"let’s call him Tobay"

10 Favorite current NBA players

10. Nick Van Exel

9. Reggie Miller

8. Reuben Patterson(Kobe stopper)

7. Amare Stoudamire

6. Vince Carter

5. Sheed

4. Steve Smith

3. Andre Miller

2. Bobby (both ends) Jackson

1. Allen Iverson

For the record I’ve always hated Kobe Bryant. I’m not one of these wishy washy people who’ve just now started jumping off of the bandwagon. In fact, I was all prepared to start liking Kobe this year since he’s so despised. But it just isn’t working out. After the white man started getting on him I was ready to take up his slack and with Shaq leaving and a chance for him to show what he can do by himself I was all ready to see what Kobe had for me. But alas it just wasn’t meant to be between us. Initially I didn’t like Kobe because when he came into the league he was about a month oder or younger than me. I’m not sure which. Back then I had more than one chip on my shoulder so I couldn’t bring myself to admire a man I would consider my equal. Not admire him in basketball anyway. And on top of that he beat Darvin Ham in the dunk contest which was obviously biased in his favor. So I cheered for his failure. Then in his second year in a game against Jordan he did some pretty amazing things. I was amused but not convinced. About the time he started to come into his own he started picking up a lot of Jordan like idiosyncracies. I’m sure most people don’t really pay attention to this that deeply but as a man who mocked Jordan I notice very well that everything he does he took from Mike. From the tounge wag, to the armband on the forearm, to the way he fades away after a jump shot, some of the faces he makes when he coaches his teammates on the floor. Everything. I automatically hate everyone except Vince who they decide to call the next Jordan so he is no exception. In addition to this he plays for the Lakers…my sworn enemy since who knows how long. My dad is a Laker fan from the 80’s till now so I have to cheer against them. I’m a man of the Jordan era and some laker hatred carried over. Then there was this one occassion when I was in my livingroom and Kobe caught an alley and reversed dunked it all in one motion. It might have been one of the most phenomenal things to ever happen on a basketball court, but my dad shouted in a way I hadn’t heard him since the Jordan days. With Kobe being my age I can say I was just a tad jealous. I’m good iin basketball too after all. I can’t dunk but Kobe can’t pass like me so fuck him. Anyway, I can honestly say Kobe is responsible for a lot of good momments in basketball I like but I don’t want him to win. There’s no passion for me to cheer for him with. If I see him in my gym he might catch his issue.


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