"Houston, we are go!"

So one of my favorite things about being Gian is mine and my compadres lifestyle. Moment to moment that is. The flexibility of being me and surrounding myself with like people affords me weekends like this one where I can pick up an go to Houston for no better reason than an All-star game I will not set foot near is there.

Friday Feb 17th 7:52 AM
My alarm on my phone wakes me. I’m never awake this early unless I have stayed up all night. However this morning I have a fitting to be an extra in a Denzel movie they’re shooting in town. I love Denzel and his movies but I also love sleeping off “long Islands. Especially when I’ve only an hour earlier begun the sleeping process. Knowing that I may be called upon by “the Captain” to do a share of the driving to Houston when we leave at noon I decide to end my movie career before it’s even taken off. I spend about thirty seconds being ashamed at my lack of discipline, cause that’s about how long it takes me to fall back asleep.

11:00 AM

Brandi, an old friend from high school, who happens to be in some way involved in this movie, calls me to tell me I miss my appointment. I take a second to enjoy the fact that I no longer feel the need to make up excuses when I miss deadlines. Then I tell her I can come now. She says to hurry, which is actually not a big deal since I am now awake and need to get it done before Cap is ready to roll. I get to the fitting and the woman who gives me my sailor suit is eyeballing me. She’s about 3 inches taller and 30 lbs heavier but she’s got a nice face and…Etc. No time for love Dr Jones as I get to the business of getting fitted. Maybe I’ll see her on the set.

4:30 pm

The Captain and I set off for Houston only 4 hours late. Pretty good time by our standards. A Houston trip has a certain allure that is not always necessarily enough in itself to motivate me to go. My friends are there, and there’s always trouble afoot. But as with everything else I usually take that for granted and end up not going when I’ve made plans. However this time my new friend Calina who I am looking forward to meeting awaits, and although there’s no guarantees that her husband will condone that visit I feel like it’s still worth a shot. While on the phone with her she expresses to me that it’s cold and rainy there and all the parties are 75 dollars minimum. My mind turns to thoughts of a cozy weekend getaway in Jerome’s apartment, cause if there’s two things I don’t like it’s cold weather and high expenses.

Feb 18th 2:00 AM

I’ve just finished a discussion with a friend of mine who’s decided not to have the sexual relationship she was initially seeking with me because I’ve asked her too many questions about the level of emotional attachment that will arise from dealing with her. I swear I can’t win for losing with these women these days. Damned if I take preventative measures damned if I don’t.
I’m cruising down Westheimer in Jerome’s Accord on the way to meet Jen and her friends so we can go to Chacho’s. It seems as if we’ve gotten to Houston in time for me to have all the excuse I need to avoid the club. Captain was heading downtown but in an effort not to inconvenience him and because an acquaintance of mine with loose moral values may or may not call sometime soon I opt to take Jen up on the breakfast offer. There’s a good chance that the girl won’t call, and an even greater chance I won’t visit but I like my options open. I don’t presume I will be attracted to any of Jen’s friends. From what I’ve gathered from them they are probably the type that are here because they have dollar signs in their eyes. I’m not judging or anything but I only have enough dollars for yours truly, and I’m not in the business of wasting mine or other people’s times. I’m pretty on target about the company but I enjoy them anyway. They’re both pleasant and Ami is very amiable. I refer to her as the instant ice breaker because she just jumps right into conversation with anyone who crosses her path. I could definitely spend some non-sexual quality time with her. Chacho’s is fairly uneventful and I don’t see nearly as many pairs of stuffed jeans as I had hoped. The night is a wash but a wash in Houston is more interesting than one in New Orleans so I figure I’ve erred on the side of victory.

11:00 pm

We’re finally daring to venture out into the fun that is All star weekend. I am looking too sharp and I can’t wait for these money hungry scavengers to get a look at a man with substance, a fresh fade and Goatee and an empty bank account. The fade will just have to be understood on their part because it’s way too cold to think of taking off my hat. I know I’ve been colder before but I just can’t remember when. As me Teedy man, Rome and Neville arrive downtown I’m greeted by a thick, but pretty young lady who grabs me by the collar to ask me if I’m gay. I feign offense long enough to get her to admit that she just wanted to know because she thought I was hot. I ask her if she’s interested in my sexuality? She replies yes and that she’d like to buy me something to eat. I tell her I will take her up on a meal some other time and to give me her contact info. While entering the number in my phone she mentions that she really needs some action because her old man is in jail. I tell her I’ll give her a call and can’t escape quickly enough. I appreciate the proposition but not that boiling hot ass water she’s trying to throw me in. The last thing I need is some convict with a vendetta against me. As we get deeper into downtown the buildings on either side of us have created a very powerful funnel of cold air to remind us that there’s pain attached to this good time. We end up in this bar which probably would have costed us 40 dollars to get into but Rome knows the doorman. After finishing off my homemade drink and everyone else their bar bought drinks the search for girls begins and ends almost simultaneously. Everyone in the group feels pretty much the same so we walk outside to face the harsh winds again but not before I steal a candle from one of the tables. As I walk down Main St in downtown Houston I’m just as likely to be having vigil as I am to be looking for debauchery. I get no shortage of attention from either sex, most unbelieving the rest jealous and pleading of my candle. The warmth of the candle is barely enough to keep me going but I figure it’s worth it to be hanging out in a big crowd of black people where there’s a police presence even if it is like this. We make it back to the block our car is in. I’m summoned by a thin girl wearing her hair in pigtails sitting in the car with her friend. Sonia and Simone ask us for directions somewhere or another. Of course me not being from Houston and not knowing the area well am pretty useless to them. But they seem amused by my smooth daddy what you know jive and seem interested in joining us at Chacho’s later which is our current destination. We exchange numbers then head separate ways. While driving to Chacho’s a car Filled to the roof with two girls pulls up alongside us while we’re driving. The big girl in the driver’s seat makes kissy faces at me. I begin to serenade her with “kryptonite” by Big Boi. She is not deterred and continues her kissy face,so I ask her if it’s my sexuality or my personality that she’s fallen in love with. She turns to her friend and laughs. I ask again if she loves me for the real Gian and of course I get no response cause these women out here only love my doggystyle. By this point we’re headed to Taco Cabana because Rome’s female friend and her friend are there and we supposedly catch Terrence’s female friend and friends after. By the time we get there Rome’s friend is leaving and by the time we pull off Terrence’s friends have gotten weary of waiting for us at Chacho’s. We return home and are there just long enough to get comfortable, when Sonia calls back and invites us back to her and Simone’s hotel. Neville has work at 6 and Rome at 8:30 so much to my chagrin we decline and promise to hook up the next evening even though the Captain and I are supposed to leave at noon again. I manage to win a Poker tournament that I had signed up for right before they called and would have had to just chalk up if we had gone to visit, so I lament that we did not visit but yet still am thankful for the 300 dollar prize I would have had to forego. And as we know if I wanted to pay hundreds of dollars to hang out with some chicks I wouldn’t be Gian. I’d be the nigga in one of these clubs next to Jaime Foxx and some backup NBA center taking up all the attention.


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