Bringing back the T.R.I.G.L

In my CD changer: actually my CD changer has been phased out due to my newly acquired Ipod, and it’s erratic CD play. However, the afore mentioned Ipod needs to be shipped in for service currently so I’ve been using my dad’s old Mp3 player since he also has a newly acquired Ipod. He has a lot of Billie holiday, Milton Nascimento and Miles Davis songs I haven’t heard. Some Sam Cooke I haven’t gotten to yet, and my current favorite Ray Charles song; “Don’t let the sun catch you crying.”

On the waiting list: All the songs on my damn Ipod. I got 2600 songs that I gotta upload all over again when I get my Ipod back from the factory. *sigh* all that hard work for nothing.

In my DVD player: man I haven’t looked in my DVD player in weeks. My dad TIVOed “There eyes were watching God” So I’ll be spending some qt with that sooner than later.

Next in Line: Directors cut of Donnie Darko. I can’t imagine how different it can be from the original including the deleted scenes I’ve already watched. However no time with Donnie Darko is time wasted so it doesn’t matter if it is the same movie over again.

In my agenda: I need to clean up my bathroom cause I’m having a houseguest soon. I’m sure I could stand to bring all those dirty clothes in my hamper somewhere to be washed. I really should get a haircut. It’s always a big hassle trying to catch up with my barber cause he has a real job and don’t have time to be cutting my hair for five lil dollars at my beck and call. I just stopped trying to track him down after a while and said “forget it. I’ma just see what happens with it.” But my mama raised me better than to be looking all trifling when you meet someone for the first time. Need to wake my dumb ass up and go to work tomorrow even though these people been playing with my check for three weeks now. Need to do some real writing instead of blogging all the time. Man I got a lot of stuff on my agenda. Let’s see how much of it gets done.

In my brain: I was watching Cold Pizza for the first time ever. For those who aren’t familiar it’s an early morning sports talk show on ESPN. They were talking about all the hoopla with steroids and how all these people (including Mark Mcgwire) were asked to come to a meeting about steroids because they were apparently steroid users according to Jose Canseco. First of all it should have been obvious to everyone that everybody was on steroids. I mean the way home runs have been being hit the last ten years or so is just ridiculous. When Darryl Strawberry hit 39 homeruns one year he was big shit all of a sudden. They got people hitting 40 homers with there eyes closed now. So why is everyone acting like it’s a big deal. But the part that really bothers me is something that was said about Barry Bonds. One of the journalists who hosts the show said that some FBI agents had told him that Barry Bonds was their number one target and they wanted to make him the poster boy for anti steroid propaganda. I don’t know whether Barry was on steroids or not but I assume so. Regardless it just goes to show how much white people can’t take black men’s success. When Mcgwire hit 69 homeruns or whatever it was the year him and Sammy were going back and forth, I’m sure every white man in America breathed a sigh of relief at the end of the season that the record didn’t belong to a darkie. Then Barry went out and smashed that bad boy and now all of a sudden people are all up in arms trying to tarnish his record. If he had never broken the record The FBI wouldn’t be on his ass. If he was white the FBI wouldn’t be on his ass. But whatever they can’t prove anything and now since there’s such a watchful eye on steroids nobody is going to come close to his record for 50 years. So ha!

In my opinion: I’ve been getting a lot more people commenting on my blog who for some reason or another don’t like what I have to say. I’m all about people disagreeing with me. I should have been on the debate team in High school cause there’s nothing I like better than a good hearted argument. But it seems like these people were actually upset at me because they misinterpreted things I had said. Not that I have a problem with that either but I hope these people are checking back and verifying things so they can understand that they misunderstood. I’m all about clarity.

In my heart: “This next poet is a virgin to the mic. But I’m sure you’ll feel her just the same. Sanctuary, please welcome…Nina Mosely.”

In my eye: Kibwe Franklin has a Blog now. Good. Nothing too interesting there yet but look out because I’m sure he has some stuff that a lot of you want to read. He brought to my attention that there was one man who got a face shot in on me before my mom. His name was Michael Shlefstein. I was pretty short in high school (about 5’3 my freshman year) Michael must have been 4’11 and 20 lbs lighter than me. He’s the only person in the whole school who if I got in a fight with it would have been unfairly swung in my favor. He hit me in the face while we were playing baseball. I was really mad at first but by the time P.E. ended I had gotten over it. I didn’t want to beat up this little dude cause then people would think the only reason I fought him was cause he was smaller than me. I’ve been reading some of my old journal entries. Wondering if I should post them. I don’t like to talk about girls all the time but it seems like that’s been the only thing going on in my life since I was 15. Sometimes I wish I would have stayed shy. I would still have been lazy since I was born that way but I might have gotten something done without all these distractions called women.

In my dreams: I had this dream that three dump trucks ran into the side of the house across the street from mine and completely knocked it over. The people inside were just standing there like the cartoons when the house fell down all around them. Then one of the girls fell down about 30 stairs because there were no walls to protect her. My mom brought her to my house and made me heat up some chicken wings for her. When I came back in the front my friend Raymond’s girlfriend was in there. But she looked completely different. Raymond had told me to try to get with her to see if she was faithful. She responded to my advances by kissing me. I was in the middle of telling her that she couldn’t be with Raymond anymore when my house turned into a supermarket and her into a supermarket employee. She walked away and left me there then I woke up. I have the wierdest dreams.

In my blog: I was asked to speak about Rashawn on my blog by Larry D lyons (sorry, never really learned how t link due to excessive laziness). Let me preface this by saying that it certainly is tragic what happened. Now after having read the article I’m not so sure that this act was racially or hate motivated. I mean he happened to be a bi/gay (his mother apparently said he has lots of girlfriends although that may have been his cover) black man, But it seems like the person who did this did it this maliciously because they had something for Rashawn personally. It actually reminded me of Jeffrey Dahmer who was slicing up gay black men for years because he was crazy and not because he hated blacks or gays. I mean more than anything I am not outraged at this but it scares me. As far as his lifestyle I can’t really relate to Rashawn but as far as his circumstance apparently he was just hanging out with some dude he met on the internet or on some kind of chat line. I’ve met quite a few people from the internet in my day. There were a lot I didn’t meet too. How close have I come to getting sliced up by someone crazy. I mean I never really feared meeting someone crazy over the internet like people seem to be all hyper about. But at the same time Rashawn makes me realize I should thank my lucky stars I didn’t get set up by some girl and her boyfriend and get enslaved in some kind of dungeon like Rick James used to have. I think that would be the worst way for me to die. On the way to meet someone from the internet and then get sliced up. I don’t even get to explain myself to my mom what I was doing chasing these fast ass girls. At any rate it’s sad and hopefully the attention that surfaces will lead to them finding the killer because no mother should get her child back in pieces.


20 responses to “Bringing back the T.R.I.G.L

  1. Yay! I’m the first one to comment!RE: people not liking what you say, let me interject with some patois for ya…Tell dem fi tek dem dutty rasses to one nex’ blog and keep bringin’ di fyah!I can’t see why folks would get upset… you’re blogging about YOUR LIFE (a lot more personal than I would EVER do, and I commend you highly for it). So if they don’t like it, they really need to calm down, grab a glass of water and cool down!RE: Jeffery Dahmer… I’ve always heard of the sicko but never heard about his victims. Didn’t know they were Black folks.Anyway, keep on keepin’ on.Solitaire

  2. Upset? Man, people have too much time on their hands. I have not seen anything on your blog that could possibly upset anyone, but then again, that’s just me. :DOhhh and you just had to mention billie. Oh how I love that woman, I’m now listening to etta james. You got me all in the mood. Hehe You know, I didn’t even hear about this rashawn guy. How sad, it breaks my heart to imagine what his parents are going through. I mean, I seen what my parents went through when my brother passed away, but to have had your son….cut to pieces. 😦 I pray for them! *big hugs* See, now I’m addicted and commenting too muchies. Eh! Toodles.

  3. you hit the nail on the head with the barry bonds situation! but like you said no one will break his record anytime soon. and i have crazy ass dreams like that too… gotta be a reason for ’em…

  4. So if u’re Darius and she’s Nina…are ya’ll an item now? Was I the only one that read to far into that introduction?

  5. That whole Barry Bonds issue is such crap. White folks are just mad because he “cheated” the same way Mark McGwire “cheated” to break the homerun record…the sports media in the last few years have had black athletes their crosshairs, ready to discredit them and call them animals at any given situation.Hell, folks should be glad that anyone is talking about baseball at all. That shit is boring as hell, even with Barry Bonds!

  6. Your blog dawg. Tell them to step if they aren’t feeling your posts and at least ask where you are coming from if there’s confusion with your interpretation. I like good repartee’ as well and I live for debates, but I hate it when it gets out of control. I’m feeling you on reloading your IPOD. I don’t feel so bad anymore. I only have to reload about 750 songs or so on the wifey’s mini. It is hard work getting all of those songs up in there man! Dag. A Donnie Darko fan. You know that we’re rare in attendance right? Talk about a cerebral flick. I haven’t checked out the director’s cut, but I will. Thanks for letting me know its even out there. Cold Pizza is cool, and I like Pardon the Interruption with Wilbon and Kornheiser. Lata G.

  7. @Solitaire I don’t have a very good West Indian accent but I’ll try. As far as Dahmer I think he targeted gay black men. He’d lure them back into his place supposedly to have sex with them and then he’d have sex with them after he killed them. I mean he had white victims too. But I think it was just rare because most serial Killers tend to stay in their race and out of their gender.@Fran I’m sorry to hear that your brother passed away. I hope it wasn’t anything like this. I’m just starting to get into Billie and Ella. I’ve always liked their voices but the music is really starting to appeal to me.@B.e.g yup and a lot of the songs I deleted fro my hard drive but they were cds I borrowed from friends so I have to track a lot of the songs down too.@Brutha I can usually decipher a lot from most of my dreams. Some of the stuff is just so absolutely random though it’s just filler.@Diggs I’ll put it this way which may or may not be misleading but it definitely doesn’t answer your question. Technically she said she was Nina Mosely. And when she did that would have been sometime in November last year. That’s what you get for being captain ambiguous.@Rock and you are damn right. Nobody cared about baseball. But then the homerun chase between Sosa and Mcgwire supposedly saved it. And now that they got a fan base back they don’t want the black heroes taking up all the spotlight. Even though no one can even deny that Barry Bonds is far and away the best individual baseball player right now.@Luke I never have a problem with people who disagree with me. One of my favorite things in the world is hearing something from someone else’s point of view and having it make me rethink my whole argument. I just don’t like people who don’t listen or make quick judgements without being informed. And there are a few of us DD fans running around. It’s one of those things like fight club. You don’t really speak about it during daylight hours but then you’re all into it when the lights go off.

  8. lol, this is so random….i dont have a IPOD like everyone else, i have a Dell Pocket DJ :-/ I dont listen to jazz much, but i do like that Billie Holiday song caleld “Solitude”, thats because of the play i stage managed, i heard that song every day because it was at the beginning and end…and like everyone else said, this is YOUR blog, so screw them!As for that guy, i seen his picture and name when i went to Aries blog yesterday, and was wondering who he was, so after looking at a few other people blogs, and looking him up on google, i saw the story…it’s very sickning, but like you said, the police expect it to be a hate, crime, but just from seeing the info on it, i dont think it is, oh heck it could be who knows, whoever did this to him, smh, that’s just sick, he will Reap what he sow….

  9. I can’t get passed my jealousy arisen by your iPod. GrRr I want one.As for the steroids, of course they will hold up Black men for the sacrificial lamb. Sadly, I’m not surprised.

  10. Hey, I took a page out of your “question/answer thing” and did it on my blog (the alter-ego)…Fire away!Solitaire Redux

  11. kinda random (off topic) but how tall are you?and in that picture from your previous post, “nina” def looks like she wants you to be darius. or vice versa, i don’t know

  12. Since my computer crashed from me downloading to much music…(damn Soulseek!) I guess I’m forced to stop being cheap now and result to buying an iPod…(as seeing that you really enjoy yours). :)You dad has some pretty good taste in music.

  13. I always wonder what dreams mean. What part is based on something I’m dealing with unconsciously and what part is just a reflection of something I’ve been randomly thinking about with people I know put in the middle. I think dreams are cool, that’s basically my contribution. Cool post I like non-relationship stuff too, but we live in a relational world.

  14. @Toya who knows, But it doesn’t really matter why. It’s just terrible that it happened. @Call bruh don’t be blogging everyday. Gotta wait for some stuff to happen sometime. You know. Let life actually occur around you on occassion.@Vagitis is that so. Well you know I’ve been told I have a very large opinion :)@Aries I’ll sell you my broken one for 20 dollars. At least that way you can walk around singing pretending you have one too.@Jonetsu I’m 5’7 and half but I like to just go ahead an round off to 5’8. You could be right about me being Darius.@Dayrell If my dad were reading the blog he’d say thanks.@Anit My dreams are almost always basically both of those. Even the dreams I have where people don’t have the same faces as the people I know they have the same personality.

  15. I was thinking about purchasing an Ipod but want to see how it rates against the Dell DJ. It seems like you’re gonna have a lot to do when you get yours back. . .2600 songs. . .damn. . .lol. There Eyes Were Watching God was good. . . real close to the book. I hadn’t heard about Rashawn til I read it here. . .it’s not really getting much coverage in other areas I assume. . .damn shame. . . we all know that it would have made national news if he was of the caucasian persuasion

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