The answer to All women’s questions right here…

Some cool things I’ve done

I once told Cedric the Entertainer one of his own jokes. He pretended like he was amused but now I realize that he probably gets that kind of thing all the time and was more likely annoyed. It was nice for me at the time though.

I once sang one of Brian Mcknight’s songs to him while passing him in the hall. I’m sure he rarely gets this from his male fans but I wasn’t really interested in his appreciation of it or not. I was so giddy with my self amusement that Brian might as well have punched me in the face.

I once had a kissing contest with my friend with some girl I picked up on the interstate. They were smiling at me so I flagged them down. Me and Nick had been meaning to have a kissing contest with an unbiased judge as we tried to compete in everything we could. Naturally I won.

I had a freestyle rap contest with my good friend Jared. we each got 15 minutes to write our rhymes. I know you’re saying “Then how was it a freestyle battle?” well…Bite me. Anyway he was talking that shit but I waxed his ass with my flow.

So In spite of the fact that I told myself I would go to sleep at a reasonable hour this morning I was all warm inside with the urge to compose something. I shot down my poetry notebook and my short story I’m working on (which is becoming shorter everyday I don’t finish it) in favor of my blog which needed some attention. I have a million stories I wish to tell my blog in no particular order, but none pertinent to my present state of being so I instead surfed the blogworld looking through some of my favorite fellow bloggers rants. And there it was in Angel in disgyse, or however she spells that, I found my impetus. I’ll try not to refer to a post I did back when I used to use one of my Black Planet pages as a blog but I have already covered this topic. However the blog is the place for it if ever there was such a place so I’ll stop with the backgorund info. Anyway, Mia (Angel) was having some problem getting the point across to her “significant other” that she did not want a serious relationship, and he could not handle that. Well nothing to me could sound more appropriate. Now for all the women reading this I’m about to share a secret that everyone has known all their life and never even knew they knew it. And most men still don’t even know. If you really want a man, the best way to get him is not to want him. Now I know you’ve heard that playing hard to get is the way to get a man many times before. And you’re probably thinking been there done that. Well you’re right. That is bullshit. Playing hard to get will never get you a man it will only frustrate and anger him and like Eddie Murphy says “…he don’t like you, but he still wants to fuck you.” The thing is that men are just as perceptive as women, they’re just a lot lazier about it. A man can see right through a woman playing hard to get. We know when you want us and when you’ll cave if we just persist. A lot of you ladies don’t think that’s true because so many men persist even though you know in your heart and your soul you wont ever give them any. The reason that is is because every non virgin man in the world has gotten with at least one woman he didn’t think he was going to get with simply because he asked at the right time. So we as men always have to make sure we ask just in case you might say yeah by accident. But that’s tangent. As I was saying, it’s not about a series of obstacles that you create to make the man feel a sense of accomplishment. You have to genuinely not want a man to get what you want out of him. What it always comes down to for men is control. And I don’t necessairily mean control as in he can tell you what to do. I’m talking about your submission. That’s what men thrive off of. Most often it isn’t really sex that a man wants when he’s pursuing a woman (although that is a great supplementary benefit, and that’s what he thinks he wants). Most men seek sex from women because most women express their submission through sex. Which is not to say that everytime a woman has sex she is submitting cause nothing could be further from the truth. But when a woman does submit to a man it is oftne through a sexual expression. As an aside, there was this one time I was with a woman. We were in between our grown up events and we started talking about a young man she had started dating and was getting serious about. Then I questioned her because she had told me that I was her only current sex partner. She said I was and she hadn’t been with him yet because she liked him. Two things went through my head. 1.I guess she must hate me then and 2.This is a fine way to show it. Of course this wasn’t anything new for me. I had seen and heard of this kind of thing before. It was just a nice refresher course on how women can be. But anyway, since we as human beings tend to generalize as a way of understanding, naturally a man assumes that every woman is the same in every situation. So when a man pursues a woman sexually he is in the pursuit of her submission and his validation as a man. Now here’s where the twist comes in. When the man is with a woman who will not submit to him in spite of their sexual contact then he panics. And from his panic comes effort. This is scinetific fact. And every woman has been privy to it. It’s the same as when a woman breaks up with a man or is about to and he can sense that he’s losing his grip on the woman that he starts behaving and showing how suitable a companion he can be. That is until he feels he’s regained his grip on the situation and he can go back to status quo. In the rare instance that a woman who starts off as a “friend” does not become emotionally attached when frequent sex enters the picture it is an almost certainty that the man will soon become or at least give the appearance of being attached. If you don’t believe me you can try it out for yourself. Go get a guy and start a sexual relationship with him. It has to be someone single or at least someone who tells you he’s single though. Involved men only about at a 50% rate will succomb under this strain because there’s only so much a man can concentrate on. I gaurantee that within 3 months this man will start trying to make a serious relationship out of your situation. When a man does not recieve the proper defference from a woman it makes him feel inadequate. He has to prove to himself and that woman that he is the man. And he will stop at nothing to win her affection because men are all about their ego. I’m sure if you think very intently about it you will find that every man that you did not become relationship interested in who you were having an ongoing sexual relationship with became that way with you. Those of you who haven’t been in that situation have certainly had a girlfriend who has. These men are no different than the men you fall in love with. Whatever guy you slept with has had some woman before who couldn’t get enough of him and in return got nothing but neglect from him. I’ll tell this to anyone who’ll listen. The best way to get a man is to give him some perspective. Make him see you differently. And the only way you can do that is to make him realize he didn’t know what he really wanted in the first place and that you’re not offering what he really wants. He’ll be pawing at your doorstep until you actually don’t want it from him anymore anyway.


8 responses to “The answer to All women’s questions right here…

  1. Damn Mayne, as much shyt as u know about me, u never dropped knowledge like this. I guess that its too late for me to change the game. I dunno, u should go through some of your old BP stuff and post it during downtimes…just an idea, since peeps are viewing u as the end all be all blog.

  2. @Shana-you should. If there’s one thing I’ll do it’s tell you the truth. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything for you. Now the question is: Can you handle the truth?@Shontae-Hol up. I be dropping it for you all the time. I’m pretty sure that when I talked about this on BP that time it was a response to something that you had written about on your “BP blog” And I been dropping the real on you for the last two weeks about your boy but you still insist I don’t know what I’m talking about. But we gon see when you start putting all kinda smiley faces around his name when you talk about him on the IM.

  3. LOL. Yes, u break it down for my specific situations, but if u took a more proactive approach..i.e. give me general rules before I enter another fukked up situation, then I’d be cool. Yeah, u did say something in response to my BP post one time, but u never told me to act disinterested. I need my hand held and guided, dammit. And there shall be no smiley faces around any dudes name on IM…and let that be a public announcement.

  4. Wow…you broke that shit down so that it could never be fixed, huh?And I know what you are talking about on the sexual relationship thing…men need to know that women want them. The day that some women learn to detach their feelings from sex like some men can will be a sad blow to the male ego….

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