Mr. Smith goes to Washington

Yeah I think I’m bout to roll up out of New Orleans, at least for a little while. Not to set up any permenant residence or anything but just in the interim. The interim of what who knows? I’ve been entertaining the idea of moving for some while now. Initially I had planned to move to Houston on several occasions. This never came to fruition mostly because I moved out of my parents house into my Grandmother’s house. My grandmother got sick and moved into my parents house notably my room so I swapped with her. Which at the time I was not desiring of a move but I certainly didn’t have any problem with it for the overall good. At first I despised living there. My grandmother’s house was old and dusty. It was located in one of the worst areas in New Orleans (Around the corner from where I was shot) And worst of all it was lonely. I had spent 23 years living with my family and had grown quite accusomed to the security of having others share my living space. I was often bored and lonely. That is until I asked my cousin Lee to move in with me. He had recently left the Air Force and was living in Biloxi with his mother. Which I’m sure he didn’t mind too much but I was able to alure him with the promise of a wealth of job opportunities in New Orleans (yeah Right) and increased independence. This situaton actually functioned quite well for a while. All of my favorite momments of 2004 revolved around sitting around our livingroom entertaining guests (mostly female), playing cards and watching football cheering on our fantasy football teams. I was more than pleased with the situation and had settled into the idea that I would most likely not leave New Orleans. That is until my Father’s side of the family, unable to come to any other terms, decided to sell my grandmothers house after she passed. So Lee left fo Biloxi and Once again I was there alone waiting the day when ultimately I just would not be there. That day finally came, not too long ago, kind of abruptly. The house was prepped to be sold and then sold within a week or so. And I was to move out with no determinate destination. I had initially planned on Moving to D.C. By this time anyway so it shouldn’t have been a problem but in months preceeding I had changed my mind about uprooting so far. So I was basically forcd back into my parents house which was not a problem for them. But being here now is not the same as when I left. I hardly ever sleep in my old room anymore, preferring the sofa/recliner downstairs. Nothing has changed with me and my family but being here now I feel more like a visitor or even a burden. But definitely not comfortable. So I think I’ll set sail for D.C. It’s not exactly fulfilling my fantasy of living on my own in New York for a year. But it’s close enough and I’ll have a decent base of freinds set up there and in surrounding areas. Ironically I’ll be closer to a lot more important people to me than were I to stay here. I guess I’ll leave behind most of my unnecesaries and drag me, the Ipod, and the Ibook 2000 miles east where maybe I’ll actualy be a writer instead of just talking like one. Besides, Lyn is all alone, and what kind of man would I be to let her face a D.C. Winter by herself? So next Tuesday after my second live fantasy draft I’ll ride to Atlanta with my friend Brandon and then trainn up to our nations capital to be a working stiff and a married man. All the things I was trying to avoid in this life. D.C. won’t be my final stop of course but it should be an interesting experience.


11 responses to “Mr. Smith goes to Washington

  1. Hey, you’re moving. Literally, from one space to another. Always a good thing. Good luck, and remember to enjoy the experience. Even when it feels like it’s giving you heart failure. Or gas. LOL. Take care.

  2. Hey G. Look a brotha up man. I’m a stone’s throw across the Potomac and into Virginia brah. You need any help moving in, let me know. Welcome to the nation’s capital.

  3. haha. well good to see you back again g. hope you stay around a little longer this time. hey moving is always good. i’m in the same process myself..but i’m just staying in the same state (moving to l.a next year). hey, get the heck on while you can! enjoy yourself in dc man. update us on the trip if you can. *smile* tell koko i said what’s up…

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