Mac OS X

So I got a new laptop this past week. This should have been the impetus to get on here and write something but I spent all that time loading my cd’s onto the computer. A long arduous process but well worth it. I’ve never really been that interested in Computers so I’m pretty dumb about them but this one is pretty cool. As with my fashion preference I don’t know what I like til I see my friends wearing it so I just bought the same computer as my sister. Perhaps there was a better preference out there, but I’ll never know because if I can help it I’ll never buy another computer. Now I need to work on getting a word program on here so I can do some non-blog writing. In other news Kawagalyn is now in D.C. preparing to start school this week upcoming. So of course I’m back to being extremely bored. I probably would start driving up there right now but I got some fantasy football drafts coming up. And those are always worth being in New Orleans for. I need to start working on a game plan for my draft but I think it might just be better for me to get in there and just see what happens. Just rely on my instinct. And anyway I’m still in limbo as to whether I want my car up there or not. Because once it’s up there it’s only coming back once if it ever sees New Orleans again. New Orleans really sucks right now. Can’t even stress that enough. The only thing I ever feel like doing around here is going to the casino. I’m sure it’s not New Orleans. I’m sure it’s just me. I could be going to poetry readings almost every night of the week but I been pretty lazy about that. Lazy: The theme of my life. Thank God for poker. I’d be the brokest nigga in the world if it weren’t for poker. Aight, just checking in.


4 responses to “Mac OS X

  1. wow, must be nice to just be gettin new laptops all willy nilly. poker really must like you alot. but not as much as i do. i miss you sweetness. i love you. come visit soon!

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