Let’s just get this all out of the way

Total number of books I own: probably less than 100 but something near there.
Last book I bought:Tar Baby by Toni Morrison. I think I might have started reading the first ten pages out of curiosity. But I’m not ready to take it on just yet.
Last book I read:Jazz by Toni Morrison. I love Toni Morrison. I think this and Love are tied in my opinion. She’s such a superior writer.
Current book I am reading:The unbearable lightness of being by Milan Kundera. It’s an ongoing process dating back to March. I have really bad concentration when it comes to books. I get off track for a day and it turns into a month.
(non)fiction? Fiction. I Don’t read to much non fiction.
Most read book:Tales of a fourth grade nothing by Judy Blume. Were we talking about adult books here?
Largest impact:Song of Solomon. Very simply this book changed my life. I could write a whole blog about this topic. I’ve never identified with a character the way I identified with Milkman. I was in the rocess of going through my own spiritual journey so to speak when I read this, so it had extra significance.
Favorite scholarly book:Norton anthology of African American Fiction
Sexiest book:hmmm…I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that would qualify. I guess the coldest winter ever must have had the most sex of any book I read.
biggest disappointment:Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. It was a good book. But I read it after Song of Solomon which is the superior book of my era. There was a bigger buzz about Bluest Eye so I thought I would be reading the end all be all. Alas I wasn’t as impressed as I hoped I would be.
5 books that mean something to me:Song of Solomon, The Catcher in the Rye, It by Stephen King. It’s the only book that’s ever scared me. And it really scared the hell out of me, Salvation by Gian Smith (Of course it’s not finished but we’ll get there) Cane by Jean Toomer, And Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison.

Total number of movies I own:Gotta be like 300 maybe between vhs and dvd.
Last movie I bought:I believe that would be “Love Jones” in October of last year 🙂 what a good movie. That’s the kind of movie I want to make.
last movie I watched:I watched “Chronicles of Riddick” this afternoon. I understand they’re supposed to make two more but they might not because people feel like it’s a rip off of Star Wars. People are idiots. If that’s the case then every sci-fi movie is a rip off of Star Wars.
Current movie I’m watching: I’m going to watch “the Incredibles” next because I keep hearing good things about it.
Largest impact:I would have to say “ROunders” it started my inevitable poker love.
Favorite scholarly movie:I don’t even know what would count here. I guess “JFK” or in that case “Malcolm X”
Sexiest movie:hmm…excluding porn, “She’s Gotta Have it” Ahhh Nola Darling.
Most watched movie: Tie between “Swingers” and “Rounders”
Biggest disappointment:Hard to say I block that kind of stuff out. Maybe “Copland” It had a great cast but the movie was just blah and then it ended without any rhyme or reason.
5 movies that mean something to me: “Braveheart” “The Color Purple” “Donnie Darko” “Rounders” and “Love Jones”
Book and movie tag:Koko and Diggs


20 responses to “Let’s just get this all out of the way

  1. dude, another tag? that’s quite enough. i suppose i could do this one…for you…one day. good post, nonetheless. i’m ashamed to say that i haven’t yet read song of solomon, but after such rave reviews from you, it’s next on my list.

  2. I can’t seem to embrace Toni’s lyrical writings plus she does alot of flashbacks and I get confused. *lol*Biggest Movie Disappointment? “The Cookout” with Queen Latifah, someone should just SMACK her for that travesty on film. And she casted her MAMA as a lead character? WTH??????*lmao*Great blog, come visit the sanctuary sometimes ;)Sepialove

  3. I have TM’s The Bluest Eye. Err…I just didnt get it. Of course if I had to analyze it to write a paper on it, I could (try to) decipher the symbolism. After reading it, I didn’t want to read another book of hers… I don’t know…maybe I should try again one of these days.

  4. I wanted to drop a line and say that my friends and I (my whole blog crew plus some other folk) will be in New Orleans for the Essence Festival. It would be cool if we could meet you. Just letting you know……..

  5. Interesting blog! I think I’ve seen the “Love Jones” about 50 times… It is one of my favorite movies. Check out another Taurus’ site. Best wishes with your writing!

  6. okay, solomon is on my list now too funny, somehow, am just browsing blogs, hopping from comments to comments (found you thru wannabestarlet i think) and now i am here. first of all: nice read!secondly: it s cosmically amusing how even in the blogouniverse seems to be no such thing as coinicidence. i was just thinking about sth similar to your post (what am i reading, which books had what impact on my life and so on) and whether or not I d post sth like that on my blog.here we go. i am reading the unbearable lighteness of being right now as well! :))and it takes me long, as well. but i read it in french so i read slower than usual and don t get the subtleteys always…hope to read more of you soonpiranha

  7. yo, i havent been on this mofo in a minute but im glad you got tar baby. that is my 2nd fav toni morrison book (2nd noneother to song of solomon). hope u finish it…

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