Kill Whitey

I just wanted to make this point before I forgot. It’s the year 2005 now and we’re supposed to be a progressing culture one would think. Except black college students are getting suffocated outside of bars, black doctors are dying in the back of police cars trying to help people, and I’m still getting pulled over by the police on a weekly basis. And of course no one has any answers when the questions come up surrounding these untimely deaths. All the white people just shrug there shoulders and talk about how it wasn’t the fault of the people that killed them. Instead they try to make it the fault of the deceased by mentioning that the college student was drinking or that the doctor lady had a history of beligerent behavior. And I guess these bouncers were sober and these pigs probably go to church 6 days a week and wouldn’t harm a fly. Yeah fucking right. How convienient that the same people doing autopsies are the people who would most likely have the police officers back. Those two people can and will be anyone black in the city of New Orleans. Now ya’ll see why I hate white people.


3 responses to “Kill Whitey

  1. I know exactly how you feel… I try not to get caught up with hatred, but it’s very infuriating when you see TRAGEDIES like that happen… they have happened a million times in NYC… and nothing is done about it. Police officers shoving plungers up a man’s ass and the officer getting on the stand and even THINKING that he could say, “I was mad.” And leave it at that… no ATTEMPT at even FAKING contrition. But he knew what we know, that he really didn’t have to… he could still be acquitted, I mean shit… if cops can beat the shit out of you ON CAMERA and make racially inappropriate comments on TAPE and STILL be acquitted… then shit… why even lie. *shrug* It is a fact that our lives are not worth what a white person’s life is worth in this country as far as the law is concerned… just look at the disparity with which the death penalty is applied. Makes you wanna holla… but don’t get caught up in hatred, because it’s counterproductive… use your power, your voice and your anger… for good instead of evil!!! =)) *big smile*

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