LOLRL (Laughing Out Loud in Real Life) at the repercussions Kibwe is gonna face when word of this post gets back

Damn! now that’s a sexy ass couple. World, meet my girlfriend lyn.

Unfortunately, she’s not here. She’s back home now (Nachitoches) and I am

I just get bored too easily I think because she’s only been gone a couple of hours. My friends will be in town starting tomorrow so I won’t be bored long. But as for right now I am back to my insomnia. Usually about this time I’d be at her house doing nothing. But instead I’m at my mom’s house blogging up space on the internet. I am trying to keep myself from going to the casino right now which is what I usually do when I get really bored. It’s not the gambling I’m trying to avoid. I actually have been on a gambling hiatus for a while now. I just know if I go in there I’ll be in there all night like old times and get back into my bad sleeping habits I had worked so hard getting out of. But anyway, Yup she’s my girlfriend now. She asked me this past Wednesday and I happily accepted. I’m not sure if she asked me because she knew I wanted her to or what, but it doesn’t really matter. She’s all mine. And now she’s gone. One of the best things about having her around is that she kept me out of trouble. Long before we started dating I had thought to myself many times that I needed a girlfriend. I never expressed this to her and didn’t put it on my blog several times when I wanted to for fear that she might see it and think I was trying to push her in that direction. But did a lot of dumb shit in 2004. The first 3/4 of the year was a serious regression. And now being here bored and relatively alone I remember why I was thinking about getting a girlfriend against my own better judgement last year when there weren’t even any suitable candidates. Cause when I’m idle I do some seriously counter-productive shit. Spending all night in the casino instead of sleeping and getting ready for work. Sleeping with women I don’t like just because they’re there. Eating, usually something greasy and unhealthy just so I have something to do. I do get a lot of writing done when I’m alone but that happens when the spirit moves me so a lot more of my attention goes to the wrong places. The other intangible that she is so useful for is sleeping. I slept in the same bed with my parents til I was 8 and then in the same room with them til I was 9. I think it’s ingrained in me to need another physical presence in order to get to sleep. If I’m in a room alone my mind starts to wander, I become more aware and more awake the longer I lay trying to get to sleep. But being in a room with another person relaxes me. My attention is usually either focused on them or at least it’s diverted long enough to trick me into going to sleep. Being by lyn’s house with her is like a sedative (meant in the most flattering way) Orgasmic stimulation doesn’t hurt much either as far as making me sleepy. But I’ll digress. I don’t want to sound like the only thing good about having her around is getting me to sleep and keeping me out of trouble. In fact I been wanting Her as long as I’ve known her. She wasn’t ready for me when we first met. But through perseverance, and some good timing things ended up working out ok. There’s so many more benefits because I chose wisely. She’s a very suitable mate for me. And we’re both at a good point in our lives to be in a relationship. Both mature enough to deal with the responsibilities. Both far enough removed from our last relationship to not let emotional baggage be a problem. Netiher of us too insecure to cause privacy issues. Both insecure enough to keep our attention focused on each other at a healthy level. Both very grateful to have the other as a partner. She’s a really good person. The fact that we started off always being honest with each other has built a very good foundation of trust between us. But even if I didn’t already know to trust her I could anyway because she’s so good. She really cares about me, and she trusts me even though she knows I’m a liar not because she’s in love and she wants to trust me but because she knows I wouldn’t lie to her. She’s smart and capable and bound for success. Someone I would like for my parents to meet because I feel she would be a good reflection of me. And did I mention she’s fine? I mean you can see from her picture that she’s beautiful, but what you can’t see is that perfect body. Lawd Hammercy she is a brickhouse. Anyway, I’ll get off her nutsack now because I’m sure yall get the idea. So ya’ll can see why I’m so bored without her.


32 responses to “LOLRL (Laughing Out Loud in Real Life) at the repercussions Kibwe is gonna face when word of this post gets back

  1. This was just so cute. A whole post about her…:) She really is beautiful too! I’ve been getting back to that insomnia as well, and can’t seem to fall asleep. I hate that, my sleeping schedule gets all jacked up. Now that I don’t have a car, I can’t take a drive down to the beach like I used to….:/ Eh.

  2. wow!! that was a beautiful post. that was real! i think i’m the opposite in that loneliness makes me MORE productive rather than counter-productive.hugz,Neena

  3. Kudos G. For that enlightening and flattering post to your new found love. Enjoy it my brother. It gets finer with time and you guys seem like you’re off to a flying start. All you gots to do, is never EVER let the spark that lights that candle dim.

  4. As I can see, someone is a very lucky man. She’s beauiful G. Enjoy. I’m sure you’ll get out of your bored funk soon, lol, umm, hopefully? 🙂

  5. Congrats! I’m happy for you two, even though this is not new news based on the blog you two have together (which is very sweet!) I pray that you two have a wonderful, lasting relationship. If you ever need some marital advice, look me up! :)I’m sure you can find SOMETHING productive to do with your time!*sidenote: I SWORE I saw you in Walgreens one day last week when I was with TL. It turned out not to be you, but u can just imagine what that conversation would have been like if it was u and I said hello:Tweety: Hey Gian!G: What’s up?TL: Where the hell do you know this nicca from?Yeah…tweety would be no more b/c I’m not a good liar!Anyways, God Bless and best wishes to you two!

  6. Aww, that was so cute. Congrats and hopefully the boredom dissipate soon. I was thinking vaporize, but I don’t think intangible things can vaporize.Anyway that has got to be one of the sweetest posts I’ve ever read.

  7. What the heck… GIRLFRIEND? PAH!! What am I doing reading this blog, then?(I’M SO KIDDING)The first thing I thought was: “they are soooo cute”.Ah, Black folks in love gives me hope. MAKES ME A BELIEVER! :)Eh bro, give me some American geography…where the HECK is Nachitoches??A wha di rass… mi nevah ‘ear bout dat one before! Chuh man!

  8. …and to think I thought you were one of the lost folk who “needed to get a dog”…come to find out you have a special someone already in the mix and you’re making it happen. I’m very happy for you and wish you blessings and good times together. I have no doubt it will last because you both are in it with your eyes open. Black love is so beautiful! *swoon*tamrock…

  9. What happened to the “I don’t trust any woman” Gian that I’ve been reading for the last month. I guess the louder they talk, the hard they fall, huh? jk! Good luck, I’m glad you guys have such an honest relationship.

  10. This was a nice post. Long Distance is a mofo ain’t it???!!! I can totally relate to the agression and lonely feeling. I do know that once you to do meet again….it will be worth it 🙂

  11. This post has to be the most sickening shit that I’ve ever read in my life, lolrl. So yep, I WUZ right…well, if Mr. Girls-Are-Too-Scandalous-To-Deal-With found a lady, she MUST be special. Congratulations anyway.

  12. Awww, don’t ya’ll two make a beautiful couple… In love.. I remember those days. She seems like a good woman, you betta keep her, and she is a beautiful person on the outside and I am assuming on the inside as well. Much love to you…

  13. ha ha ha JustMe and I think alike!!!(I’m so kidding, Gian. Remember that “Brotha” remix…Angie Stone feat. Alicia Keys and Eve… “Black love is legendary/Black love is necessary”)Gwans on, brotha, gwans on!!!

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