I’m disabling the ability to post anonymously…

….cause I keep getting ads in my comments section. I’m just gonna step in here and pretend like never left. Some things in the world of sports have been on my mind lately. So I’ll share with you.

Terrel Owens
Ok, so I defended T.O. in his quest for more money, and I stand by those comments. But he is an idiot. How can one man have such a hard time keeping his mouth shut? It’s becoming clearer and clearer that he’s just a disgruntled baby who can’t be pacified. When he was in SF he had a decent QB in Jeff Garcia. But his lack of armstrnegth was a problem for Owens so he bitched. Fine. But now he’s bitching because he has Donovan Mcnabb (easily top 5 QB in the game now) throwing to him. Even to suggest that he or anyone would be better off with Brett Favre throwing to them is both preposterous and insulting. And even worse it feeds into the media’s buildup of Brett Favre as the Greatest ever. His other gripe is that there was no celebration of his 100th TD. Now I understand why someone would feel slighted by that. If I did something rare and special and no one threw me a party I would feel slighted to. But I sure wouldn’t call an interview to complain about it. I’d take solace in my millions that they were paying me. Now that he realizeshe can’t just say what he wantshe wants to apologize and try to take things back. But no one wantsto hear that shit now. You’re a grown ass man. You should not have said it in the first place if you’ve already been down this road. Just dumb. And it’s cost me a starting receiver in two fantasy leagues in the process.

The New England Patriots
Let me preface this by saying I wasn’t always this way. But I hate the patriots. There was a time when they played the Rams in the Superbowl, and at that time The Rams were my most hated team. I wasn’t on the patriotic, we love America bandwagon. But I was cheering for the underdog. However since that time the Patriots have long removed themselves from the roll of underdog. And I have long since severed my allegiance. partially because they have prenially beaten my favorite team (Colts) and just like with the Pistons of the late eighties I must cheer hardest against those who keep my heroes down. But mostly I hate Tom Brady. Now I will admit he is a good quarterback. But that they would besmirch Peyton’s place in history with comparisons between them, as if there was any. The nerve the media has to suggest that Tom Brady is comparable as a Quarterback because of what his TEAMS (and more acurately Adam Vinatieri) have done in the superbowl is insulting. There is nothing Tom Brady can do that Peyton cant, wheras the same cannot be said for the converse. Tom Brady’s success is mostly circumstancial. Peyton’s is because of superior talent. That is why no one got greater joy out of watching the Colts whip the Patriots ass on Monday night in front of the whole world. And the only reason I hope the Patriots can limp into the playoffs is so they have the disgrace of having their title run come to an end in the RCA dome.

Tom Benson
As a former Saints fan I can say I have never been high on Benson. The Saints have disappointed me many times over the years, and ownership was as good a place for blame as any. But now I don’t care one whit about the Saints and have actually enjoyed success betting against them in past weeks. But I hate Tom Benson. What a scoundrel. How much money can one man need. I fully understand people making practical buisness solutions. But it’s not as if he’s not making money. If the Saints were costing more money than they make, by all means, find greener pastures. But C’mon. You put an inferior product with the worst coaching possible on the field and have the nerve to be so demanding. Then at their lowest point to try to sneak out the back door. Sad. When people’s hunger for money exceeds the need to offer quality products to the public that need it he deserves to feel threatened amongst those he intends to disadvantage. Tom Benson has now placed his name alongside the likes of George Bush, Tom Brady, and Hitler.


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