Thank you for visiting. Gian Smith is a well-renowned artist, but this would not be the case without your participation. To learn more about the artist please visit the Bio section. To hear some of his poetry go to the poems section and scroll through the dropbox to select a piece. Also available in the videos section are creative pieces brought to visual life and the first episode of the Botched series created, written, directed and featuring Gian Smith. Also make sure to keep up with G’s comings and goings in the news, photos and schedule section and read through his musings in the blog. If you wish to have access to some of his work the shop section is available. Enjoy your stay and please feel free to subscribe. To contact Gian, please send emails to gian0@yahoo.com or add him via Twitter or Facebook in the Social section.


Hear all of Gian Smith’s music on Reverbnation. Click below to venture into his Reverb affiliate and be mesmerized by the gift of one of New Orleans’ finest! Click here to listen to “O Beautiful Storm” the piece that was featured on HBO’s Treme Season 2.

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