So while everyone was filing into the city for Pardi Gras ’05, I was rolling out straight into Atl (home of the pimps and the moneymakers so sayeth Outkast). Since Atl is second home to most New Orleanians, I have quite a large friend base already built in. In addition, Jared had a conference there so I was very easily persuaded in skipping this weekend’s usual drunken festivities and going to Atlanta.

Friday Feb 4, 2005
4:00 CT
Sitting on my mother’s couch. Me and Cook were supposed to be leaving for two initially, then I decided I would work today. That ended up falling through so naturally that added an hour to our ETD. I wait, slowly falling asleep while watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force (which by the way I strongly advocate to anyone who watches cartoons).

6:00 CT
We’re travelling through Biloxi now passing the exit to my aunt’s house. I wonder to myself if Lee would want to come and how feasible would it be to make that happen. I call My Aunt’s house but instead only end up offering him a ride home on the way back into town. I don’t think he has any money to be taking trips, which ironically makes two of us.

1:00 AM
We arrive in Suwanee Ga. Jared is going out with some people from his conference and Shamylah and Shamylah, my affectionate name for my friends who share personalities,
are going to a bar and go drinking. Coty has to wake up for class in the morning so she’s going to sleep. We end up in a spades series with Shuwan and Tommy (Cook’s sister and brother in law). So it seems that I’ve come to Ga to not see any of my friends and to play cards. Interesting decision, but I’m content. I like Cook’s family (they’re also Smith’s).

Saturday Feb 5, 05
10:00 AM
I awake to my phone ringing. It’s Des who apparently is under the impression that I like to get up bright and early on Saturday morning. That in combination with the kids running and playing in the living room where sleep once lingered, prematurely forces me from my slumber. On the brighter side Shuwan has made bacon, and sausage, which I do eat, Grits and eggs, which I don’t eat, and biscuits which I don’t normally but will eat today because I’m hungry and free food is always the best kind. My tentative plans for today, upon awakening, are to go to Atlanta and kick it with Sham and Sham at Sham’s apt. Then to meet Jared and Coty at Cheesecake factory so Coty can treat us to dinner. Then either meet back up with Shams or go to a strip club cleverly named “Strokers” with Coty and Jared, but not both because Coty and Sham don’t too frequently mix company even though they don’t dislike each other (smirking). The biscuit soothes me since I went to sleep on a dinner of Sour cream Pringles and Fiddle Faddle from our car trip.

10:30 PM
I’m sitting here pondering on a mixed couple. I have nothing against interracial dating but I don’t understand what his agenda is with all these beautiful women in Atlanta. God Bless, I must have seen 25 women, in Cheesecake alone, that I would come back to Atlanta for if they asked nicely enough. Jen text messaged me saying that they didn’t get home from Zulu ball til 8 in the morning. This after my sister calling me and telling me that she, being the designated driver, had to carry all of her drunken friends home from carnival season. I’m starting to wish I had just stayed home. So now we’re trying to work out the logistics of the remainder of the evening. Shams are in their pre-game phase (which involves heavy drinking) in preparation for the club. Jared and Coty are off to “Strokers” 30 minutes in the opposite direction from Sham’s club. I can already hear Sham complaining about me coming into town to see Jared and not her and how I never come to see her so I’m apprehensive about not going to the club with her. In addition to this Cook is still not old enough to get into the strip club and I don’t want to involve myself in any activities he can’t participate in. But Coty just payed for my dinner and she has an actual legitimate gripe about me not spending time with her since the last 4 times I’ve come to Atl I’ve not hung out with her. And since I do, far too often, neglect our friendship. That in addition to the fact that Jared is leaving at 8 in the morning I venture off to “Strokers” with them , with Cook’s blessing, who heads back to Shuwan’s house which is a suffcient evening for Cook anyway. I am mildly pleased by the quantity, and quality of dancer at “Strokers” but in my text message exchange with Kawagalyn I reaffirm my stance that I would have rather enjoyed Mardi Gras at home. My conversation on the way from Coty’s house to Sham’s house afterwards with Jared, a very valued friend, makes my trip to Atl worthwhile. He’s going through a tough period right now and I can feel an exceptional ammount of love come from his direction because he needs and values his friends more now than ever. We don’t discuss anything profound but it’s worth it to be needed by a friend and to be able to deliver since I often fall short of my own expectations as a friend.

Sunday Feb 6, 05
5:30 PM
Sham: Natasha’s getting directions to Kennesaw.
Gian: oh, Alana is from Kennesaw.
Angela: Who is Alana?
Sham: His nappy headed, exgirlfriend.

I don’t come to Alana’s defense as I used to have to against Sham because Alana has disavowed friendship with me as of our last IM exchange. So amidst 4 women, two of them frinds, two of them frociates* (Thank you Kajuana) I prepare to enter an Atlanta Superbowl party (which is why Shontae wasn’t invited) where I suspect there will be more beautiful women to add to Cheesecake’s already adequate list of sights. Certainly an enviable task that most men would sell their souls for. It is a damn fine position playing the role of Gian sometimes. And by the time we arrive late to the party, but still early for kickoff, because there’s so much pre-game brigket the venue does not fail me. The two to one ratio of women to men is only outdone by the extremely high quality of good looking women represented. I’m sure glad I shaved. I settle into a spot on the floor not too far from Sham and Jason (Sham’s new love interest, whom I’ve just met) lamenting over the chicken I bought to tithe me over til I got to the party which has now made me too full to eat the dilectable looking bbq wings in the tray, when I spot her walking in

Gian: There’s Alana right there
Sham: Oh, Your nappy headed ex girlfriend.

I avert my attention to the TV. Half hoping she doesn’t see me, half hoping she does. I’ve got too much love to give so I don’t hold grudges well. I don’t like not being civil but there’s nothing civil in me for this girl. I see out of the corner of my eye she has spotted me and is approaching.

A: Hey (grabbing my arm from behind)
G: Wassup
A: What are you doing here?
G: watching the Superbowl with my friends
A: yeah but what are you doing in Atlanta
G: This is where my friends live
A: Oh, I just got back from New Orleans
G: I see
A: Ok, well I’ll talk to you later.

This girl has her nerve. She made it very clear to me on our last correspondence that we are not friends or otherwise. The thing is that she still holds me responsible for the demise of our relationship two years ago when she is in fact the one who was a pathalogical liar and was constantly getting caught in her lies. The audacity to walk away as if I was rude for not acting excited to see her. Believe me I’m over her. What I am not over is how offended I was when she refused my last gesture of friendship 4 or 5 months ago. It makes me feel good to be reaquanited with people I care(d) for. But I’m not going to get in a huff for someone with a skewed perspetive of me who devalues my friendship.


9:00 PM
Sham (drunken) is squatting outside of her car peeing in the parking lot of a gas station while I try to cover her from onlooking pervs. She’s like a damn faucet. Now I’m back wishing I was in New Orleans again. I’m missing the beginning of the second half of the Superbowl because it was important that we shift Superbowl Parties since some big time promoter had invited her to this other party 25 minutes and very poor directions away from the first. The Eagles need all the positive energy I can afford to expend to defeat the “Evil Dynasty.” So now worst case scenario has ensued. We’ve changed venues to a party where the guy to girl content is now 2-1 and the guy to good looking girl content is 4-1. exactly the opposite from the party we just left. We’ve missed the entire third qtr and some of the 4th and the “Evil Dynasty” is in command by 10 points. Despite a late 4th qtr td from Mcnabb they fall short on their last drive. The Dynasty is born and my whole 2005 is ruined. I can’t watch Sportscenter anymore this year becuase the next time someone tells me how great Tom Brady is I might just shoot him. I wish that I was near my blog and the things that really matter, instead I’m fighting off stares from undesiarble women while trying not to be unpleasant around my friends and fro’s. The post party conversation with Sham while reshifting venues re-validates my trip. We talked about Jason and her newfound love for him. We debate over her position that in spite of all his many positive attributes, if he doesn’t do the things for her that she demands that he’s not worth it, and my position that part of love and relationships is acceptance and sacrafice. I both agree and disagree with her. She is right and she has the right perspective that her needs are of foremost importance and should not be compromised. However, part of Sham’s donwfall in her relationship with Jared is how stubbornly she sticks to these views with such little margin for devitation. Perhaps if all women were as stubborn as her men would collectively be forced to get themselves into gear, but she is but one pawn in this masterful game and if her goal is happiness and not social change she’s going to have to lose the fairytale and realize that no one is ever going to read her mind. She is way too wound up in the contributions she makes to a relationship and whether or not it is being reciprocated. Yes I believe reciprocation is important but I also believe that whatever she puts into a relationship should be put in because that’s what she wants to do, not because she expects a return from it. Even though I have all the answers, this relationship thing still baffles me that two opposing view are both simultaneously right and wrong. Eventually we make it back to her apt where we hang with Jason for a while (Whom I really like for her and hope he has a lot of tolerance because Sham is the highest of maintenance), Then I adjourn to her room where I play Yahoo Hearts and read blogs til 7AM when Cook gives me the good news he’s on the way from his sister’s house to pick me up so we can head back home, hopefully, still in time to get some Mardi Grasing in.

P.S. By popular demand (and by popular I mean one person)I will be holding a “Soulful Aries-like” Q&A. Give me three questions you would like to know the answer to and I will post you answer in it’s entirety.


17 responses to “S.W.A.T.S

  1. R u sure that your friends/frociates won’t mind u posting a pic of them before describing the image of one pissing by a car?! Just an observation, but they probably won’t care. Anyways, u made some really insightful relationship observations (during your Sheike convo) that I kinda wished were separated out and expounded upon in another blog, but beggars can’t be choosy.

  2. Man, the next time you come to the ATL you need to go to the real strip club: Magic City.Leave the bullet wounded heffas at Strokers and the Blue Flame (I know you didn’t go there, but I thought I’d warn you ahead of time) alone.

  3. @ Tae-I decided that my friends are not immune from blast. One day soon and very soon I have some pictures with you in them that might end up blogged too if you don’t watch your step. I gaurantee you Shaneika don’t have no shame. As far as the convo…it’s as good as blogged.@Reza-Aight. So next time I’m in ATL we going to Magic City right?

  4. Quite an eventful weekend, eh? What is this about not eating grits? What’s wrong with you, mayun??? (Says the world’s second pickiest eater…second only because there MUST be someone more anal than me about what they eat so that I don’t look as bad compared to them)I will be back with questions!!Oh yeah and the nappy (assuming she’s not happily so, like me) ex girlfriend has got nerve.

  5. Nice post, and I agree with Diggs. I’d like to come back and see more of what you guys started on the relationships / friendships topic. As for my questions:1. What’s an important life lesson that you take heed to?2. List 5 of your favorite songs and / or artists (I guess that could count as two questions, huh?)3. Life aspirations?

  6. I damn near forgot my questions…ok:1. Why don’t u invite me to your poetry readings…lol?2. When was the last time that something/someone had to be chalked? You should also probably explain to the masses the definition of “chalk.”3a. What is your favorite Prince song? Hint: It’s Adore.3b. Did u enjoy embarrassing me with that song or was your affinity for it just that great?

  7. WOW! I say you had one hell of a weekend in ATL. Mmmm! Cheesecake Factory. I love me some Cheesecake Facory! Awww. Now, why you trying to make us hungry like that? I must’ve seen the words “Cheesecake Factory” in your post about a-hun’need times man!…LOL.Anyway. I enjoyed the read and the pictures…even though I had to come back the next day to finish reading the rest, it was well worth the read…lol. Actually, you gave me ideas. I need to put up a detailed post (w/ pictures) like this one on my blog one day, describing my weekend turn-outs. Good post! 🙂 3 Questions:1. Guilty pleasures?? (my fave to ask everyone, lol)2. Craziest dare?? And did you do it?3. One thing that you MUST absolutely do before you die…no questions asked??

  8. your ex is bogus for that…i don’t like funny acting people like that…um 3 questions…1.) Where you see your self in 10 years?2.) Who would you hate to be stuck in a room with? (i know i asked these same questions on Napkaboom’s blog, but i cant think of anything else)3.) Whats your 3 favorite movies of all time.

  9. Whew…I made it in time. Get my ass in St Louis and I forget the net exists sometimes! My questions:1) For everyone, there is that certain song that makes you tear up (or at least a little sad) almost everytime you hear it. What is yours?2) Who is the one person in your life you vow NEVER to be like?3) List your top three love-making songs.4) What is the craziest thing you have ever done for money?What did you say? Only three questions? Uhhh….

  10. @ Soul, I think you might be #2 at the beginning of my next post I’ll include a list of the things I do not eat for you to compare and contrast.@ Chevonne, Maybe we should start a discussion blog on this peice and everyone gets to blog their opinion about the topic. This seems like one that everyone would be posting on over and over.@ Dayrell, I guess I need to make a habit out of this then. I’ma holla at Shontae’s scanner if she ever stops faking out on me and get some more pics up.@ Toya, You gonna go fight her for me? I’ll give you the address. J/K.Thanks for the questions so far. I’ll be posting Wed on that just to see if anyone else trickles in.

  11. 3 questions? hmmm… lemme see…1) do you plan on ever getting married?2) who’s your favorite female celebrity and why?3) which is more important in a relationship: good sex or good communication?

  12. Sorry you only had a so-so time in the ATL. Thank you for the pix. I couldn’t see all of them (damn you FIREWALL!), so I’m gonna come back later tonite from home and check them out then. With regard to your relationship section:1. Have you ever sacrificed something you wanted in a woman and dated a woman that didn’t have that thing/quality anyway? If so what was it?2. Why were you willing to sacrifice it?3. What qualities should one be lenient on and what qualities should one never sacrifice???

  13. What’s the worst thing about yourself…and why are you afraid to change it….Jus kiddin….1. What’s the difference between being age 22 and age 26?2. Best and/or worst date you’ve ever had?3. What’s the title of the favorite poem you’ve written? (And what’s it about?)

  14. I’m still stuck on the fact that you are quoting from the first outkast cd. YOU GO BOY! i thought i was the only one.jealous that you went to the ATL. I’m from the SWATS so i know how it can be. oh yeah, i now i’m jonesing for the cheesecake factory….thanks a bunch. 😡 (smile)

  15. aight, first of all i’d just like to say that i really don’t appreciate you trying to stifle my creativity by limiting me to only three questions. therefore, i’ve taken it upon myself to totally disregard your “rule” and post as many damn questions as i please! lol. and ya betta answer all of em! 1. what is one thing in your past that you wish you could go back and do differently? 2. name a historical figure that you wish you could meet and why. 3. how many times have you truly been in love? 4. do you see yourself falling in love anytime in the near future? why or why not? 5. what is the worst advice that you’ve ever given someone and what were the consequences of their taking your bad advice?and finally a bit of a cliche question that you’d expect to ask or be asked on a (in my opinion) bad date: 6. where is the craziest place that you’ve ever had sex?that’s all for now…

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