Friday night out on the town

Top Ten Favorite Villains in Movies

10. Teddy KGB (Rounders)

9. Roman Maroni (Johnny Dangerously)

8. Kaiser Soze (Usual Suspects)

7. Magua (Last of the Mohicans)

6. John Carney (in The Line of Fire)

5. John Doe (Seven)

4. William Cutting (Gangs of New York)

3. General Zod (Superman 2)

2. Darth Vader (Star Wars)

1. King Edward the Longshank (Braveheart)


My Phone rings. It’s Jared. I go back to sleep for about ten minutes then I realize that I’ve got all afternoon to play on my Ipod so I wake myself up and subsequently answer my missed phone calls. I call my Dad First because he actually left a message.

Dad: Did you just wake up?

Me: (groggy voice, lying) No

D: I was calling you because we were supposed to go to the courthouse today

M: Oh yeah my bad.

D: Oh well we’ll do it next week

M: (in my head) hopefully I’ll be in Houston on Tuesday so we better get the show on the road Monday.


I call Jared and he proceeds to interrogate me unsucessfully to submit to him details about some privledged information I’ve been sworn to secrecy about. I entertain him for a while trying to explain that I have good intentions behind my secrecy but that my word is gold as far as the steps that need to be taken as a result of said information I’m privy to. I get some good work done on my Ipod. I’m already up to 10 and a half gigs. I have only a few cd’s left before I have transferred my whole collection. I prepare myself to go get Jared from the airport, Still trying to maximize my time with the Ipod. We have agreed on only one course of action in principal. If all else fails on to the P clot. In Layman’s terms that would be p—y club or strip club for the mild at heart. I don’t frequent the booty club but I haven’t seen a naked, non porn related, woman in 2005 yet. My longest such opening year drought in the last 6 years at least. I can’t say that I’m having a hard time dealing with it watching third hand the problems that my friends are having with women right now.


Me and Jared Leave his mom’s house presumably to head to meet Jen and Rome on there way to the Loft where Jen’s Friends and my friend Eden’s friends are. I stop home briefly to get dressed. I try on two shirts and three pairs of pants before finding something suitably unwrinkled. I wish I was still Gian circa 1997. I had whatever the version of colorblindness is for wrinkles. But now I’m all Bougie and tampered with and I can’t bring myself to walk outside looking triffling in spite of my distaste for the iron. We leave and after reaching Esplanade I call Jen. She explains to me that she is not meeting Eden and her friends. Sh’e probably going home. i.e. her and Rome had a few drinks and it’s time to consumate his visit in town. I’m not gonna hate on that but thanks a lot for letting me get all dressed up to hang with Eden and some chics I hardly know without adequate buffers. We venture to the Columns, and meet Eden, Lex, Flannery, and Tia. Normally it doesn’t matter what girls are there or not, but I’m bored and Sexless so I was more aware tonight then usual heading in. Eden is in love with Kibwe. I don’t figure I’m Lex’s type (I don’t suppose she’s my type, although my type right now is pretty much anything female and open to negotiations. Tia is eight feet tall and Flannery is not Gay but she’s wearing the ambiguous sex preference uniform. So I slip quickly out of holla mode into laid back mode. I like this one better anyway. I’m sure I offend Tia at least two times, but I was drinking straight Vodka when I walked out of the house and it’s effects are still lingering in this post. We sit around for a while and talk about nothing before we decide to change venues. This pleases me, even though the Shiloh has as many or less black people waiting for me, I’m still more comfortable with there music selections. Eden remarks to me that she hasn’t been invited back to play cards. This marks the second time this week that someone has made that comment to me. So I schedule a tentative card game for tomorrow night.


Me and Jared get Eden into a rousing discussion about how fickle women are. And how just as soon as the woman leading the better boyfriend brigade gets what she wants out of a guy she’ll stat making demands for “space” She makes some valid counter arguments about it being human nature to be fickle because Men do the same thing. I want to express to her that it’s not the same and that men react differently. When Men need space they just cheat on their girfriend but don’t tell her, but at that instant “Gangsta Bitch” by Apache comes on and the overwhelming need to dance and sing overcomes me so I excuse myself to the front. When I get to the front Flannery is on the couch talking to some local New Orleans whoadie while Tia watches. Meanwhile Lex is dancing with some guy that she has presumably grown weary of but doesn’t know how to undance with him politely. I’m the only person in the Shiloh who wans to dance with me so I accept my invitation. But first I head to the bar where my second long Island awaits to help me with my coordination.


We arrive at the Roxbury where the cover is still 10 dollars but luckily I’ve consumed enough Vodka that I don’t care. Jared is not nearly as spirited as I am Which does not explain why I was driving. After beer goggling several strippers the flashing lights begin to blind me into sleepiness. I’m relatively uninterested by the content of Dancer in the building. They look nice but I can see in their eyes that none of them are free, so I’m turned off. The liquor does not override my natural aversion to stripper touching so my hands go unamused but my pockets stay in tact so I’ll take this one as a wash.


What would have made more sense would have been to go to Denny’s while I was in metarie and then went to m house. BUt it’s too late I’m already in the east at Shoney’s. I was curious as to what the breakfast bar was up to after all these years anyway. The really pretty girl seats the guests in frnt of me and the older less attractive woman asks me if I’ll be dining alone. The good thing about alcohol is that it lessens the blow of disappointment so Sadaam could have been seating me as long as I got my plate and my fork. As it turns out my indifference is rewarded and the young pretty girl comes to seat me. I look a hot mess right now. I needed to shave before I left the house and my hair looks like I’ve been dancing with myself in a drunken state. My shirt is wet from my attempts at washing my hands after using the bathroom. Hopefully that’s water and not urine gone awry. I try to look cool but looking cool and simultaneously being drunk is not my God Given Talent so more likely I look whatever the opposite of cool is. I’ve been drinking and since I don’t give a shit about anything this would be the perfect time to talk to this girl just in case she’s not interested. She’s the only one serving though so I can’t catch her. I don’t think to use my patronage as an excuse to demand her attention. I’m already in the middle of leaving her a little note.


You’re the prettiest girl I’ve seen this year (I meant and still mean that even one day later) Hopefully you’ll call ——- Gian

I can only think of one instance where a note worked and I’ve blocked out countless other instances where it has not. In my mind I know girls don’t like notes but I guess I’d rather assume she didn’t call because she has a boyfriend then for her to tell me herself. On the way home I realize that somewhere in my drunkeness I managed to lose my Bracelet. I’ve still got my Ipod though so I cut my loses and head for the nearest Blog.


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