In defense of T.O.

I’m not the biggest Terrel Ownes fan in the world. I am a fan of his play and I love his antics. But when jersey shopping this last fall there were a lot of names that came well before T.O. But I am with him in his present endeavor. He’s defeinetly at least one of the top two recievers in the game right now and moreso one of the best football players period. The NFL is the shadiest of all sports proffessions and they’re prostituting him. I can understand why the NFL wouldn’t want to give gauranteed money the way the NBA does. They would lose a lot of money with as many injuries as there are in football. But at the same time they are making a shitload of money at the expense of the football players. People might think T.O. is whining because he’s scheduled to make 7 million a year over the course of his contract. But the fact is that he’s only getting half that for this upcoming year. If he had a career ending injury, which could happen on any given play, then he’s just s.o.l. No way the Eagles are just going to up and donate 40 million to him for his contribution last year. Besides The eagles and the NFL are making tens of millions of dollars off of Terrel Owens alone. If you think about 3.5 million in comparison to what you make this year then it sounds like a lot of money, which it is. But when you think of it percentage wise is when you see how they’re raping him. If you consider that the NFL and the Eaqles are probably making 30 million dollars a year because of T.O (which I think is a generous figure than he’s making 10% of what he’s worth to the league. Which is probably on par with a prostitute. So damn right T.O. Get your money. He’s a big time name in the league and a big time player and he needs to get what he deserves because they’re not looking out for his best interest. In other news The Orleans Parish school board finally pressured Anthony Amato into quitting. It only took three school shootings and some serious budget problems where it seemed at some point that teachers weren’t going to get paid because his administration had so grossly Overspent. My Mom was a part of this administration when it was started. She was selected by Amato himself but fell out of his favor after she was declined to compromise her morals for the sake of that administration. He would like to have gotten rid of her for not supporting his facism but found out he was powerless against her legally and instead settled for trying to make things as difficult for her as he could. So she responded by taking paid leave of absense so as not to deal with his tyranny. Well I hate that kids are getting shot but I’m glad to see him go. I mean if he was just not seeing eye to eye with my mom that would be one thing. But he wasn’t seeing so because he was such a stubborn individual more concerned with making sure things were done his way than realizing how ineffective his measures were. And now Orleans Parish schools are in worse condition than when he got here. But at least my mom can go back to work in peace.


12 responses to “In defense of T.O.

  1. Damn. Thanks for that. I used to love me some T.O. All muscles and chocolately and stuff. Then I found out that he had MORE THAN ONE child out of wedlock. I was okay with the first kid. But more than one? And covering it up? That’s what made me so mad. If you have the kids…well that’s between you and God. Answer to Him. But covering it up? SAD.I fell out of love with him quickly. I’ll marry some other NFL’er… a nice brotha who has NO kids…

  2. i dont know much about football, and it’s boring to me, especially since i’ve never had anyone to sit down and explain the game to me….but i have heard of Terrel Owens….but i like the NBA better…as for ya’ll school system, fromt he way it seems that guy was, that’s just sad…i’m glad he’s out of there, and hopefully ya’ll school system can become better….reminds of of how messed up the Chicago Public School System was, or maybe, use to be messed up…

  3. You broke it down, right thur. It irks the hell outta me how sports writers, NFL coaches and others swing on the sac of those white boys who do far less to get their team to the SB. Why is it that a black man should be “thanking his maker” the white man cuts him a sliver of the pie? ohwee, don’t get me to rantin…oh and I can empathize with your school system probs…we JUST got rid of our crazy ass dude and I am still tryin to figure out why they even brought that nut into office from jump…he left a long trail of drama at his LAST gig, what made them think he was gonna do so great in ours? DUMB…and he was the first brutha in that office and he had to fuck it up…we ain’t NEVER going to live that down, and they are gonna forever justify not having another..hmph. ah well..good post bruh!@Toya..girl you sound like me 2 years ago, but I promise you once you do learn it, you will be hooked! I keep Sports Center on now! LOL..who knew? (Forgive my rambling..I am on that Starbucks stuff today)

  4. Hey G. You make a solid case for T.O. The brotha is way underpaid for what he brings to the Eagles, to the league and the viewing public. His antics in the endzone differing from score to score is classic T.O. stuff. Not to mention, the NFL rules about said money not being guaranteed is pretty lame considering how the other sports do it. If I were T.O., I would’ve had a clause set in place before signing with Phillie saying that if he had career #’s and took the team to the SuperBowl, that he’d get a pay raise or restructure his contract. That would’ve been cool right there.

  5. Oiy…as a native Philadelphian…I wanna hear what you’re saying on this one – but he’s in the wrong town to be playing this game of “contract checkers.” Jeffrey Lurie don’t play that. Andy Reid don’t play that. People talk stuff on Donnie – but he don’t play that. And the Philly sports fans don’t play that. I’m not hating – I’m just saying I’m hoping he doesn’t think he’s gonna sway the way this organization does business. They draw their lines in the sand and the don’t cross’em. Gotta respect that. Glad I opted for the Brian Dawkins jersey, girl cut. Though I don’t get much wear out of it in Texas.Great read.

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