As Mia said "More than you ever wanted to know about Moi."

Cool!! I got a lot of questions. How fun.

We’ll start with Diggs. This is me and her in college for all yall who haven’t gotten a dosage of the pre-2k Tae.

1. Why didn’t you invite me to your poetry readings?

I was trying to save myself the disappointment of having you tell me yes and then deciding you’d rather sleep. J/K, the invitation is always open.

2. When was the last time something/someone had to be chalked? You should also probably explain to the masses the definition of “chalk.”

Ahhh…Chalk. One of the most influential discoveries I’ve ever been blessed with. For brevities sake I cannot explore all the intricacies of chalk as it is so very intricate.

Chalk v.

1. To make something/someone irrelevant

To chalk is short for “Chalk it up to alas.” Alas being the word we (me and Kibwe) associated with the feeling we get when we no longer care what someone is doing or saying. Instead of responding with anger we respond with indifference. So the momment someone does something “chalkworthy” we chalk. For example; if your boy/girlfriend cheats on you then you should swiftly chalk them up. If the customer standing in line at the bank you’re a teller in is being rude to you because the bank made an error…Chalk her ass up. it gets so deep. So last Suunday when I saw my nappyheaded ex-girlfriend at the superbowl party in Atlanta and she came over there like we were friends even though she told me she didn’t want to be friends with me she got chalked (refer to previous post).

3a. What is your favorite Prince song? Hint: It’s Adore.
3b. Did u enjoy embarrassing me with that song or was your affinity for it just that great?

Actually, my favorite Prince song at the momment is “Ballad of Dorothy Parker” I am currently in the process of memorizing the words but I can definitely sing what I know. But when it comes down to it “Adore” is my all-time favorite. And hell yeah I enjoyed embarrasing you. I like that song, and I love to sing it at the top of my voice since I can’t sing. But nothing gave me greater joy then serenading you with liturgical dance in front of the whole Tulane community…daily.


1) For everyone, there is that certain song that makes you tear up (or at least a little sad) almost everytime you hear it. What is yours?

I’ve only ever cried three times in my life because of music. Those being “You’ll make me happy” sung by Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog in “Muppets take Manhattan” I was 8 at the time. “Music Box” by Mariah Carey in 10th grade when I found out my first love was not requited. And of course “God is trying to tell you something” in the Color Purple. The part where Shug hugs her dad and says “See daddy, sinners have song too.” I was like a water fountain.

2) Who is the one person in your life you vow NEVER to be like?

This is a hard question because there are a lot of people I would hate to be like. There was this one guy I went to College with. His name was Armand Croom. He was the poster child for Man-down. He was this garbage dude that nobody cared about and people only noticed cause he was loud. He was so fake. It was like he sat in front of the t.v one summer and watched all the Martin and Fresh Prince he could, then made up a personality based on them. Then he pledged a fraternity so one year when he came back with some letters he decided that he was big shit and got with his best friend’s ex-girlfriend. He was just so lame for so many reasons. He would often try to entertain us with his lameness, He often got chalked.

3) List your top three love-making songs.

Now don’t be trying to use these against me when I come to St. Louis. You think you slick.
1. Anytime, Anyplace-Janet Jackson
2. Momments in Love-Art of Noise
3. Scandalous (extended version)-Prince

Bonus: What is the craziest thing you have ever done for money?

I’ve never really done anything crazy for money. I used to do all my crazy things for free. I take that back. I spent two weeks substitute teaching 4th graders at this Elementary school. I must have been out of my mind. 4th graders are the worst.


1) do you plan on ever getting married?

When I was younger (12 or so) I had a lot of big plans. By the time I was 22 I was going to be married to the first woman I was ever in love with and the only woman I ever slept with. She would be pregnant and I would just be finishing college about to start my career as a basketball commentator. The thing I learned from this…Never plan J/K. The only thing I do plan on is having kids. I don’t know if I’ll have them with a wife or not. I am both intrigued and turned off by a lot of aspects of marriage so it’s way up in the air.

2) who’s your favorite female celebrity and why?

I don’t know if Toni Morrison counts as a celebrity or not. She’s certainly had the most influence on my life of any woman I don’t know. But if not then it would have to be Sanaa Lathan. I love her in every moie she’s in. She’s such a good actress to me. I guess if I ever planned on getting married she’d be at the top of the list of candidates.

3) which is more important in a relationship: good sex or good communication?

Well, for me personally I tend to enjoy sex more when it’s with a woman I have an emotional attachment to. I don’t suppose I could ever be emotional about someone I didn’t have good communication with. Of course I’ve never had a commited relationship to last longer than a year so maybe I should find someone I have good sex with and just not talk to them.


1. what is one thing in your past that you wish you could go back and do differently?

My 10th grade year I fell in love. She’s the girl in the middle with the white dress on. Also the bearer of the afore mentiond unrequited love.
I would go back and slap myself. I spent the whole year pining after this girl instead of doing homework. It cost me two years of basketball, because I had to transfer schools since my grades were so bad. I ended up going to this crappy high school that I hated while I was there and didn’t realize I liked til I had already graduated. From that point on girls were a major distraction. So I would go back and give myself some major shock treatment.

2. name a historical figure that you wish you could meet and why.

I guess Jesus. So he could tell me which parts of the bile are(n’t) true.

3. how many times have you truly been in love?

Goddamn, let me count. Thais,

What is that six? God bless.

4. do you see yourself falling in love anytime in the near future? why or why not?

Most of the time I don’t think I’m capable of being “In love” anymore. That would require some belief in the fairytale and I don’t believe it anymore. Partially because romantic love has scorned me and partially because I’ve desensetized myself to it. Romantic love is harder for me to handle than most and it usually makes me a worse, less productive person. I am too easily distracted as it is. But love always takes the forefront of my mind and I can’t concentrate on important tasks so I’ve had to basically make myself get over it. I’m still intrigued by the ideal of romantic love. But practically speaking I usualy function better without it. Of course this is just my present perspective. I am the most wishy-washy person on earth. Ten years ago I was all about love. So in ten years I might be again. As for the present momment I am content with the love I have in it’s current state 🙂

5. what is the worst advice that you’ve ever given someone and what were the consequences of their taking your bad advice?

My cousin Lee is pretty shy When he first moved here I told him to try to holla at every girl he liked because it was important that he get out of this shy phase since he was a grown ass man. It turned out to be the exact opposite of what I should have told him. I’m not going to sit here and badmouth my cousin, but let’s just say that if he had spent less time hollering and more time sitting back being shy he’d have some better results to show for it.

6. where is the craziest place that you’ve ever had sex?

I’ve had sex in some pretty crazy places. Among them behind the levee, on the 6th floor of Harrah’s parking garage at 10 am. But I think the craziest would have to be in the toolshed in my mother’s backyard. We were both living with our parents and we had nowhere else to go. I didn’t even get to finish because the wooden box I was sitting on broke and she was already late for work.


1. What’s an important life lesson that you take heed to?

I guess I’ve learned not to overextend myself. I have a pretty obsessive personality. Not dangerously obsessive like risking life and limb for the sake of my obsession. But simple things like playing cards can keep me occupied for hours and hours at a time. This is all to say that when something captures my attention I have a pretty one track mind. So I had to teach myself not to invest too much into any situation. I guess that’s what the big deal about being “In love” is for me.

2. List 5 of your favorite songs and / or artists (I guess that could count as two questions, huh?)

I’ll list the favorite song of my five favorite artists, how about that?

Tupac- “Definition of a thug nigga”
Sade- “Love is stronger than Pride”
Dr Buzzards Original Savannah Band- “Sunshower”
Michael Franks- “Lotus Blossom”
Miles Davis- “Milestones”
Fiona Apple- “I know”
Mos Def- “Umi says”
Outkast- “Funkin Around”

yeah I can count. I just have a lot of favorite that’s all.

3. Life aspirations?

I’d like to write the kind of screenplays and novels that inspire other writers and then turn that into public speaking like Nikki Giovanni did when I went to hear her. I used to think I wanted three kids but now I want nine. I selfishly want all my loved ones to outlive me because I can’t handle death. I want to continue to have the patience, and income to live at my current lifestyle or better and idealy it would be nice to have enough money to take my friends, and family along for the ride cause I get bored by myself sometimes. I’d like for all of my intentions to remain/become genuine because I want to go to Heaven. And I want to pass everything I’ve ever learned to my children so they can be as blessed as I am. It would also be nice if one of them played pro basketball, son or daughter.


1. Guilty pleasures

I have none. I am fortunate to be comfortable enough with myself not to feel guilty about anything I find pleasurable. I try to live without inhibition and without supression. So if there’s pleasure in it, I’m there.

2. Craziest dare?? And did you do it?

In my senior year in high school my team won Ben Franklin high’s intramural basketball league. but most of the crowd was cheering for the other team so they were booing at the end of the game. I dared myself to pull down my shorts and flip them the bird litterally. Before I could change my mind, I accepted.

3. One thing that you MUST absolutely do before you die…no questions asked??

“Build a house, paint a self portrait.” Sorry, that was an inside joke from Fight Club for people who don’t even read my blog. I must, absolutely must, commercially publish something that Toni Morrison would enjoy even if she never reads it.


1.) Where you see your self in 10 years?

Man that’s a long time. Honestly in 10 years I see myself teaching coaching high school basketball with at least two kids. I’ll have at the very least two published novels. One to get my name out there and the other something I can be proud of that probably will only sell to my family and friends. But at least I’ll be able to call myself a writer and mean it.

2.) Who would you hate to be stuck in a room with?

Hmmm, I don’t really hate anyone that much. well when I was in the holding cell at central lockup there was this guy who snuck this white guy for no reason. I’m afraid just knowing he lives in the city of New Orleans.

3.) Whats your 3 favorite movies of all time?

In this order

1. The Color Purple
2. Braveheart
3. Donnie Darko

honorable mention to Love Jones


1. Have you ever sacrificed something you wanted in a woman and dated a woman that didn’t have that thing/quality anyway? If so what was it?

I’ve only met one woman to date who I felt had everything I wanted in a woman, so then I would have been sacraficing something for all the rest of them in some fashion. But I don’t really look at it as a sacrafice to be with someone who lacks certain things I look for as long as they meet most of the criteria. I have some pretty strict definitions of the things I want out of women. However…

2. Why were you willing to sacrifice it?

In my last “commited” relationship I had to sacrafice trust, which was a big deal. I knew from the very beginning that I couldn’t trust her nappy headed ass, but by the time I found out that she was a liar I was already emotionally invested in the situation. You can’t just get over being in love in a couple of hours so even though in my mind I had chalked her up as far as emotional growth with her I knew my heart wouldn’t let me feel for anyone else but her until it was time. I don’t believe in supressing emotion, so I had to suck it up and be with this girl I loved even though I hated her guts for lying to me.

3. What qualities should one be lenient on and what qualities should one never sacrifice???

I guess this is where I left off in the previous post. And where I picked up earlier about me being so wishy-washy. I don’t believe anyone should ever compromise their ideals. I think we should all be constantly striving for perfection. But I also know that practically speaking perfection is quite rare and we’d be awful bored in the mean time waiting on it. The only thing that I have been lenient with and not been to upset with my decision is Aesthetics. But to a point. I’ve been with girls who had things about them I found displeasing aesthetically. Never anyone who I was totally unattracted to though.

thanks for coming by, by the way. I liked your questions.


1. What’s the difference between being age 22 and age 26?

Where do I start? When I was 22 I had all the time in the world. Now that I’m 26 time is running out. when I was 22 I was an adult. Now I’m a grown ass man. all my friends are 26 now and their grown ass men and women too. Grown ass men and women do grown ass men and women things. Most of those aren’t nearly as fun as the adult things we did when we were 22. When I turned 22 I was just starting to realize that in spite of what I once believed I didn’t know everything. And now I’m convinced I’m just stupid. There were a lot more cures for boredom when I was 22. Every year that passes I am less easily entertained. When I was 22 I lived in my mom’s house. at 26 I wish I lived in my mom’s house. I’m trying to think of some good things about being 26 but I liked 22 better. I am one year closer to episode three for Star Wars and I never thought I’d make it. It’s a lot easier not being a college grad at 26 then at 22. All of my friends except me were graduating and I was not. But all of my friends that graduated when they were 22 are now disenfranchised with the career path they chose following college and are now going back to post graduate school. I have really learned to accept myself more, and there’s a lot less anxiety about things. When I was 22 I thought I’d make a good dad. Now I have a longing to be a parent. Most nights when I go to sleep now I don’t really care if I had sex, wheras it was a big deal back then. when I was 22 my sister was entering high school. Now she’s in her 2nd semester of college. My mom was an Elementary principal. now at 26 she’s a soon to be retired schoolboard superintendent. when I was 22 I had five living grandparents. Now I have none. Man I’d be here for days if I kept going.

2. Best and/or worst date you’ve ever had?

Best date I ever had was when I was 19. We didn’t do anything special. Me, her, Jared, and Shaneika all went to eat and to see City of Angels. But it was the first time that I went out on a real date with her thus validifying our dating status. She was an angel and I adored her so much it was exactly what I wanted to happen. Then that night after they left it was our first time….

Worst date was last year. She was this girl I had just met randomly at the casino. I was rich by my standards and hadn’t been on a date with a new person in a a while. I have very strict standards as far as dating and I rarely date people I don’t know very well because I’ve heard some bad things about taking girls out who you don’t know but I’ll save them for another post. So it had been years since my first real time being spent with a girl was on a “date” But I had money that I didn’t care about and I thought it would be refreshing if I took a chance on someone just for fun…Big mistake. I can’t remember her name anymore and I don’t remember too much about the date because I try to block all my negativity out. But I do remember I hated her guts. Among other things during our dinner conversation she expressed to me that she missed high school because she was so popular there, then proceeded to liken herself and her friends to the shallow teens in teen movies who pick on the nerd kids. There’s no shame in rooting for a good villain. But you never root for the shallow teens. Their assholes who would want to be like them. Anyway, she went on to tell me how important it is that you look presentable at Xavier because it’s like a big fashion show and if you don’t look good everyone will talk about you. I asked her “Would it be hard for you to believe that no one probably cares about you, and they’re not paying that much attention?” She however insisted that they did. then to top it off she had the nerve to say she hated fat people. Because looking at them made her sick. BITCH! More than half of my family is fat. I wanted to sneak her dog ass. I mean she was so void she didn’t even pick up on my sarcasm or contempt. I really hated her. I entertained sleeping with her just so I could tell her what a horrible person she was right afterwards. the I briefly entertained and amused myself with the idea of just leaving without even telling her and seeing how long she sat there before she realized I left her with the check and no ride. but unfortunately the Christian in me finsihed the date. I wish I had a better mean streak.

3. What’s the title of the favorite poem you’ve written? (And what’s it about?)

I’m still trying to decide if this is my favorite poem or not because it happens to also be the most recent one so I am wondering if it will stand the test of time. But it gets better to me everytime I read it which rarely happens for any of my poetry. It’s called “Old dogs don’t need new tricks” It’s about the simultaneous irony and hypocrisy that nice girls also finish last. I usually don’t write performance poetry but I decided to try my hand at something new since I admire performance poetry so much and I am very pleased with the outcome. Maybe one day when I’m on Def poetry jam you’ll get a chance to see it.

Wow! thanks for the questions guys. I had fun answering them. Sorry if I was a bit longwinded with some of the answers but what’s the fun in yes or no?

11 responses to “As Mia said "More than you ever wanted to know about Moi."

  1. Damn dude, did u pull that pic out your a$$ or what? U had to take it back to my bowl-cut too?!! Disclaimer…I was 19 or 20…I didn’t know any better. Well, I’ll let it be…its not cute, but I can’t tell that its me, so it’ll fly…THIS TIME.Awww, Dorothy Parker…I believe that is circa “Sign ‘O the Times.” Same CD as Adore…ok, cool.The cafeteria workers seemed to enjoy your serenade/liturgical dance combo the most as one said, “Baby, I don’t know what he did, but u should take him back.” Setting aside my embarrassment, that WAS pretty funny. But that leaping out from bushes foolishness, was just plain wrong.Surprised that Sade did not make the list of lovemaking songs.AND I am extremely surprised that the Christian in u finished that awful, awful date.

  2. first off….i’m mad you got as BP shirt! You know you’re a BP crackhead if you got a BP shirt *shakes head@you*lol, (i’m a BP crackhead, well ex-creackhead, too, so i cant talk)…lol you cashed iny our member points uh? lol, anyways….is this “chalk” stuff some N.O stuff? lol@the songs…i cant talk, i cried watching the “little mermaid” when i was like 8 and “The Lion King’ when i was 11 (don’t ask)…i’m too sensitive i gues….that guy sounds like an a-hole! i can’t stand loud folks like that! and that was 5 ladies not 6….and that date with that girl…i can’t believe how shallow she was! OMG i can’t stand people like that either…

  3. I approve your list of lovemaking songs. Who am I you ask? Come to St Louis and you can find out *wink*….jus’ playin’You got some nice questions….Nice responses too.I don’t know if I should ask about the Muppets….

  4. Good, thought provoking answers. On that part in color purple where Shug hugs her dad and says “See daddy, sinners have song too.” Doesn’t she say SOUL and not song? I’m just tryin to figure out if the 100 times i’ve seen it if I’ve always had the words wrong. You know nobody thinks another person can “out-quote” them on color purple. lollmao@ I wanted to sneak her dog ass. haven’t heard that shit in years..

  5. @ Diggs Don’t act like I was alone. That man Kibwe was always right there beside me when the singing started. “Love is stronger than Pride” was definitely 4th on my list I probabaly should have mentioned it honorably. And I guess I didn’t leave her since she probably didn’t know what she was doing was so offensive. Most of the things she was saying she probabaly thought I could relate to or I wouldn’t take personally since they wouldn’t necesairily apply to me. But if I end up in hell when it’s all said in done, I will regret not teaching her a lesson.@ Reza Actually I’m pretty sure I stole most of those pictures. I’ve never owned a camera and I can count on one hand how many disposable cameras I’ve purchased.@ Toya Hey, what else was I gonna do with all those memeber points. They ended up taking a bunch of them away when they changed the system and I couldn’t even get my second shirt. And no chalk is not a New Orleans thing. It’s a Live Squad thing. The live Squad being my circle of friends. The word Chalk originated with me and Kibwe and was given to the group then dispersed to all those we felt worthy and now it’s all over. You might here it one day elsewhere.@ Soul Well I’m glad I met your approval. I struggle to impress fellow poets. As far as the muppets it was a very touching momment. He said (in Kermit voice) She’ll make me happy, each time I hold her. And I will follow where my heart may lead. And she’ll be all I ever Neeeeeeeeed. I’m welling up just thinking about it.@ Brutha I’ve struggled with that same question for years. at first I thought she said soul. Then I thought but maybe it’s song because that makes more sense in the context although soul makes sense too. In the end I usually just go with song by default. And I haven’t wanted to sneak somebody’s dogg ass in years either.

  6. dang, i love your blog. you have PICTURES. and diggs… you weren’t the only one with the ‘bowl’ ‘do. i was sportin’ one myself back in the day lol.i enjoyed learning more about you. thanks for filling me in. but SIX times? damn bruh.i love sanaa lathan too. she is such a great actress. and she has a big booty like mine.oh, and ‘ANYTIME, ANYPLACE’ is the best jam to ‘do it’ to. memories.:o)~*mia*~

  7. Really great responses man. I like your openness and honesty.Sanaa Lathan is my favorite. She’s such a great actress and so real. I think it’s only a matter of time until she’s nominated for her Oscar.And “Love is Stronger than Pride” by Sade is my Shyt!!!Dude, like Diggs said, where DID you get all them pics from? lol!

  8. @Mia & Dayrell yeah man 6 times. What can I say? I got a lot of love to give. I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of good people in my time and when I do I don’t hold anything back. I can’t say that most of these relationships ended up well but I don’t regret any of them either.@Chevonne Man I got Bookoo more pictures where that came from. Shontae is going to be mad at me when I start showing up once a week to scan new pics for the blog.

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