In my cd changer: 1.Ray soundtrack (one of my early Christmas presents to myself and the best cd purchase I’ve made since Goapele) 2.Mix cd with Seal, Dave Matthews and Sweetback 3.Ambersunshower 4.Amel Larrieux (bravebird) 5.Billy Lawrence (paradise) cd with Aaliyah and Cree Summer

On the waiting list: 1.Dr Buzzard’s original Savannah Band 2.Ashanti’s first cd

In my DVD player: Muppets from Space (Pepe the Prawn is the funniest muppet ever.

Next in line: Simpsons season V (these two were also Christmas presents to me from Gian. I was shopping for my family and they had Simpsons for 29.99 I was definitely getting it at some point anyway so what better time than the present)

In my agenda: playing some cockball this weekend, watching some foootball on tv, and eating a whole lot of pie on Christmas covers all the important things…Oh yeah and spending time with family.

In my brain: I’m getting over my hatred of everything Sprint. My phone should have been reconnected Saturday when I paid the past due. However I was only allowed outgoing calls. SO after talking with there associates several times and being switched back and forth between the customer care dept and credit I came to the conclusion that they would not be able to get my phone working til I paid my entire balance, which should not have been true. So I go into the same store I made the first payment in and they try to charge me five more dollars to pay my bill. I was like “you told me the first time I needed to buy your stupid card so I could pay. Now you’re telling me I have to do it everytime?” What the fuck kind of buisness makes you pay five dollars to pay them? And this after giving the man 10 dollars back after he tried to overpay me for my change after my first payment. I felt so betrayed by Sprint. And the associate waiting on me had the same it’s not my fault so don’t ask me questions I don’t feel like answering atitude as everyone in the colections dept and the customer care dept. So after I finish off the balance plus an extra 10 dollar Christmas bonus for Sprint, I call them back and they tell me the same thing I had already heard twice before. “it takes 0-12 hours for your phone to update.” By this time I was tired of hearing that because I knew it was bullshit and I didn’t want to wait that long just to call them back and tell them it didn’t work again. The associate I talked to was extremely rude and kept cutting me off because like everyone else she couldn’t do anything about the problem. She ended up hanging up on me needless to say. I usually try very hard not to be the belligerent customer because I know nobody wants to hear that shit but I was getting pissed. So after 12 hours my phone still doesn’t work. I call Sprint again at 6 in the morning. The guy gaurantees me that the problem is being sent to a higher authority and will be solved ini 0-12 hours. I’m like and if it doesn’t then what? and he’s like he gaurantees it because he notated the account. Weren’t yall all supposed to be notating my account and if no then why not? I’m already planning on going to the Sprint store on my lunch break which happens to be 12 hours from the time I talk to that guy. When I get to the store naturally there’s nothing they can do in the store to fix my problem and I have to call credit, she expresses to me through her words and attitude. But she gaurantees they’ll help me because she too is notating the account. This time I call credit and I explain myself that the problem is both sides of Sprint are not communicating with each other because they don’t care and both sides are saying it’s something they can’t fix and the other side needs to do it. So she notates my account and transfers me to someone who can help me. Thank God for Hai the Asian lady in the trouble shooting department because she is the only cooperative person I’ve been handled by yet. Finally she connects me to tech support. Problem solved, one angry customer.

In my opinion: Shontae gets my vote for blogger of the year in 2004. It’s a short year and I haven’t seen too many blogs but hers is by far the most entertaining. She’s on my blogroll. Read her imediately.

In my heart: Ah yes, my friends are here. Not all of them and not even as many as were here at Thanksgiving. But this should be fun. Fantasy football is winding down and what better way to watch it with your competitors and friends?

In my eye: Two new poems I wrote. I keep reading them because I like them which didn’t use to be true of my poetry but lately is becoming a more regular occurance. I like these two especially because they are connected to another poem I wrote which is something I don’t normally do. These poems are real down and kind of sad almost except I don’t really feel that way at all. I’m actually very happy all the time, but it seems like the only thing poetic in me is dark.

In my dreams: There was a pack of people outside of my house about to play basketball and I knew one of the guys was going to shoot one of the other guys in the game after we played. I knew they weren’t going to shoot me but I didnt know how long they would wait after the game was over to start shooting, and I didn’t want to be anywhere near that.

In my blog: Ok. So I guess maybe I’ll keep my job after all. The thing is I’m not burnt out by it. I don’t hate it and I like the people I work with. It’s a real easy job, and I’ve only been there a couple of weeks. I actually feel like being responsible and keeping a job I don’t want anyway. But things were in serious doubt yesterday. They wanted me to work 3-close which means somewhere in the neighborhood of midnight and then to close again on today. Now all of my friends who hadn’t yet arrived were to arrive yesterday. likely they would congregate somewhere, unlikely that it would be JC Penny’s. you can imagine my dilemna. I’ve already done my Christmas shopping. I’ve paid my bills and I have enough money to eat til next time I get a check. So I really didn’t need to work. There’s a great likelihood that when the schedule for next week comes out today I’ll see my name for Sunday which cannot happen because there’s football that day. And my supervisor had the nerve to tell me, the other day when I was late, that JC Penny’s policy is that I always be on time especially during Christmas. I don’t give a shit what there policy is. I like Mr Tate so I didn’t tell him what I wanted to which is that my policy is if a job needs me to stay beyond the time I’m scheduled to help fold clothes when customers are gone or because they understaffed on the schedule for that day then they bet’not complain at me when I come in late. driving to and fro Lakeside is always a hassle no matter what time it is. As if Metarie traffic isn’t bad enough. It’s doubled and round the clock during the holiday season. So there’s a lot of reasons why this job is more like an extracurricular activity that I can cut out of my budget than a job. It can be fun going to a job you don’t care about though. I enjoy my disinterest in my “supervisors” and I don’t mean Mr Tate cause like I said he’s a nice guy. I mean the white people walking around in suits who tell people to work extra shifts cause someone called in. It was only recently that I noticed my disregard for them. I relaized that I was polite to everyone but them. Maybe I just don’t like white people. sometimes they look at me because I no longer adhere to their dress code except when I feel the urge to look nice. I usually take three or four 20 minute breaks to go along with my hour and fifteen min lunch. Two days ago I remembered I wanted to buy a brown sweater cap. I went shopping instead of working upstairs. But nowhere in Lakeside had what I wanted. Then I remembered a coupon I had gotten from Penny’s for being a good associate and I decided I would shop there. It was my first shopping experience at Penny’s and on their clock no less. Yesterday I was left in the catalog dept by myself. One of the customers had a package I had to go downstairs to get from the dock. I thought that my momment had arrived when they found out I left the catalog dept unattended but unfortunately they fussed at my co worker instead who was on her lunch break at the time. I felt bad for her because she let them do that since she cared about her job. I would gladly have given them a piece of my mind and forced their hand but I think they can sense my indifference and dont want to challenge it. Oh well, I guess I’ll go in today.


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