Ya’ll ever had some sex that just make you wanna Blog?

Well I just did. I had to come to my mom’s house instead of going home cause I wanted to brag about it. I mean it wasn’t like some kind of mind blowing experience where we were taking turns of 8 orgasms each or anything like that. It was just very, very satisfying. The most satisfying experience I’ve had since the last time I was with her. Ironically, before we got into anything this evening she was telling me to stop putting my sexcapades on my blog. I guess I’m hardheaded. Anyway, as I was saying about my most satisfying experience. Around the middle of last year I was quite often feeling unfulfilled from most of my sexual experiences. I gradually made the transition away from some of my partners who I didn’t have strong feelings for. But there was still the temptation of it being there whenever so I would slip occassionaly and then regret it soon afterwards. That is until I made a very conscious decision to try to change things and stick to my promises to myself. As with most black men this epiphany came to me in a jail cell. Since that time I have cut ties with all of the women who were just sex partners to me. Which left me with very few sexual outlets. Cutting down to just girls I like as sex partners left me a little dry in that area as you might assume. To be specific my friend in question and one other friend were all I had left and both of these parties kind of come and go as they please. So as it turns out I’ve been getting very little sex since September. Which is actually fine, because I probably don’t want as much sex as I sometimes think I do. So when I went to my friends’ house tonight I was hopeful and eager. We hung around for a while while she studied, but eventually we found ourselves in her bed. I kissed her in her mouth. The first time I had kissed a girl in 2005. And I didn’t realize how much I missed kissing until that point. We hugged, I undressed and fondled, she caressed. I went down on her, she came. Then I went in her, I came, I couldn’t get the smile from my face or the giggle from my voice. In between doing it again I told her I loved her and she understood and told me back. Not romantic love or “In love” as you youngsters say. But actual love that people who care about each other’s well being have for one another. Non-romantic love is friendship/kinship + acceptance. For example I have friendship with Shontae and I accept her for whatever she is or whatever she wants to be. So, even though she probably wont know it until she reads this blog, I love her. I didn’t have to explain that to my friend because she already knew. And sitting there naked, hugging and smiling I was in the only place I wanted to be. We did it again, I made her cum again, we hugged some more and I went home. And I have been smiling since. She’s so sexy. I’m not a breast man but she’s really slim with these great breasts. Than she has a perfectly shaped lower section. She has these great eyes and this really big beautiful smile and she’s cool as beans. As I sit here smelling my hands which still smell like her and breathing in and out feeling relaxed I am as gratified as sex can make a man. I’ll wake up tomorrow jealous of myself because she probably wont answer her phone for three weeks and she won’t have me for another three months cause that’s how it goes. I’m at the farthest point right now from whatever the next time I’m going to have sex is but I’m just good for now. It’s really a blessing to just be able to have that kind of comfortable connection with someone with so little pressure but still maintaining emotion. Even when she’s not my sex partner anymore she’ll be my friend forever and I love her for that.


8 responses to “Ya’ll ever had some sex that just make you wanna Blog?

  1. So what is this lady to you . . . I can see she’s not just a “cut-buddy”. . .so would you call her a “friend with benefits?” Whatever you call it, I’m totally jealous. . . I haven’t had any satisfying sexual escapades in a while. . . WOE IS ME. . .LOL

  2. The beauty of real friendship is that it transcends titles and expectations etc. My friendship with her is boundless and that’s what makes the connection so special. BTW Precious if you’re lacking passion, perhaps you should make some new friends 😉

  3. i have a friend like that but we haven’t had sex in a LONG time. when we did back in the day it was the most amazing experience… just like the one you just wrote. anyway, i’m cruising on Celibate Street now so I won’t be experiencing anything like this for a while. it’s cool though b/c i don’t want just a sex buddy. when i’m ready to settle down again, he has to be the right one and there is going to have to be something more than sex between us. BUT… we all like the good stuff so if he can’t rock the boat, i’m going to have to throw him afloat LOL.

  4. Mia, u’re gonna have to come to the N.O., girl. LOL. U tickle me.Gian, wow…I don’t even know what to say other than you’re right, I didn’t know. And for some reason that made me feel all warm and tingly inside. I just want to give you a big hug. And I’m not trying to be funny, but that was so genuine and sweet…sweet being a word that I have never used to describe u or your actions, lol. Damn, I lost my whole train of thought…Now at first, when I was reading this, I was trying to figure out who u were talking about and have narrowed the list down to one of 2 people…hope I’m not puttin’ u out there.Wait a minute…I cannot even formulate what I wanted to say, b/c of your statement…

  5. I’m really like how you broke down the love between the two of you. “But actual love that people who care about each other’s well being have for one another.” I feel that way about someone right now, and I’m kinda afraid to tell him because I don’t want him to mistake it for that romantic “i wanna be with you” type love…

  6. This post was both sexy and sweet at the same time…It’s good to see folks have a healthy relationship (however you choose to define it) without it being all or nothing…

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