Bush is responsible for Hurricane Katrina

In an effort to gouge oil prices he and his billionaire Taliban friends got together and stirred up a hurricane. But he’s gone too far this time. It sure would be nice to have a real president instead of a busness profiteer for a change. As for me I happned to be lucky enough to have a good family and they got me out of Dodge. We’re in Dallas now but who knows for how long. I’m hearing horror stories about my neighborhood which I have never seen flood. Just around the corner people are on top of their 2 story roofs watching dead bodies float around in the water. I’m pretty certain that most of my parent’s house is underwater too. Most of my extended family on my mom’s side is here with me. But my 3 of my uncles stayed. We’ve had contact with one of them and he and his family are ok. But the other two are unreachable. I’m extremely lucky to be here. I was a skeptic of this hurricane after evacuating for several hurricanes before that had minimal effects. Luckily my parents were not as skeptical and we got out of there stat. I also have an aunt in Biloxi. And my three cousins are with her there. My cousins cell phone is dead and there’s no way to know what’s going on. Anyway, if any New Orleans bloggers are somewhere reading this let me know what’s going on with you.


23 responses to “Bush is responsible for Hurricane Katrina

  1. Hey Man!It’s good to hear that you. I’m glad you got out of there. This storm was hellish! I wish you well in getting in touch with your other family members and hope they are all safe. Don’t know if you are religious, but you family will be in my prayers.

  2. This is my first time to your blog. I am happy for you that you’re safe and sound and still kicking. I’ll be back to check you out soon. When you get the chance, come peach with me. You have my best wishes on everything right now. Peachy

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