Myspace pages. At any rate I was thinking today about a concept Kibwe and I had a lot of fun constructing and discovering the truth behind. I was feeling an especially strong desire to be with a certain girl who is inaccessible to me right now. The good imagery from my lust for a particular muse has made for some pretty satisfying self relief. It seems to me that a great number of girls that I’ve slept with could have been very easily cured if I were to just save them for my imagination instead of putting them into practice. Not that I have a problem with having slept with anyone that I did. But there were some people who I repeatedly slept with who would have been better off in the safety of my brain, which I will discuss shortly. I have only recently discovered how adequate a short term substitute my hand is since until very recently I had not been with anyone in a while. I would be tempted to act on the possibility of interacting with someone only to choose myself and find out upon finishing that I made the right choice. The thoughts of the muse upon completion of my goal were quite different from the ones before hand. In the past I would simply just have acted on my carnal desires without regard for the aftermath. This lead to a great many moments of emotional discomfort because I was left with an empty feeling in combination with the burden of having swelled the emotion of someone I was not inclined to pursue anything committal. We call this a Norgasm. Most women either have enough self control or lack the good decision making ability to distinguish to have suffered from this particular feeling. So it may be difficult for some to grasp. Much like with orgasms, some women, because they wont let their inhibitions go or because they will try to make more out of it than it is, can’t have norgasms. That being said there are a great number of women who have fucked some dude they regret and have had to deal with the after affects of having the guy bugaboo them. In this way the female norgasm lasts much longer than men’s. The Norgasm is the result of the buildup of blood in men’s brain before they can ejaculate that causes them to make decisions they will later regret. The orgasm that comes from the release acts to not only flush out the build up but brings on a great moment of clarity not rivaled by any other regular activity. Almost instantaneously, either guilt, disdain, fatigue, disinterest or some combination of the four will follow. And only the responsibility of emotionally drawing this person in further remains. As well as the evidence lying there looking all Doe eyed at you as if you’ve just shared some fantastic bond, when really it’s quite the opposite. It’s been years since I had a really big norgasm but I’ve had some small ones sprinkled in here and there. Including the ones I’ve had with myself when upon completion of my task I realized I would much rather be lying in my own hand than the woman to whom I had devoted 5 minutes of stroking. The problem with Norgasms is the same as jerking off. It only lasts as long as you can remain flaccid and then you’re just as susceptible to the same mistakes.

On a separate note my life has been changed again. Thank God for Youtube. Man I have uploaded so much basketball and boondocks stuff they will be sorry they offered me the chance. And Amel’s new album is the only thing my ears can accept right now.


7 responses to “Norgasms

  1. lol…i can’t really relate cuz i don’t ‘have sex”. but yea, interesting,’s good to see that you’re back!yeah, everyone is on myspace these dayds…it just now got like all of a sudden popular…i didn’t like it at first because i was using facebook alot more, but now it’s sucked me in…what start are ou living in now? it seems like alot of folks have stopped blogging or whatnot. anyways, just stopping by, take care! 🙂

  2. i just read all of this…umm…a norgasm? wow, sorry to say, this is the first time i’ve ever heard of such a thing. it’s interesting tho. true enuff. lolyou said you’ve uploaded many videos…so, do you have a video ipod? maybe you can help me put videos on it. i just got it not to long ago.

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