If everyone jumped off a bridge I guess I would too.

so here’s my list not like any of yall asked for it. I guess this is it’s own TRIGL.

1. I am torn on whether or not to call myself a writer since I’ve never gotten paid for it.
2. Basketball changed my life, so I guess it’s my first love.
3. Actually my first love is my sister Saia, she changed my life first
4. Well I guess the person who first changed my life was Leonard Stewart my best friend and figurative brother
5. Did I forget to mention that my parents concieved and have taken care of me for 26 and a half years. But they weren’t the first ones to change my life so #4 still applies.
6. I am the most blessed person in the history of the world.
7. 100 things is not nearly enough for me to cover all the important stuff.
8. I’ve been shot
9. I’ve been to central lockup
10. I’ve gotten F’s in school
11. If I would have known these kind of things would happen to me when I was 12 I would have cried and my mother would have fainted.
12. Some people dread being like their parents but I’ve wanted to be like my dad my whole life.
13. Blogging is everything I hoped for and didn’t find in Black Planet (don’t I sound like a hopless romantic finally finding love? But I know Diggs is with me on this)
14. If I ever get married I’m going to have at least 14 groomsmen and I’ll be responsible for at least 6 bridesmaids because I have so many really, really good friends. Like I said I’m blessed.
15. If I ever see Toni Morrison, or Jill Scott I would give them really big hugs. But if I saw Sade my legs would come out beneath me.
16. At Essence fest I once told Cedric the entertainer one of his own jokes that he politely pretended to be amused by. Then the next year I sang one of Brian Mcknight’s songs to him while passing him in the hall. I’m sure he was not amused either but me and my friends were and that’s all that really counts.
17. People always look at me crazy when I tell them I don’t eat Pasta, Ice cream or cheese.
18. When they ask me what I do eat I tell them Steak and any meat that comes fried. And of course…Dutch apple pie.
19. I have written two screenplays but I only like one of them.
20. I have started 3 novels and I like all of them but haven’t finished any.
21. There’s no market for the things I’m really good at like playing Tetris, playing recreational games (Cards, Monopoly etc.) Blogging, being a 5’8 basketball player, And fantasy football
22. I’ve been drawn to gambling my whole life, and I found my outlet when I started playing poker.
23. My parents don’t know it but when I get really desparate I play poker for money, and for a little while I used to play for thousands of dollars at a time but I had to stop because it was interfering with school.
24. I’m not ashamed of most things about myself but I’d be ten times more productive if I was.
25. After 8 years off and on in college I don’t have an undergrad degree.
26. If it wasn’t so important to my mom I would have dropped completely out of college a long time ago and pursued writing full time.
27. My sister has been a princess her whole life, but I was never once jealous of her growing up.
28. Both my parents are doctors (not medical) which I think stifles my achievement.
29. I (like most of my family) am clinically depressed
30. I’ve learned how to manage it so it only comes up in spurts
31. Most people can’t tell I’m depressed because I rarely emote anything to indicate it.
32. I still have dreams about my ex-girlfriend from 6 years ago.
33. However, much to my shagrin, I don’t have dreams about flying anymore.
34. sometimes I’m pretty sure I’m over that girl, and that I’m just not over our relationship. Then sometimes I think I’m just not over her.
35. I hate clothes shopping because I can’t ever tell if I like how clothes look on me til I’ve owned them for a while.
36. I hate to waste anything (money or food) no matter where it came from. But like I said I’m a gambler at heart
37. I waited til I was a month shy of 18 to lose my virginity.
38. I choose my words carefully because integrity is very important to me.
39. One of my pet peeves is when someone tries to tell me what I said and then what they’re actually saying is something they inferred from my statement. Then when I repeat what I said they tell me I’m just using semantics to change my argument when they misunderstod me having chosen my words carefully.
40. I am very spiritual.
41. I’ve taught myself indifference and it’s cured my depression but it’s making me lose my memory.
42. I’m afraid to die cause I think I might go to Hell
43. I have a good heart and usually have good intentions.
44. I dwell on the potential death of my loved ones because I already know I can’t handle it.
45. There are a lot of white people I like. Considering I don’t like white people.
46. I’ve been stopped by the police literally about 200 times. I’m not the world’s most responsible driver but do you really think I was doing something bad everytime?
47. My favorite job ever was delivering pizzas for dominoes. I made a lot of tips, came up with new, creative ways to embezzle money from the man and called it hustling. And all this to sit in my car and listen to music.
48. I currently work as a substitute teacher which most of the time is like babysitting except much, much, worse unless it’s high school students.
49. I realy like the way I look. Most of my friends like to make fun of me because of it but I can’t help it if I have a healthy self-image.
50. When I was 18 I took a stand against my parents. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. But we have a great relatonship now because of it.
51. Movies, and music move me.
52. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is my favorite tv show right now.
53. I don’t watch T.V. anymore even though there’s a lot of stuff I like on T.V. all the time.
54. I try to make a practice of going to poetry readings because they’re really motivating.
55. I can remember the days I stopped eating Ice cream, pasta, and mashed potatoes, but I don’t really have a reason why I stopped.
56. My last girlfriend made me hate girls for a while. And I still have a very low tolerance for them.
57. I don’t hold grudges very well.
58. I love New York and would like to live there for a year.
59. I also love Houston and Atlanta and I visit them frequently. But I hated Pittsburgh and San Francisco and hope never to go back.
60. The book Song of Solomon changed my life
61. I’m named after an artist but my uncles couldn’t pronounce my name so the concoction they came up with stuck.
62. I only recently started to care about being black.
63. I have a bunch of nicknames and I don’t really like any of them but I answer to all of them.
64. I am lazy. So, so very lazy.
65. When I was 21 I thought I was invincible, now I feel like I’m fragile
66. I could have very easily ended up being like my cousin Lee. There were very subtle differences that kept it from being so.
67. Once upon a time I was a very good boyfriend.
68. I already have all of my children’s names picked out.
69. I Don’t really subscribe to a lot of the catholic doctrine anymore but I still like my church.
70. I slept in my parents bed with them til I was 8, when my sister was born. Since then I have been an insomniac.
71. By age 21 I had only slept with 4 women. If my mom had known that at the time she probably would have cried.
72. If she knew how many women I had slept with by now she would die from dehydration from crying so hard.
73. For all of my teen age years I refused to believe that women liked what they knew was bad for them.
74. Once I accepted that some things are true whether they make sense or not I had a lot more success in all phases of life.
75. I wish I could do High School over again, but I think almost everyone does.
76. I didn’t drink until I was 23 because I hated the taste of alcohol.
77. I found out that being drunk was worth the bitterness of liquor
78. I want kids now and right now.
79. My Ipod is the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten. Barring a house or a million dollar check I think it will mantain that honor.
80. I am still very shy around my parents.
81. I have very vivid dreams, and I’ve been told I talk in my sleep.
82. I like kissing better than sex.
83. Felatio feels better to me but I like sex more than head.
84. I wish I could sing, that way it wouldn’t bother people so much when I’m constantly singing out loud.
85. I want to learn to play the trumpet and I’m looking forward to the day when I stop being lazy and do something about it.
86. I’m naturally optomistic, But I’ve forced myself into being a realist.
87. I hated living alone, and if Lee hadn’t moved in with me I’d have moved back in my parents house.
88. One of my favorite things is when I find out I’m wrong about something. Nothing beats perspective.
89. I think they save all the good church songs at my church for Christmas and funerals.
90. I love my family and I have no doubt that they know it but I can’t remember a time when I said the words to them.
91. Unless I have an emotional attachment to someone specific I’m usually pretty indifferent to sex.
92. But I made a practice of doing it a lot because girls can tell when you get it on the regular and they respond better to you when you do.
93. New Year’s Eve 1996 was the worst day of my life. Until Christmas of 1998.
94. On New Years of 2000 my dad told me “It’s your century.”
95. When I was younger I had a lot of goals and a lot of assumptions. I’m happy that I’ve become the man I am because I’ve reached all of my goals even though I haven’t reached any of my assumptions.
96. I had dinner with Spike Lee once but I didn’t say anything to him because I could see that people were getting on his nerves. I think he appreciated that because he shook my hand on the way out.
97. I’ve seen almost all of my favorite artists in concert.
98. For a long time it didn’t matter to me that I was black. But now I’m really happy that I am.
99. I have an obsessive personality and when I like something I will do it until I hate it.
100. For a long time I identified with Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye, then for a long time it was Milkman from Song of Solomon.
101. More than anything I want to share so I’m happy if you’ve made it to the bottom of this list.


17 responses to “If everyone jumped off a bridge I guess I would too.

  1. Sorry I didn’t make it through all of your list but I DO love fantasy football and think that I may tie you for being the most blessed man in the world.

  2. Damn.. you make my list look like crap.. it’s all detailed n shit.. lol 42. I’m afraid to die cause I think I might go to Hell43. I have a good heart and usually have good intentions.It’s all about your heart and your intentions. Keep positive and positive things will happen. It’s the law of the universe1

  3. wow. you really but some time and thought into your list. mine is looking all scrubby and things now LOL.i feel like i really know you now… we have quite a few things in common.i tried to give up carbs once, but that didn’t work out too well. i’m addicted to candy. i’m going to read this again to make sure i didn’t miss anything ;o)

  4. @egghe It’s cool. I know I get a lil longwinded sometimes.@Tae I feel acomplished everytime I make the blogger of the year pleased.@Bruh I do believe that. I guess my problem is I don’t always align my actions with my good intentions.@Rock Well that’s why we’re here at the blogger right? At least I feel that blogging and reading blogs helps me to see things better. It’s Therapy like Mia said.@Mia I think me you and Tae are like a big three headed blog monster.

  5. “1. I am torn on whether or not to call myself a writer since I’ve never gotten paid for it.”Yes, you are definately a writer, and a very good one. I’ve been spying (and not commenting) and I’m liking what I see.I don’t feel so weird anymore. I have children’s names picked out (although I’m not sure if I’m up for getting married and having children. The whole thought excites me and to tell the truth, brother, SCARES THE LIVING HECK OUTTA ME).Good to hear that Atlanta is a good place to live…that’s where I want to move to! Toronto TOO DYAM COL’, MAN! (that’s the Jamaican in me slipping out, LOL!)Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. “89. I think they save all the good church songs at my church for Christmas and funerals.”Oooh heck, had to comment on this as well…Brother, you really need to catch a Pentecostal church. Oh man, if I could give ya a LIST of songs that stirs my spirit and gets me shoutin’… good times EVERY Sunday, hon! 🙂

  7. i like your list, and yea i read all of it, but it took me 2 days, lol…i had a similar list last week on my blog because i’ve seen folks have similar list on their blogs, but i dont think i put 101 things on it, probably only like 50 something…

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  11. loved the list. you totally expose yourself for all to see and it’s a lovely view. i never knew you were so insightful. i guess it’s hard to notice in the u.c. while playing spades and dominoes between classes. i have to get thad to check your blog. he would definitely agree with you on most topics. sidebar: what’s with the people marketing their erectile dysfunction websites? that’s a shady way to advertise.

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