Geaux LSU

So for those of you who might have missed it last night was one of the greatest performances in one of the greatest College games ever. Vince Young pretty much singlehandedly took down the powerhouse Trojans. Now over the past few years I have begrudgingly become a Lyndale White and a Reggie Bush fan. They are talented players undoubtedly. Leinhart is a Good QB no question. But I could never latch on to this dynasty for two reasons. One because they neverplayed anybody. There toughest opponent up until now in the past three years was a Notre Dame team that lost three games this year. The Oklahoma team they played last year was softer on defense than the one LSU handled the previous year in the Sugar Bowl. And in spiteof being in the Rose Bowl the two previous years Michigan hasn’t been good since the 90’s. They’ve managed to not lose any gamesfor almost three years which is certainlyan impressive feat no matter what league you’re in. But does that mean that they’re the best team? Well we found out last night. And secondly and mostimportant to me. Everytime they mention that this is their third straight championship run the factthat they split with LSU is lost on everyone. It’s like LSU doesn’t get credit for what they did because it’s in the middleof this lil dynasty. Steve Smith, my favorite receiver, led the NFL in catches yards and receiving touchdowns. He tied with two other people in two of those categories but they also led the league. So ten years from now I will brag that he led the league in those categories and I wont mention Larry Fitzgerald or Marvin Harrison. For that reason I don’t fault people for not mentioning LSU. It’s too much to have to qualify everything all the time. What I do have a problem with is the fact that there was a split at all. At some point there was a debate as to who was the champ that year. And now it’s like what SC has done since has proven to these people who the champ was that year. Well the fact is that SC was probably a much better team the next year when they won the title outright. But does that mean LSU wouldn’t have whipped them if SC had gotten their fair chance at the game instead of OU? Well I for one am glad that UT squelched all this dynasty talk. All these comparisons to the great teamsof all time and all that other hooey on ESPN. All of it down the drain in one fell swoop. SC was finally exposed for the whole world as being VINC-able. Maybe now some order can be restored to LSU’s good name and there hard work in 2004. Thanks Vince.


One response to “Geaux LSU

  1. I hate Vince Young. I hate teams where one player pretty much carries the entire team. I also hate huge state schools, where they dont even have to recruit out the state. Do I sound bitter much?

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