The whole, unadulterated, true story of how me and lyn got together


It was February 03, I believe, when I logged on to blackplanet to find my clever plan to become member of the week had worked (maybe later I’ll divulge my secrets) I was laying in bed with my nappy headed, ex-girlfriend, who I was still seeing at the time. The notes came flooding in by the hundreds. At first I tried to do what I could about answering them as they came in and in the order that they came but for every note I’d respond to 5 more would come in. After 2 hours of responding I actually had to attend class. When I got to school I received a very angry phone call from the NHEG. Apparently she had accessed the archives some kind of way and found some of my responses. She was none too pleased with them. I, on the other hand, was all to pleased with an excuse to finally let go of her. I had decided I would sift through the notes by investigating the page of the person sending instead of just responding to the note. So among the pages I visited was “star_683” Home of Miss lyn Janese Cage.
I can’t remember her initial note, but I do remember noticing that this sexy young lady was a Xavier student so she got a good bit of my attention early on. I exchanged maybe 5 or 6 notes with her the next week after my time as MOTW was up and I could actually return notes. According to her I suggested that since we were both in the same area that we could get together and watch some movies (which of course is code for meet up so I can try to get in your pants.) Since she wanted so desperately for me to get in her pants she agreed and we exchanged numbers. This girl had just gotten out of a serious relationship which I considered a good thing because I didn’t have to worry about me liking her too much since I knew that we couldn’t be together. We would have perfect kinship neither wanting anything serious having just moved on from serious situations. It was a Wednesday evening on February 12 when we had finally agreed to meet, just for the sake of meeting. She asked me if I could bring a friend. I invited my most attractive male friend over 6 feet, Brandon (far right) but he declined. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because as my second option I called on my friend Jeroddo(same picture with red shirt and hat) to play wingman. When we pulled up to LLC dorm on XU campus I was pretty relaxed and upbeat about meeting this girl. My confidence was through the roof because of all the BP attention I was getting and my spirits were also high because I had just that day completely freed myself of the NHEG. When I saw her, I can’t believe now, that I thought she was a bit shy. Most of our getting to know each other time was spent observing Jeroddo and her cousin Lisa getting to know each other in the front seat of his explorer. They amused us and made the initial meeting pretty easy for me. At some point in the conversation it was brought up that these were some fun-loving, party girls who were down for some drinking. Apparently they had plans for the next two nights involving serious drinking. So we invited ourselves back for their Friday plans which just happened to be on Valentine’s Day. On V-day we made our way out to the daiquiri shops of bourbon St. We introduced them to a game I had concoted with my friends during the previous bayou classic called “Snizzle” My friends are not a very aggressive group when out of their element (and by element I mean one of our houses) so in order to get them a little more outgoing I decided that everytime I said snizzle that was their cue to snizzle (Snizzle being snoop for snatch) the first girl their eyes fell on or whoever was pointed out, within reason, no questions asked. Of course the first person I snizzled that BC night was Jeroddo because I knew he’d have no problem hollering. So now on this evening we would bring snizzle to the lives of our new friends. It didn’t take long for me to find out that not only was lyn not shy at all but her and Lisa were some instant snizzle prodigies. One of us said snizzle and they attacked with reckless abandon. By the time we were done with our drinks and our game I had not managed one successful snizzle and she had an empty daiquiri cup full of phone numbers. We made our way into “Razoos” The club which is now most infamous for their bouncers killing the black college student. At the time I thought It must have been the liquor but me and lyn started dancing and I actually enjoyed myself. Before this I had only had fun dancing with Sheike and Jam due to intoxication but this girl was fun. What was really fun was when we startedto make out on the dance floor in front of all the French Quarter. Our first kiss in the sweat drenched, pissy floor Razoos on valentine’s day. How romantic. We continued seeing each other for the next couple of weeks. More talking on the phone or note exchanging due to me not driving at the time following my first arrest. Two weekends later we found ourselves, 4 deep, back at the scene of the crime on bourbon. And this time lyn and Lisa (far left) were snizzling themselves. I was just a little perturbed that my date was talking to every cute guy she happened upon even if the nature of our relationship was that we were just friends. She picked up on this and told me that she had been planning on spending the night with me until I started acting funny. Well of course I went from moody to pleading instantaneously. She told Lisa that she was going to go with me and so Lisa left and Jeroddo dropped us off. By now the alcohol had gotten the best of her. So I did what any gentleman would do with a lady he respected. I undressed her and started to take advantage of her. Well she was still conscious unfortunately because my initial performance was not a profound one. My second performance was more inspired but not as well received because the mood had passed and fatigue had set in. So I let her sleep off the alcohol with big plans for later. When she woke I had already gone around the corner to the store and gotten her a tooth brush, because girls are real particular about their hygiene and I didn’t want her having any excuses not to kiss me, and a fake rose. I guess she must have thought the gesture was sweet because she let me take her into my bedroom again so we could do our thing. I was well into my groove when I realized how uninspired her motion was. I looked at her face and she was looking out the window into the distance obviously not too concerned about me. I knew then that she was thinking about her ex-boyfriend disproving my earlier statement of her wanting me in her pants desperately. I told her it was ok to stop so we did and everything between us was cool. However, after this with her now realizing that she wasn’t ready to be having sex and me not really wanting to invest too much time into a non-sexual, dating relationship we began to drift. In spite of me liking this girl and feeling refreshed by her energy and charm I knew that she was off limits to me emotionally for many reasons so it seemed that our relationship had run it’s course. We probably went several months before seeing each other again. We all met up at Kenny’s Key West and actually had a pretty good time dancing. But our night didn’t extend beyond that because she decided not to answer my calls afterward. No sweat off my back I thought and went about my regular routine. We spoke once more on the phone later that year after I had been informed that “she missed me” according to Jeroddo. I had arranged to go hang out at her and Lisa’s apartment with Jeroddo. But decided against it when Jeroddo reported back to me that he had told her that I wanted her to be my girlfriend. Apparently this was not the first time he had said it to her. I now understood why she would disregard my phone calls. Jeroddo was at the time of the belief that any girl that ever liked you must want to be your girlfriend. So he thought he was hooking me up by telling her that. In actuality lyn was a different species of female. I had figured this out about her early on. She didn’t aspire to be anyone’s girlfriend. So I did not visit her as planned instead waiting for Jeroddo’s latest error to wane.


It had been a while since I had seen or talked to lyn. Who knows where the impetus came from , but sitting in my friend Jared’s bed in the dark I decided I would give her a last shot. I propositioned to her that she owed me another shot. She didn’t give me a fair chance at stimulating her the first time since her mind was on her ex. She seemed like she somewhat agreed to do so and we arranged to meet on a Tuesday because that was one of her off days where she had little school work. She came over and we sat and watched Donnie Darko or American Beauty. Then afterwards I made my move. We fooled around for awhile but all of my advances were cut short because it was a certain time of the month. She accepted an invitation back the following Tuesday. This time we watched either Donnie Darko or American Beauty. Whichever it was that we didn’t watch the first time. I was well prepared (and by well prepared I mean I jerked off before she came over) for her visit and determined to impress her. And I was well on my way to doing so when after some serious friction for an extended period the condom had found it’s way off and stuck somewhere in her vaginal cavity. We tried to get it out for a while including some fishing and some jumping jacks etc. She went to the bathroom (I suppose to try to pee it out) When she returned I told her that I had found it in the bed but I was just playing. She didn’t realize that I was just playing until the next day when I called her to ask what she was going to do about it. She left a message for me later saying that she had found it but she sounded none too pleased and when she didn’t answer my calls over the next two days I knew that I had fucked it up again. So much for ever hitting that again I thought. And I was almost convinced that it would never happen again but it was worth trying every so often just in case. Well finally in September of that year she decided to answer my phone call. I was again on driving hiatus due to incarceration but this was of little consequence because she preferred to come to my house anyway so she could break free from me at her discretion. I was into my poker playing phase at the time so I had a little extra change. I bought a copy of Love Jones on Dvd for our viewing pleasure. We enjoyed the movie and then for the first time we got to enjoy each other with no mishaps or interference. And it was such a successful visit I almost thought that she might answer my phone call the next day. Of course I was wrong but I didn’t mind. It was what I had come to expect so I figured I’d just wait a while and try her again later. And she had agreed to come see me before she left for the holidays but according to her she fell asleep that evening and so 2004 ended for us. The thing about this visit that never happens that stuck with me the most is that I didn’t even care that she didn’t make it. I didn’t feel stood up or chalked. And it was then that I realized that lyn was a special person to me. Whatever I could get from her was good enough because I just thought that highly of her.

By this time I was getting into my blogging pretty regularly. I had a post where in the beginning I discussed the roles people played in my life in comparison to Love Jones. My final statement in regards to that was “conspicuously missing is Nina Mosely” After a few days I was surprised to see that lyn had commented that she was Nina. I didn’t even think that she read my blog. So now this was just the excuse I needed to call her. She had not exactly agreed to meet me when I called her on a Wednesday night after playing poker since I was already in her neighborhood. I could see after arriving she wasn’t really interested in dropping her pants but I wasn’t about to just take no for an answer. I tricked her into her bedroom by telling her I would read my poem I was planning to perform to her. Well of course once she was in the bed and comfortable it was just a matter of time and for the second time we connected the right way. As per our routine we started talking in between sessions. I asked her to sit up and give me a hug. I felt so close to her in that instance I wanted her to know just how I felt. I told her “I love you” and she hugged me and told me she loved me too. I was taken aback because I halfway expected her to look at me like I was crazy. But she knew what I meant and it was mutual. So we connected again. When I left I floated all the way home. No breaths were sweeter since the first ones after coming out of jail in September. I couldn’t be more pleased and I wanted everyone to know including her. As soon as I got home I got on the computer and blogged about being with her. I knew she would read and I hoped she would appreciate it. Well it must have had a good effect on her because on the following Tuesday I got a text message from her. She was actually contacting me. We had arranged to see each other again on THurs. I didn’t hold my breath because I was use to her being fickle about such things and as expected on Thurs it seemed that she couldn’t see me. Her friend and her friend’s boyfriend were visiting her when I called to see if we were still on. When she told me of her company I was ready to let her go but surprisingly she wanted to talk to me. And we did. We talked for hours. From talking I got the impression about her being more open for a relationshiplike situation than she had been since she broke up with her last boyfriend. We talked so long that her friends left. So naturally, that meant it was time for me to come over. The next day while exchanging text messages I was so bold as to ask her if she wanted to start dating me. It was actually the most progressive move I had ever made on her. Something just told me that she would not greet this with her usual non-responsiveness. She agreed. We had been dating for a couple of weeks when one evening after teasing each other I actually finally got her to admit that she was beyond love, and was now in love with me. Well of course after me attesting to my love and a few days passing there was only one more logical step. On Saturday night March 19th 2005 after spending the evening together we lay in bed her atop me. We talked about our situation. How we were boyfriend and girlfriend in practicality. How I didn’t care what she said I was going to tell people she was my girlfriend whether she liked it or not. And she asked me. At first I ignored the question not sure what was making her ask but she was relentless. She wanted an answer. So I gave her the only answer I could and the only one I’ll be able to give her from now on.


22 responses to “The whole, unadulterated, true story of how me and lyn got together

  1. Awww…Good story…sounds like you’ve got a catch there…literally. You got played to the left quite a few times but I guess it was your own fault..*smile*I guess BP ain’t all that bad….

  2. I’ll say it again G. There’s nothing like determination, and regardless how things had looked then, “a series of unfortunate events”, things always had a way of falling into place in the future. Just like your love for Kawagalyn and her love for you. True love always finds a way.

  3. BP is HORRIBLE! i’ve never had any luck on there….anyways, awww@the two of you…but i dont know, maybe that’s just me, but why was so much sex invovled? and so quickly it seems, i dont know…hey, maybe thats why you looked so familiar to me! i’m a BP crackhead and logged into it everyday, so i musta seen your pic as member of the week or something…

  4. dayum boi! i just realized the time stamp on this post! guess that insomnia was kickin yo ass last night, huh? anyway, that’s it. i don’t have anything profound to say except: i love you.

  5. @ soulful yeah but you know a true player comes through in the clutch.@Luke oh yeah. There was some serious perseverance. But she’s worth it.@Toya I’m not sure how to answer your question. What you got against sex?@Brutha another? You heard of a first one?@Call she asked me to be her boyfriend. I said yes of course@Koko I want them all to google you. That way they know wassup. Yeah I wasn’t sleepy at all. I thought I might be when I layed down the first time but by the time my head hit the pillow I was wide awake. I felt like talking to you but you were sleeping so I just wrote a lil something instead.

  6. ROFL @ Koko’s Google threat! Dang Gian, you sure did put her WHOLE name on here. First, middle, and last. LOL!Hey, but that was a lovely story. I really enjoyed it. You had me ROFL with that condom thing though. That was just wrong! And you sure do know how to jack up your game huh? haha! How many times did you hit and miss with K? lol. Ok with the exception of buying the toothbrush in the morning, now I’ll have to give it to you, that was pretty sweet. Well. Who knows BP can make such greatness happen. And just to think, I’ve always despised it! lol. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, good post. Pretty funny and sweet.

  7. That was a nice story and it has a happy ending. I must admit though I probably wouldn’t feel as free talking about my sex experiences. I’m sure it has something to do with how I was socialized to think about sex, but I’m not sure if the influence was gender specific, religious, or something completely different. You two are giving me hope though that things can work out, you can find someone, even if its not immediately.

  8. oh yay..back to sweetness! I think it’s cool when a brother knows how fortunate he is and acts accordingly..and even cooler when a sister sees the heart and soul of a brother (even in all the male ego and frontin like ya’ll ain’t smitten, too)…sometimes it can feel like some scary shit, but when you realize that they are worth it…whoo out! just luv it! appreciate you sharing the story…it is always cool to get that male perspective of things…Best of luck and love to you both! Man seeing black love makes me all misty sometimes…LOL

  9. Ok. I FINALLY finished reading this mug. I pulled it up, read some of it, walked away, left to take son to babysitter, came back home, left back out to hang with a friend and now I’m back at my computer. I forgot to sign off during all of that. So when I sat back down at my desk, there it was. The end all be all blog. hee hee Nice entry. Ya’ll make a cute couple.

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