No Theme for Friday

I see this is the first time I’ve posted on a Friday sionce my original pst. That being the case I think I’ll leave Friday without a theme and just speak on whatever’s on my mind, At the time. So anyway last night on the way Downtown I was driving down Decatur and there is a particular street, Gov Nichols, which is very ambiguous in it’s direction. It has one way signs pointing in both directions. Which means you can’t turn off Decatur in any direction. Problem being I only saw the first one which happened to be in the direction I wanted to go. So I turned and got up about two blocks before I saw a police officer flashing his lgiht in my face. At first I was wondering if he was just stopping everyone coming down this street. He pulled me over and asked me if I knew why he had stopped me to which I remarked no because I didn’t even notice all the parked cars on the side were facing in the opposite direction I was going. At any rate sitting there in the car I was preparing myself for another night in prison. My driving record is clean now and I didn’t do anything criminal but when you’ve been surprised before you automatically assume the worst. So there I am taking all my valuables out and setting them on the floor so I don’t have to check them in. I’m wondering who to tell to come get my car. And I start thinking about how cold it is outside so that means the concrete slab in the holding cell must be unbearable. I start thinking about how I’m not evn remotely sleepy so it’s going to be max boring in there. And I dread what’s to come. Then I start thinking about how I’m going to tell my mom this time and how this time she probably won’t be nearly as nice cause I’m sure she’s already at wit’s end as far as bailing her son out of prison After about ten minutes of my stomach turning I realize that he would have come and put me in cuffs a long time ago if he was actually arresting me. And I’m calm, and nothing feels better than knowing I will sleep in my own bed tonight. On another note I wrote a poem this week which I am pretty proud of. I won’t share it here because this is not the appropriate place for it. That is because it is a PERFORMANCE POEM. That’s right. It’s my first. I’ve read at poetry readings before but that was just poems I wrote that I wanted to share. This particular poem is the first I’ve ever written for which the sole purpose is readin outloud on a stage. I don’t have it commited to memory so I don’t know when I’ll actually perform it but I am actually getting better and more familiar with it and the two times I’ve read it to (Quinn and Desiree) actual people they both seemed to like it so I’m a little excited. I’ll make sure to post when amd where I’ll be performing.


3 responses to “No Theme for Friday

  1. Worried b/c I didn’t want to read another “u don’t cry in jail” entry. Excited b/c u have been motivated to write. I would like to see u perform the poem though…that would be really cool to see that side of u.

  2. GOT-DAMMIT, I’M NOT, ABSOLUTELY NOT, FALLING IN LOVE!!! Yes, I am interested in your poetry and yes, I’d like to see u practice/perform it. Geez…

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